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Making that Close Connection between Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

Since the days of Thunderbolt and Andrew Carnegie, the rail industry in America has more than evolved. Annually, the railroad industry in America makes billions of dollars, because the existing freight corporations have since diversified. Today, we celebrate Gregory James Aziz for his development efforts at National Steel Car. As the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car, James Aziz unique approaches have helped transform the corporation into a multi-billion dollar industry. Thanks to Greg Aziz, National Steel Car is now the leading producer of the jumbo box car, open top hopper, super duty box, intermodal well, 25500G Tank Car, and 29000G Tank Car. Also, the company produces the 30500G Tank Car, the auto rack, centerbeam, coal, flat, covered hopper, intermodal well, gondola, coil, and the intermodal spine.



By integrating modern technology into business, National Steel Car has emerged to become more productive than all its competitors. Since Gregory J Aziz took leadership at National Steel Car, he has inspired change through his more than 2000 employees. For the twenty-three years that James Aziz has profiled at the railroad company, he has helped National Steel Car build a strong reputation. For more than a decade, National Steel Car has consecutively scooped the annual TTX SECO award, a prize only given to the best of the best in the business. Click Here for more.



National Steel Car’s hallmark has always been to provide quality products and services to its different clients. Thus, James has invested a lot of the company resources to create the perfect customer service department that appreciates different customers in its unique way. For this reason, National Steel Car has not only captivated a high percentage of clients but also made substantial amounts of profits in the process. Thus, Gregory has been instrumental in making National Steel Car the best freight car manufacturer in the entire North American region.



One secret that has always guaranteed Aziz success is his ability to cultivate a culture of accountability among his employees, Apart from that, Gregory has gone above and beyond to invest in his team of workers. By satisfying his employees’ needs, they have had no other choice but to work tooth and nail to meet company goals. Aziz has replicated most of his values to a majority of the people he works with making the entire workforce at National Steel Car speak in one voice. Thus, Gregory James Aziz is undoubtedly the best corporate head that has ever gotten appointed by National Steel Car.

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Bruce Levenson: A Man of Many Hats

Bruce Levenson is a decorated American journalist, businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Most people who know him, know him for his ownership of Atlanta Hawks. Levenson comes from a Jewish family, based in Washington, where he was also born. However, he was raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is married to one wife and has three wonderful boys.

Levenson first attended the Washington University in St. Louis. Here he pursues a Bachelor of Arts in Political science. He was later to graduate from the American university juries doctor. Being the focused man that he is, when he was at American University pursuing law, he would attend the nearing Washington star where his journalism career began.

Levenson is the founder of the United Communications Group, which together with his partner, established in the year 1977. UCG brings out Levenson’s case of grass to grace. When he first started the company, they would operate from an apartment on top of his dad’s liquor store. Today, the company has grown, winning over 120 awards for their editorial excellence. UCG currently has offices in America, Asia and Europe and have over 46 million clients all over the world.

In the year 2004, he purchased Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. At the time, the team was not doing so well, but Levenson had a vision of turning the team into something great. Today, courtesy of the team, he is a member of the NBA’s board of Governors. And, although they sold shares of the team, he still continues to play a major role in the government of the team.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson, being a great philanthropist, used part of his wealth to help the disadvantaged in the community. Together with his wife, he has started education initiatives to benefit the less fortunate.

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George Soros Emerges as One of The Leading Donors to Democratic Campaigns

George Soros is back to the Democratic campaigns after cutting back his spending due to a futile attempt to unseat President George Bush that saw him spend $27 million in campaign funding. The billionaire is once again one of the leading financiers of Democratic campaigns after committing about $25 million on Hillary Clinton’s political course. Analysts and Democratic confidants reveal that the funding may increase as we near the November polls.

Soros was eagerly waiting to attend his first Democratic convention and see Hillary make an acceptance speech to be Democratic Presidential Nominee at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, but be canceled it at the last minute. However, sources close to the Hungarian-born billionaire confirm that he is more determined than ever to see Clinton clinch the seat.

Soros has been a strong critic of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump. He accuses Trump of doing the works of ISIS in the country. He says that his campaigns are based on fear-mongering on Politico, which is what ISIS and Al Qaeda do best. Also, George Soros decided to step up his game when he realized that most republican candidates had policies that were hostile to many things he cares about such as immigration reforms, criminal justice reform and tolerance to religious differences.

Soros is a self-made billionaire who gathered a fortune for himself by engaging in a risky currency trade in England. The fortune, which accumulated to about $24 billion made people refer to him as “The Man Who Broke The Bank of England.” He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930 but moved to England in 1940s to escape the Nazi invasion. He attended London School of Economics where he learnt the skills of entrepreneurship. After graduating in 1952, he came to New York City where he took a job at a Wall Street brokerage firm on This marked the beginning of George Soros’ entrepreneurship prowess in the country. After 15 years, he started his company Soros Fund.

Through his leadership, the firm became highly successful in the country via its vast iterations. By the time Soros was 85 years old, he had become the 21st richest man in the world with a net worth of $26 billion. George Soros believes in sharing, and that is why he is a popular figure when it comes to philanthropy. He is the chairman of the Open Society Foundation, an organization that finances a wide range of initiatives meant to improve education, health and the justice system.

Soros is an author of 12 books, which have enjoyed a wide read globally. He regularly contributes articles on political and economic issues affecting America and Europe. Soros has five children and is currently married to Tamika Bolton.

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Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Are Doing Something Different

Forefront Capital is a new investment firm that has been created in an attempt to put the middle class American on equal footing with the wealthy investors that are so often depicted as running Wall St.

One of the biggest problems with modern day Wall St. is that it, through the system it was originally set up in, inadvertently and disproportionately benefits the people who are already wealthy. The accreditation process is a long and expensive one to go through, making it nearly impossible for small American investors to get that seal of approval. Unfairly, without being accredited, American investors are usually deemed as risky, dangerous, or unintelligent. This leads to several different issues being caused through Wall St. that are directly or indirectly related to the wealth of the client looking to invest.

First of all, the types of investments that are available for non-accredited individuals is slim to none. Wealthy and accredited investors have access to hedge funds, private equity firms, and much more. None accredited investors, however, are left in the dust. To make it worse, the investments that are available to middle class Americans are strongly tied to the fluctuations of the stock market. The portfolios that they can acquire generally perform badly as a result, as Brad has said on Twitter before.

In addition, fees that are applied to portfolios by firms and brokers are usually detrimentally high. Management fees and broker fees can eliminate all profits a middle class American would otherwise see. What makes this worse is that the fees are applied regardless of the portfolios performance. Whether the broker is making his or her client money is irrelevant because they are still getting rich through fees.

Brad Reifler aims to solve the above problems with his new financial advisory firm called Forefront Capital. The goal of Forefront Capital, according to Brad Reifler, is to provide a solid financial foundation for middle class Americans while still attracting high profile and wealthy clients in addition to the 99%. He aims to eliminate the issues by charging little to no management fees and offering a wide array of portfolios for his clients.

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Jim Hunt is One Determined Trading Guru

Jim Hunt works for VTA Publications as a skilled trader. The stock market expert just revealed an interesting plan that’s been brewing in his mind. He wants to show the planet just how easy his stock trading technique is. He’s going to show everyone by trying to earn his mother a cool million (without tax, of course). Hunt aims to showcase the ease of his stock trading method in merely 10 actions. He’ll regularly upload confirmation of his successes on his Youtube account. Hunt completed his number one action only a few days after he told the public about his mission. As PRN reported, people can check it out on his website located at

VTA Publications Ltd. is a company that’s based in the United Kingdom. It has a customer service branch in Reading, Berkshire. It has a registered office in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. The firm publishes distance learning classes. It also focuses on event organization matters. VTA Publications Ltd. was created in 2012. It has helped many people all around the planet. VTA Publications Ltd’s choices in informative services and products are abundant. The goal at this firm is to give customers modern physical and digital information. Its main areas of concentration are both finance and economics. VTA Publications Ltd. provides its valued and loyal customers with reliable information straight from some of the globe’s most knowledgeable and seasoned aficionados.

People who visit VTA Publication’s official website can learn a lot from the British firm. The website features in-depth articles that discuss a broad range of pertinent topics. Examples of these topics are life accomplishments, dissatisfaction with existence and financial objectives. People can learn a lot about what they want from life by exploring the VTA Publications site. Website visitors can also gain helpful insight from people who have relied on the company’s services and products in the past. The site is equipped with a helpful clip of a video testimonial from a customer. It’s also equipped with numerous written testimonials from customers in locations such as Somerset, England. People can easily reach out to VTA Publications by email and phone.

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A Plan to Help Motivate the Russian Economy

The Russian economy has suffered a series of setbacks over the last few years. Poor economic growth over the last few years have led many leaders in the Russian business community to call for more action by the Russian government to bring the downward trend to a stop.

Alexei Beltyukov, Adviser for the Skolkovo Foundation is one such individual. Mr. Beltyukov has put a several steps he believes the Russian Government can take to begin to address the recent problems the national economy.

The problems with the Russian Economy go much deeper than the simple drop in the value of the Russian stock market. Katya Ponomareva,who runs a consulting firm that provides information on investments in Latvia and Bulgaria, says her firm has seen a marked increase in the number of Russian professionals seeking refuge in many Eastern European countries since the problems with the Russian economy began.

The capital and entrepreneurial talent leaving Russian soil at this rather staggering pace, if left unchecked, can spell disaster for Russia and Alexei Beltyukov believes measures must be taken soon to improve the situation.

Mr. Beltyukov believes Russia needs to find ways to celebrate its entrepreneurs in order to rebuild the economy. Mr. Beltyukov also thinks that the Russian Government needs to develop systems to support entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Alexei Beltyukov is one of the founders of the Skolkovo Foundation, a government sanctioned organization that works to promote technology, innovation and business in Russia. The foundation offers advise, business strategies, technological incubation and tax breaks for Russian businesses.  Armed with his education from INSEAD, Alexei continues to help manipulate the Russian economy for the better.

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Big Boys Like Toys Too

Co-founder of TOYS for BOYS Boutique Danilo Diaz Granados has put together a one of a kind event in Miami. This action filled event is a sequel to an earlier event that featured helicopter rides, racetracks and fine cuisine. Since founding the company in 2013 Granados has been committed to hosting prestige and fun filled events for Miamis elite socialites. Granados wants to deliver his guest a one of a kind experience. The goal is to provide a platform where guest can sample a taste of the upscale Miami lifestyle.

Danilo Diaz Granados decided that men of latino origin needed something to call their own. There are so many sports, cars and jewelry clubs, but Granados couldn’t find just what he was looking for. He launched TOYS for BOYS in 2013 with that as his motivation. TOYS for BOYS offers latino men in the Miami area a chance to experience the luxurious lifestyle with other members of their community. The TOYS for BOYs showroom features rare and expensive cars, art and watches available for purchase for those with thick pockets.

Granados is widely known for his investment and entrepreneurial expertise. He has an extensive training in banking and financial management. After graduating from Babson Business College with a degree in entrepreneurial education, Granados began to focus on opening up Miami’s first luxury club for latino men. His love for business and luxury prompted him to combine the two. Men from all over the U.S are now eager to get to Miami to see what’s inside of the luxury Toybox.  Be sure to follow Danilo on Instagram @DaniloDiazGranados.

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Sam Tabar: Fast Rising Star

Sam Tabar has made a name for himself in the New York legal and business community at a relatively young age. Tabar completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees in law at Oxford University in 2000. He attended Columbia School of Law after that. In addition to his legal qualifications, Tabar has built an enviable reputation as an outstanding capital strategist focusing on business development. These are not small accomplishments in light of the highly competitive nature of these professions.

Initially, Sam Tabar took a position with the firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom, LLP. He earned considerable praise for his contributions to the firm’s business development activities. He also became known for his commitment to his clients. Sam next joined the SPARX Group, where he held the positions of Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development.

Although Tabar has a reputation for loving his work, he wanted to grow his career. He decided to accept a position with Bank of America Merrill/Lynch. At Merrill Lynch, he served as Director of Capital Strategy with primary responsibility for clients in the Asia and Pacific regions.

More recently, Sam Tabor has shifted back to concentrating on law. At present, he is a senior associate with the firm of Shulte, Roth and Zabel, LLP. Tabar is considered among the top people in his field, in part because he draws on both legal and business development experience to help clients like hedge funds meet legal compliance requirements. He also works with New York City’s Full Cycle Fund.

Sam Tabar has built a well-deserved reputation for accomplishments as an attorney and capital strategist. Nevertheless, he still finds time to enjoy his activities as an amateur photographer.

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The Healthy Products Created By Bernardo Chua

Organo Gold is a company that offers various products that are a necessity in a day to day routine and also have multiple health benefits that have improved the lives of millions. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua and has since then grown to be a multi million dollar company that has been able to welcome anyone into the Organo Gold family. Bernardo Chua is a well respected businessman in the direct sales industry and has used Organo Gold to further his success and to offer individuals with a chance to save money and learn about the importance of healthy living. Organo Gold’s headquarters in Vancouver has enabled the company to further grow on all continents and to become the number one choice of millions all around the world.

Organo Gold is a company that was founded in 2008 with under the premise of incorporating a special ingredient into the products sold through the company. This special ingredient is Ganoderma and has been traced back to being used as a health remedy in ancient Chinese medicine. This particular herb was discovered by Bernardo Chua during his many travels to find to products from abroad. As a Filipino businessman, Bernardo Chua understands poverty and hopes that his products that are sold at Organo Gold will continue proving lives. In 2015, Bernardo Chua was proud to announce on Facebook the company’s involvement in the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight that took place in the Summer of 2015.

Ganoderma is a product that became incorporated with Organo Gold as it has been proven to have many health benefits. Some of the health benefits that Ganoderma provides includes reduced stress, an increase in weight loss, as well as an improved sleep cycle. All of these benefits have been noticed by consumers which has increased the total sales of the product. Bernardo Chua has not only created a product that is delicious, but has also created a product that makes individuals feel better. Organ Gold, though only eight years old, has become the 55th largest direct sales company in the world and has plans to continue growing.  Bernardo continues to win awards, and his list of credentials continues to grow.

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A Look At Entrepreneur, Philanthropist And Author, Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier was an entrepreneur from a young age. Raised in Teacneck, New Jersey, he began programming computers in the fourth grade, leading him to open a database computer company in high school. By the time he graduated magna cum laude at Harvard University in 1988 he’d also established a firm education in English and American literature, supplemented by taking additional classes at MIT.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1991 he founded People Doing Things (PDT), a company that made use of modern technology to address health care, education and other vital issues.

That was just the beginning. Eager to continue giving and creating, Eric Pulier went on to found, co-found or fund an almost countless number of other ventures. These include Starbright World, a private social networking website created in 1995 for chronically ill children where they could find community, the interactive agency Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone and more. By 1997 Pulier had taken his desires all the way to the top, becoming a member of then-Vice President Al Gore’s technology and healthcare forum where he could advise on issues important to him.

Pulier’s continuing philanthropy can’t be ignored. He is a donor to many non-profit organizations, as well as sitting on the boards of several charitable foundations including The Painted Turtle Camp, a camp in California for seriously ill children, and The X-Prize, a competition to solve some of humanities greatest technological challenges. He also lends his knowledge on many subjects, including technology, business, and enterprising, in his published works. See:

Today he continues invest, found, fund and give while he raises his four children in Los Angeles, California.

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