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The Contributions of Clay Siegall to the Development of Patient Friendly Cancer Treatment Drugs

Dr. Clay Siegall is the founder of a biotech industry called Seattle Genetics. The institution is based in Seattle, and it’s responsible for the development of therapeutic drugs targeting cancer. In a recent interview with, Clay Siegall says that several inspirational factors motivated him to begin the company. First, he attributes it to the fact that he loves medicine as a professional and the ability to use reason and technology to defeat diseases. Siegall’s interest in medicine began with an in-depth look at cancer. The passion began while he was undertaking zoology at Maryland University. Clay Siegall says that at one point, his relative got diagnosed with cancer. The treatment took a toll on the patient. At one instant, the patient almost died due to anemia caused by chemotherapy.

With a little research, he identified several other modes of treatment that were equally brutal. He, therefore, set out to find better ways to address the issue. Additionally, the money aspect also drove him to start the organization. He also wanted an autonomy on projects and patents on his discoveries. Seattle Genetics makes money by selling proprietary drugs, selling the FDA –approved ADC, and production partnerships. However, he says that the company became profitable after 10 years in the market. The organization landed its first customers in early 2000. Clay Siegall and the management brought a dynamite sales staff that helped them make deals. By engaging and socializing, the company lands several business opportunities. Clay says that having a passion and focus is the best way to succeed.

Clay B Siegall is currently the CEO of Seattle Genetic. He is also a senior researcher with a particular target on cancer therapies. He founded the company in 1998 with the aim of developing patient-friendly methods of treating cancer. Seattle Genetics grows on a foundation of innovation, research, and passion for helping patients.

Under the guidance of Clay Siegall, the company has developed antibody-drug conjugates which are FDA approved. Additionally, he has secured collaborations with several pharmaceutical companies. Seattle Genetics have acquired several licenses for its technology that continues to generate income for the enterprise. Up to date, Clay Siegall has secured over $ 1.2 billion in funding for the company.