Beneful and It’s Meaning

When you think of the word beneful, dog food probably comes to mind. It isn’t a word people use in everyday language. However, it does have real linguistic origins. According to a company representative of the Purina Brand, the word simply means ‘full of goodness.’ This makes sense if you break down the word into two parts: ‘bene’ and ‘ful’. The prefix root word, ‘bene’, has Latin origins. ‘Bene’ has always meant ‘well’ or something of benefit. The suffix root word ‘ful’ in English typically means ‘full’ or ‘characterized by’. For example, something that is ‘beneficial’ can be broken down to mean ‘full of benefits.’ From this conclusion, it’s easy to conclude that ‘beneful’ would translate roughly to something that is full of wellness.

This deconstructed definition perfectly describes the Beneful dog food brand. Their products are full of benefits for all canines. The company intended for the name to match the mission of their products: balanced nutritional foods that provide dogs with all of the vitamins and dietary essentials they need to remain healthy and strong.

Even before you know what their products are, you can conclude from the name ‘Beneful’ that this brand of dog food has nutrition and health in mind. It isn’t simply a tasty treat for your pet. Beneful food is created with the dog’s health in mind. They are creating food products with a wide range of dietary options to match all dog’s needs. Beneful makes food that is grain-free, contains real meat and real vegetables because they believe in making dog food that will actually benefit the dog. Their mission is all right there in the name.