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Eric Lefkofsky Talks about the Importance of Establishing Database for Better Cancer Treatments

Today, doctors need proper data and information to be able to provide appropriate treatments to their clients. But, it is not just general data; they need specific clinical and molecular data to make an informed decision. This is exactly what has been missing from the medical research system for long. This is the reason why Eric Lefkofsky has set up Tempus to help doctors provide the best cancer treatment to their patients.

Even though one can easily find patient data, it has not been combined with genomic information and therapeutic data. It means that apart from the DNA and RNA makeup of the patient, the doctors need to know what treatments they are being provided and how they are responding to certain drugs. Tempus uses high-end technology to provide aggregation of clinical, molecular, outcome response, and therapeutic data to the researchers, doctors, and scientists to take forward the studies being done on better and more efficient cancer therapies.

Such data can help the physicians and researchers to corroborate various data available and find out why one cancer therapy is effective in some patients, and ineffective on others. Gathering such data manually from the hospitals and medical centers can take as much as 90 days as mentioned by Eric Lefkofsky during the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference held in San Diego. However, Tempus aims to make such information and data available in a free flowing manner in the medical field to help accelerate the progress in the cancer research.

Mr Lefkofsky is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the United States today and widely known for his startup GrouponInc, which is worth well over $2.2 Billion today. It is a company that connects merchants offering attractive and discounted deals with the customers. Eric Lefkofsky started Tempus after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. During the time of cancer treatment, Eric found out that there is a need for proper data aggregation system that can help the physicians to provide individualized treatment, and hence, he came up with an idea to start Tempus. He is also the co-founder of other companies such as Lightbank, MediaOcean, and Uptake Technologies.