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Greg Aziz On Leadership

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO and President of the National Steel Car Company in Ontario Canada. Greg started doing business from an early age as he helped in the family business Food Affiliates Company that deals with the importing and distributing of fresh food products. The parents trusted him with minor roles as he grew up since he did not have enough experience or knowledge to hold a senior position. Nevertheless, they desired to have him learn some basic skills about business so they kept him involved in the affairs of the business. The above largely contributed to the career path that James Aziz took as he studied Business Administration at the Ridley College and later majored in Economics at the University of Western Ontario.

After his degree, Greg’s parents entrusted him with a senior managerial role in the company with his main duty being in administrative affairs of the firm. Greg’s dad felt that the son could now oversee the activities of the Food Affiliates Company. In the tenure of his leadership, James Aziz catapulted the company from a local level to an international standard. Food Affiliates began importing food from Europe, Central, and North America. The employees in the company also increased; so did its production and profitability level. The employment terms were also upgraded, helping lower the turnover rate in the firm. Greg delegated his duties, mentored and coached followers, who would take over his position just before leaving for the investment and banking industry in the late 80s.

Greg Aziz stayed in the banking sector in New York until he bought the National Steel Car Company from Dofasco. Greg wanted to expand the firm to serve more people at more excellent terms. He also desired to change the corporate culture and make it more people driven than profit driven. The above was achieved after 5 years of operations as the productivity of the company rose from 3500 to 9000 vehicles per annum. At the same time, 1800 employees were added to the former 600 employees who worked in the firm. Another sector that changed was the production sector, where the products now matched the customer specifications. Greg asked the workers to customize all products to the customers’ needs, as that would translate to more satisfied customers.

Greg Aziz also motivated his workers by giving them satisfactory packages and creating a friendly work environment in the office. He also served as a transformational leader, who listens to all the grievances of the workers and addresses them as desired. The suppliers in the firm are also treated with respect as Greg has marinated the same team since the time he bought the company. At the same time, he looks into the needs of the community in his production. Read More on this Page.

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The Brilliance Of Able Leadership Steered By Gregory Aziz

Gregory J Aziz is the Chief Executive officer at National Steel Car that is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. National Steel Car is a leading North American company with over 100 years of unmatched excellence in the manufacture of railroad freight cars. Aziz studied at Ridley College, then Western University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He has been at the helm of National Steel Car for a period of 23 years from the year 1994.


In the year 1971, Greg Aziz joined his family business venture that entailed wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. The company tremendously grew over the years to become a global importer of fresh foods from Europe, Central and South America distributing them to major wholesale markets in the US and Eastern Canada. Greg also worked in various investment banking opportunities in New York for a period of over ten years.


Greg Aziz managed to organize the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco in the year 1994. Being a visionary leader, his main objective was to transform the once leading Canadian company into a great North American railroad freight car manufacturer. The company expanded greatly and the manufacturing capability rose from 3,500 cars annually to 12,000 cars by the year 1999. All this can be attributed to the able leadership of Greg James Aziz, strong engineering capabilities, team spirit, human and capital investment. The growth of the company also meant more employment opportunities. This saw many people benefit a lot. The company has catapulted the lives of very many people some of who were unemployed. See Additional Info here.


The company’s impressive growth has seen it become the leader in new car innovation and also crafting thousands of railroad freight cars annually. National Steel Car is the only North America railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company that has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008. This is an honor that the company has held for the last 18 years through various rounds of recertification. It is also worth noting that National Steel Car has consistently received the TTX SECO highest quality awards since the year 1996. These awards and accreditations are a feather on the company’s heart, all thanks to the able leadership of Gregory J Aziz.


National Steel Car is committed to giving back to the society; it does this by funding local charities. James Aziz and his wife Irene sponsor Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, a prominent agricultural fair in Canada.

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Ontario born Gregory James Aziz is the current CEO of National Steel Car. He is a proud Ontario Western University graduate, where he specialized in Economics. James Aziz, fondly known as Greg by those dear to him, prides himself on the fact that he leads one of the most distinguished railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing firm.


Like many astute business leaders, Gregory J Aziz has humble beginnings. He began his entrepreneurial journey at Affiliate Foods, his family’s food processing business. After working in his family business for a while, Aziz moved on to the city of New York where he worked with several investment firms. His keen eye for business opportunities saw him purchase a National Steel Car from Dofasco.


Despite the fact that the company was performing poorly at the moment, James had a vision for a brighter future. By 2000, he had incredibly managed to turn around the company’s fortunes; increasing its production capacity by an outstanding 8,500 units. This growth saw the organization expand its workforce from the first 500 to 3000 employees. Visit This Page.


His commitment and dedication saw him lead National Steel Car into one of the most prominent railroad freight vehicle manufacturers in North America. His achievement was through an intelligent combination of his engineering skills, smart capital investment, and excellent networking. Greg Aziz’s pursuit of brilliance and design perfection contributed to the company’s incredible growth.


Today, the company’s Hamilton based industry continues to lead the way in the production of high-quality freight cars in Canada and the larger North America. Gregory J Aziz’s excellent management has also seen the organization retain its position as the number one freight car manufacturer in the region. Consequently, National Steel Car is a proud winner of the ISO 90001:2008 and TTX SECO award.


In addition to his excellence in the engineering industry, James Aziz is also a successful family man. He is happily married to Irene. James and Irene are blessed with two daughters namely, Karina and Natalie. They are actively involved in both sponsorship and support of equestrian sports. His devotion to the game is demonstrated by the fact that he avidly sponsored the National Steel Car Four Bar Challenge, which was hosted at the Royal Winter Fair Horseshow in 2001 and 2005.


Seemingly, Greg Aziz is a winner on almost all fronts, as shown by the fact that he won the Jumping Canada Owner of the Year award in 2009. This award was presented to James by Anglestone Tournaments for his generosity.



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Greg Aziz Incorporated His values in National Steel Car Company

Gregory James Aziz was born in London on April 30th, 1949. He was born into an entrepreneurial family that runs the Food Affiliates Company. Due to his active participation in the company from an early age, Greg Aziz knew that he would spend his life in business-related fields. The above highly influenced his education path as he took a business course at Ridley College and later majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario.

Greg’s Career

Immediately Greg cleared his university studies, he joined the Food Affiliates family business as a full-time employee. Notably, James Aziz spent 16 years serving in the company as a full-time worker on payroll, and in this span, the company expanded greatly. It was while Greg served there that Food Affiliates started importing food from Europe, South, and Central America and distributing it to all the regions of the United States and Canada. The profitability of Food Affiliates also grew in this season. However, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Greg Aziz joined the banking and investment industry in New York. He then decided to shift gear in 1994, when he bought the National Steel Car Company from Dofasco. James Aziz needed to expand the operations of the company as he felt it had stagnated over the years. His vision was to raise the quality and quantity of productions at the company. Greg also sought to see customer satisfaction rise as he operated the firm. See More Info here.

The above was achieved as within 5 years of preparation, National Steel Car Company raised its production from 3500 cars per year to 9000 cars per year. Moreover, the workforce within the span also rose from 600 workers to 3000 employees. The corporate culture as well changed to be more customer and worker focused as opposed to being leader focused. Greg Aziz constantly looked forward to having the customer’s needs and tastes incorporated in the cars and products, which the company manufactured. Additionally, he also allowed the workers a degree of innovation so that the company would advance to producing new competitive models. Additionally, Greg encouraged the employees to embrace a learning culture as the old knowledge is sometimes obsolete in the face of new changes in the manufacturing industry.

Another value is the respect and good relationship with suppliers which Greg Aziz guards jealously. Greg believes that these ties are important as they will be beneficial even for future generations. In short, Greg Aziz values people, no matter their capacity.


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Making that Close Connection between Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

Since the days of Thunderbolt and Andrew Carnegie, the rail industry in America has more than evolved. Annually, the railroad industry in America makes billions of dollars, because the existing freight corporations have since diversified. Today, we celebrate Gregory James Aziz for his development efforts at National Steel Car. As the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car, James Aziz unique approaches have helped transform the corporation into a multi-billion dollar industry. Thanks to Greg Aziz, National Steel Car is now the leading producer of the jumbo box car, open top hopper, super duty box, intermodal well, 25500G Tank Car, and 29000G Tank Car. Also, the company produces the 30500G Tank Car, the auto rack, centerbeam, coal, flat, covered hopper, intermodal well, gondola, coil, and the intermodal spine.



By integrating modern technology into business, National Steel Car has emerged to become more productive than all its competitors. Since Gregory J Aziz took leadership at National Steel Car, he has inspired change through his more than 2000 employees. For the twenty-three years that James Aziz has profiled at the railroad company, he has helped National Steel Car build a strong reputation. For more than a decade, National Steel Car has consecutively scooped the annual TTX SECO award, a prize only given to the best of the best in the business. Click Here for more.



National Steel Car’s hallmark has always been to provide quality products and services to its different clients. Thus, James has invested a lot of the company resources to create the perfect customer service department that appreciates different customers in its unique way. For this reason, National Steel Car has not only captivated a high percentage of clients but also made substantial amounts of profits in the process. Thus, Gregory has been instrumental in making National Steel Car the best freight car manufacturer in the entire North American region.



One secret that has always guaranteed Aziz success is his ability to cultivate a culture of accountability among his employees, Apart from that, Gregory has gone above and beyond to invest in his team of workers. By satisfying his employees’ needs, they have had no other choice but to work tooth and nail to meet company goals. Aziz has replicated most of his values to a majority of the people he works with making the entire workforce at National Steel Car speak in one voice. Thus, Gregory James Aziz is undoubtedly the best corporate head that has ever gotten appointed by National Steel Car.

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Alfonso de Angoitia: Key Piece of Grupo Televisa’s Success

     Grupo Televisa is considered the largest, the most influential and one of the oldest television companies that in the world, and it also has presence in all the other types of media as well, like the internet and radio.

Grupo Televisa is Mexico’s most watched channel, as well as in many other Spanish-speaking countries. It is considered one of the biggest successes around the world in the television market as it has conquered some of the most impressive scores around the world regarding business scale and how much it accomplished just in a single department.

The multinational enterprise is commanded by the Director and Vice President Alfonso de Angoitia, which is one of the main reasons why the company is so successful in the recent times.

Since 2010, the brand has skyrocketed among the competition and the various media types. Not coincidently, 2009 was the year that Alfonso de Angoitia was awarded with the position of the Executive Vice President of the enterprise and began making decisive changes that would modify the future of the Grupo Televisa forever.

Before receiving the spot next to the President of the corporation, Alfonso was the Chief Financial Officer of the company since 1999, two years after he first entered the group, in 1997.

Since he entered, he has been rewarded with the highest positions inside the group, as he is one of the key players in the success of the Grupo Televisa in the Spanish-speaking world.

Before being a part of the team, he served the White & Case company in New York, but the position wasn’t utilizing the best traits of the expert. He then joined a law firm in Mexico and even became the personal lawyer of the current Chief Executive Officer of the group that he serves today, but as Vice President.

Alfonso has traveled a long journey until he became one of the most prominent faces of Spanish Television.

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Samuel Strauch Talks About Southern Suburbs in Booming Areas

Samuel Strauch is a real estate entrepreneur who is the chief executive officer at Metrik Real Estate in Florida. Mr. Strauch holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from Hofstra University. He also has completed post graduate studies in finance and international business management at the prestigious Harvard University and Erasmus University. Below are some of the top suburban communities that Samuel Strauch has highlighted on recently.

The suburban community of Apex was ranked the 10th best suburb for young people according to Samuel Strauch. The town of Apex actually costs a little bit more to live in than in the main city of Raleigh. Samuel Strauch believes that it is well worth the extra 3% in housing costs though. Apex was highlighted as the best place to live in the United States according to Money Magazine in 2015. Strauch says that the area in and around Apex is full of job opportunities with major companies such as IMB, Duke Energy, Cisco, Red Hat and Duke University found here. The Triangle area which Apex is part off, is all one of the fastest growing areas in the USA. Expect a lot of growth and new found wealth in the future. Instagram Photos.

Another great suburban community to reside in the southeast is a town called Murfreesboro. As a suburb of the city of Nashville, Tennessee, Murfreesboro boasts housing that is up to $100,000 cheaper than in the city. It is only 33 miles from the center of Nashville and the area is a major up and coming town. There are two hospitals and new companies and jobs are being created here at a rapid rate. Samuel Strauch also says that there is more than enough attractions to keep a young person satisfied. Expect a home for around $300,00 in the town of Murfreesboro.

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Planet Business Excellence Awards Recognizes Troy Mcquagge in a Special Way

Troy McQuagge, has won Gold at the One Planet Awards’ CEO of the year. One Planet Awards is an awards program honoring business and professional excellence of employees and companies of all types in various industries around the world. USHEALTH Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, sells health insurance plans for self-employed people and small business owners in the United States. At USHEALTH Group, Inc., Troy is the CEO.

Troy joined USHEALTH in 2010. Four years later, thanks to his hard work, he became the President and Chief Executive Officer of the group in 2014. Troy provided strategic leadership and guidance to this company transforming it into the largest company in the insurance market. Having played a crucial role in its impressive strategic growth, Troy was nominated for the One Planet Awards.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. has maintained consistent results for record-setting growth and profitability for the past three consecutive years with Troy McQuagge at the helm. He has solely been responsible for the growth of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary insurance operations. His effort and hard work have brought him many accolades over the years. A few of these include; “CEO of the Year” and the “Most Innovative CEO of the Year” by CEO World Awards. The Stevie Awards also honored him for his hiring and recruiting program. The company itself has also received numerous awards under Troy’s leadership. The company has won Stevie Awards thrice for achievements in sales and a ‘Company of the Year’ award from Golden Bridge Awards. Click here to know more.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy is an influential figure in the insurance industry. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. He began his career at the Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. Later he joined United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI) in 1995. Two years later, McQuagge assumed the role of the President of UGA, UICI’s insurance agency. Under his leadership, UGA set numerous sales records. UICI was acquired by investors in 2006, and the name was changed to HealthMarkets. In 2007, both the Stevie Awards and Power Magazine recognized the HealthMarkets’ Agency Marketing Group (AMG). The recognition as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year was due to the agency’s annual sales volume that exceeded $1Billion.

Mr. McQuagge has also served in other organizations showing excellence in leading insurance organizations. He has shown an interest in Civil Rights and Social Action, Health and Human Rights as well as Children’s rights. To help these causes he has involved himself with voluntary organizations such as Semper Fi Fund and HopeKids Phoenix volunteering his services and making donations to many other charities over the years. Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

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Words of Wisdom: Smart Investing for a Set Retirement

The decision of a lifetime, the decision that decides the outcome of your future. The age-old decision whether to invest actively or passively. The question is, do you like to take risks or play it safe? There’s an insightful commentary done by seasoned investor and CEO/Chairman of Capital Group, Tim Armour, who weighs in on the debate. He wants America to be educated on smart investment decisions that impact your future, your retirement.

The difference between active and passive is the risk factor. An active investor uses a broker to dive into the index fully and a passive investor tries to play it safe with a manager picking something particular to invest in. People who invest actively try to out preform the index by predicting rising and falling impacts of multiple companies based on factors such as: political change, market trends and red flags in the economy. Passive investors are in it for the long haul and try to focus on a certain investment to generate a profitable investment. Both passive and active can generate yourself a grand retirement, if done right. The important part is to filter between low expenses and high management costs, as said by Tim Armour.

Tim Armour offers excellent words of wisdom as summarized above, because he exudes investment experience. In fact, the firm he oversees is 86 years old; Tim has been with the firm a total of 34 years! Mr. Armour originally began his Capital Journey in the Associates program, but since then he now holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. His first position was an equity portfolio manager, and his knowledge landed him the Chairman position on July 28th, 2015. It’s safe to say, Tim is a veteran investor that America can learn from! Click here to know more about him.

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Adam Goldenberg- Co-CEO of Just Fabulous

Adam Goldenberg started his entrepreneurship adventures at a very young age. At just 15 he started a company known as Gamers Alliance which is an advertising network. He sold the company in 1999 before graduating high school and joined Intermix Media. At the time, he met his business partner Don Ressler. When the two partnered to start Intelligent Beauty as a venture, NewCorps acquired Intermix for over 650 million dollars. The two are currently co-founders and owners of Justfab, which started in 2010. The company on has grown into a leading global online subscription e-commerce with more than 35 million members to his name. JustFab has been expanding to other countries apart from the US. It is now in Canada, Germany, Spain and Netherlands. JustFab is also a parent company to Fabletics, FabKids, and ShoeDazzle.

Adam Goldenberg has six years’ experience in internet marketing. He is an excellent manager which explains why CNBC interviewed him to find out more about the company’s decision of changing its name from JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group. He was also asked about his take on the future of fashion.

Read more: TechStyle’s data-driven fashion – CNBC Video

Techstyle, then operating as JustFab was founded in 2010 after receiving funding from US capital venture Matrix firm in 2011 worth 33 million dollars. The next year the company received an additional 76 million dollars from other ventures including Technology Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Rho Ventures. This facilitated the expansion of the company’s operations in other countries.

According to, the company has been a success and has attracted many celebrities who have released brands through the company. Some of the celebrities include Avril Lavigne and Elle and Blair Fowler. A television show started in 2013 giving insights of what happens behind the scenes in the company. The expansion of the company into Spain and France led to the acquisition of FabShoes as part of its brands. By September 2013, the company’s CEOs announced that the firm Techstyle closed 40 million dollars in the third funding round as a way to accelerate its international growth. This was one of the surest ways to help enter new products.

The next round of funding of about 85 million dollars led to the company making 250 million dollars in return. In 2016, the company launched a collection of ready to wear. The best investment, however, was the Fabletics brand that was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson.

Find more about Adam Goldenberg: