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Billy McFarland: Thinking about the Millennials

Many successful entrepreneurs and business people start venturing at a young age. This is what happened to Billy McFarland who at the age of 13 started his first venture when growing up in Short Hills, New Jersey. However, this great entrepreneur was born in New York, New York 25 year ago. Billy has taken the road that is usually followed by many successful tech entrepreneurs. Having been frustrated by his University, he dropped out of the program to follow his dreams. Billy was studying a computer engineering degree at the Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. He dropped out during the first year.

Shortly before dropping out of college, he had established a venture that was called Spling. This was a firm that was specializing in making the URLs look more appealing and had received high profile customers such as the Universe and the Discovery. Later on, he had this idea of helping the Millennials adapt into the big cities and decided to launch a venture called the Magnises.

Magnises allows its members to receive discounts at various joint by flashing its card. The club was designed for the young people aged between 21 and 35 years. The club also targets people living in the big East Coast Cities of New York and Washington DC. Also, the club targets Millennials working in the high profile industries such as fashion, finance and technology industries.

According to Bloomberg, this creation by Billy McFarland has a subscription base of around 12,000 people with an annual subscription fee of just $250. Some of the notable people associated with this venture include songwriters residing in New York City, several basketball players and even actresses.

The services are only available in the mentioned cities although there are plans to expand the services to other cities such as Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago.

With this card, you can access the most exclusive night clubs in New York with just $ 65 a month. One can also spend a night a New York’s hotels for just $ 74. With this card, it is also possible to access a co-working space in New York for just $ 99 a month. On normal charges, the spaces go for about $ 500 in one month.