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Making that Close Connection between Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

Since the days of Thunderbolt and Andrew Carnegie, the rail industry in America has more than evolved. Annually, the railroad industry in America makes billions of dollars, because the existing freight corporations have since diversified. Today, we celebrate Gregory James Aziz for his development efforts at National Steel Car. As the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car, James Aziz unique approaches have helped transform the corporation into a multi-billion dollar industry. Thanks to Greg Aziz, National Steel Car is now the leading producer of the jumbo box car, open top hopper, super duty box, intermodal well, 25500G Tank Car, and 29000G Tank Car. Also, the company produces the 30500G Tank Car, the auto rack, centerbeam, coal, flat, covered hopper, intermodal well, gondola, coil, and the intermodal spine.



By integrating modern technology into business, National Steel Car has emerged to become more productive than all its competitors. Since Gregory J Aziz took leadership at National Steel Car, he has inspired change through his more than 2000 employees. For the twenty-three years that James Aziz has profiled at the railroad company, he has helped National Steel Car build a strong reputation. For more than a decade, National Steel Car has consecutively scooped the annual TTX SECO award, a prize only given to the best of the best in the business. Click Here for more.



National Steel Car’s hallmark has always been to provide quality products and services to its different clients. Thus, James has invested a lot of the company resources to create the perfect customer service department that appreciates different customers in its unique way. For this reason, National Steel Car has not only captivated a high percentage of clients but also made substantial amounts of profits in the process. Thus, Gregory has been instrumental in making National Steel Car the best freight car manufacturer in the entire North American region.



One secret that has always guaranteed Aziz success is his ability to cultivate a culture of accountability among his employees, Apart from that, Gregory has gone above and beyond to invest in his team of workers. By satisfying his employees’ needs, they have had no other choice but to work tooth and nail to meet company goals. Aziz has replicated most of his values to a majority of the people he works with making the entire workforce at National Steel Car speak in one voice. Thus, Gregory James Aziz is undoubtedly the best corporate head that has ever gotten appointed by National Steel Car.

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How Mike Baur offers Funding and Inspiration to New Swiss Businesses

Mike Baur is a revered banking and finance expert who spent about two decades serving in various Swiss banks. He has developed a career in investing in digital technology-based startups is Switzerland. Baur has been venturing into the business through the Swiss Startup Factory, which is a company that he co-founded with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he has served banking organizations such as UBS, which was his fist employer. Mike made significant accomplishments over the years and was appointed to act as an executive of a top corporation in the industry. He has been dedicated to being successful in the finance and banking sectors from his teenage years.


Baur is an alumnus of the Bern University and the University of Rochester. He holds MBA degree from both institutions, and this has attributed to his excellent knowledge in business. He has managed to support several startups that offer digital technology solutions to be successful in the local and global marketplaces. Mike has also been participating in various undertakings that help startups. He was among the members of the jury at the START Summiteer that took place at the University of St Gallen. The contest served as a platform for startups to show their potential. He is the current deputy managing director of CTI, which is an organization that has partnered with Swiss Startup Factory.


Many Swiss startups that offer digital technology have managed to thrive in the corporate world due to the support that they have been given by the Swiss Startup Factory’s acceleration plan. Mike has ensured the success of the program by joining efforts with various companies and private investors. One of the firms that he has partnered with is called Gold Back. Its acceleration plan lasts for about three months. It tests the creativity of a business and its ability to succeed in the global market. Baur is the head of the company’s funding plan, and he strives to ensure that it has sufficient resources to support its operations.


Mike Baur’s work is incredible, and the Wall Street Journal appreciated him by featuring his story in December 2016. He has dedicated his time to facilitating the growth of new businesses that have been established by the youth in Zurich and the rest of the country. The entrepreneur networks a lot, and he has developed robust relationships with business leaders in various industries. His contacts assist him in raising funds for the firm to support startup.


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Brad Reifler Takes Leadership To The Next Level

One of the most difficult areas of the business world to provide leadership is the investment industry. One of the reasons why the investment industry is an area where it is difficult to provide leadership is because the industry has many aspects that require specialized skills and knowledge. As a result, leadership in the investment industry must be able to understand all the various aspects in relation to the impact that the aspects have on daily operations.

Generally many executives in leadership roles have expertise in certain areas. In the investment industry, it usually takes more than one or two areas of expertise by executives to be able to provide leadership throughout the organization. Executives can still be effective with a few central areas of expertise. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Additional expertise allows executives to be able to have an overall understanding of an organization in the investment industry that is simply hard to achieve without knowledge and expertise that covers the numerous aspects of the investment industry.

Although there are many aspects of the investment industry, technology has become a vital part of the investment industry. Executives need to have a general knowledge base of technology and be able to communicate with employees and clients regarding technology and its use in an organization that serves in the investment industry.

Brad Reifler is a top-level executive in the investment industry who has a solid understanding of multiple areas of the investment industry. The CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler has demonstrated the ability to lead Forefront Capital through his wide range of expertise.

According to Crunchbase, From technology to marketing and everything in between, Brad Reifler has a level of understanding that makes him proficient in all matters of the investment industry.

An exceptional investment professional,  Reifler has produced amazing results regarding his ability to recognize and handle investment opportunities. Brad Reifler has been and continues to be able to make investment decisions that benefit the clients of Forefront Capital. Beyond his investment expertise, he is able to combine a variety of business skills that make him an exceptional executive.

The investment industry is an industry that provides executives with many areas of concentration. Therefore, executives in the investment industry must be multi talented with expertise in numerous areas.