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Talos Energy Will Continue Growth with Mexican Well

In Tabasco, Mexico, there are waters that hold a lot of potential profit for numerous companies. The oil held in one well in particular is around 100 to 500 million barrels worth according to industry reports. This is what led to a bidding frenzy in 2015.

While many companies wanted a piece of the pie, only three survived the bidding. They are Sierra Oil and Gas, Premier Oil, and Talos Energy. Being from the UK, Mexico, and the U.S. respectively, they are teaming up to pull up as much oil as possible. They will split the proceeds fairly evenly across the board.

This kind of cooperation with foreign investors is not something you would have seen until recently. 1938 ushered in a ban on foreign oil well operators. However, with Mexico’s economy, they have seen that outside investment can be great for business.

Talos, Energy LLC was founded in Houston, Texas. It was founded by investors from the financial industry who put around $600 million into it from the start. This was to ensure they had the capital necessary to compete in a rough industry.

They quickly saw success, growing from about a dozen employees to over one hundred in a few short years. This led to them buying their competitor called Helix Energy for around $620 million. The employees at Talos don’t just get a salary either. That’s not the way that Talos competes. The ownership decided that workers would be more motivated if they had a piece of the pie. For that reason, they each receive profit sharing.

The result is a company that has been awarded the number one small business in their industry. The reason is that unlike other companies where people clock out right at the end of the day, Talos workers often pull overtime in the hopes of boosting the value of the company. They know they’ll see that in their paychecks in the end, which is more valuable than the occasional casual Friday or daycare that other companies provide. Talos focuses mainly on drilling in Texan and Mexican areas, pulling around 16,000 barrels of oil out of the ground every day.

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Why Talk Fusion Is A Dynamic Communications Company

Talk Fusion has been making advancements in communication technology and doing so by designing affordable products and utilizing cloud computing. According to PRNewswire, they won multiple awards in 2016 for “Product of the Year” at the Technology Media Corporation’s annual conference, and their most notable winner was their video chat app. This app is part of a product suite that uses webRTC recording that has allowed for easy use and high quality production. Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s CEO was highly pleased with the award and says that it’s only the start for where Talk Fusion wants to go with chat technology. 

Talk Fusion originated from an idea Bob Reina had to make it possible to send videos in emails. After trying to make it as a direct selling entrepreneur with several other companies, Reina got the idea to start his own company that would use video software to sell through independent salespeople, and it began with video emails. But soon he had the company build a whole suite of video marketing tools that attracted both big corporate clients and small business owners. About a year ago Talk Fusion decided to start implementing free trials which can be accessed simply signing up with an email address and accessing all Talk Fusion products for 30 days. Learn more:

Talk Fusion has also built a rewards program for associates who bring others to the program and make a lot of sales. The rewards include winning exquisite jewelry and rolex watches, expensive luxury cars and exotic vacations to places like Hawaii, Miami and now Milan, Italy. Talk Fusion has become renowned around the world and has made a difference in their philanthropy both at home and abroad. CEO Bob Reina has given over $1 million to the Tampa Humane Society and was also a donor to the Nepal earthquake relief efforts in 2015. He also started Talk Fusion Gives Back which allows associates to support their favorite charities by giving a Talk Fusion monthly account to those charities. Reina also is an author to several technology magazines including MarTech Advisor and the HuffPost. Learn more: