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Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey and Jeffrey Schneider offer a wealth of resources on a very unique man of business. If you have not guessed who that man is by now, then let me tell you that he is none other than Jeffrey Schneider, Chief Executive Officer of Ascendant Capital LLC, a company based directly out of Austin, Texas. Mr. Schneider also has business pages online through LinkedIn, Vimeo and Twitter. On his main websites, he writes useful blogs for anyone in the business. A few examples of his top articles include: Creating a Happy Office, Great Business Books, Top Winter Getaways, Balancing Parenthood & Fitness and Being a Great CEO.

He also writes often about the concept of “working hard” as opposed to “hardly working”. It entails the importance of giving one’s mind and body a break every now and then, especially for those in top leadership positions in the corporate world. It is important to take a Sabbath and rest from one’s labors at least once a week. Mr. Schneider’s profile and achievements may also be found on crunch With 89 contributions, the page was last updated on December 28 of 2016.

Mr. Schneider has plenty of marketing sales and finance expertise. He has also raised funds for Ascendant Capital LLC in over $1 billion as well as given plenty of donations to philanthropic efforts around the world. He has worked with family offices, private banks, investment professionals and even broker-dealers. Public and private offerings worldwide are part of his specialty as well. In the previous five years, Mr. Schneider has built his team tremendously, one which started with only 30 employees.

He now hopes to continue such a rapid expansion of growth by raising a minimum of $50 million per month for the needs of Ascendant Capital LLC. Team players are valued in ascendant capital, and all hiring decisions for internal candidates for the company are based on a case-by-case basis. Top candidates selected usually possess a variety of motivational, ethical and spiritual values that make them vital team players and top performers.

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