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EOS, Evolution of Smooth, was built from the ground up by its now two founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller. Following their dreams of innovation and using their own funds, they reinvented a product to rock the beauty aisle’s world. The EOS company created a lip balm with you in mind, to have an enjoyable experience moisturizing your lips as mentioned also in From the way, it looks, smell, taste, sound, and feels. They created this product for longevity and not to just be a gimmick, here today gone tomorrow. By using a great quality of ingredients, they were able to out sale Chapstick and Blistex the leading brands in the chapstick sales for nearly decades. In doing their research they found women were always losing their tubes of lip balm in their purses and sticking their fingers into a lip balm container which was unsanitary. The idea of a protruding structure in a round shape would be perfect to somewhat eradicate these issues. There are plenty of smells and flavors in the EOS line, so an individual is not just bound to an original or cherry flavor. Not to mention the outside material of the product just feels good in your hands and when the cap is twisted closed you hear a tiny click, engaging all the senses. This product was already cultivated with natural organic ingredients but now it has made a line of vegan lip balm by removing the beeswax. Now everyone can delight in the Evolution of Smooth lip sensation. To spread the word about this amazing product social media played a reputable role while also making its presence known on celebrity lips both figuratively and literally. Going seven years strong this product is the second leading brand of chapstick behind Burt’s Bees. EOS sells over a million lip balms in a week and is projected to skyrocket to two million by 2020.

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