An Innovative Mastermind In The Business World – The CEO Lori Senecal


Businessmen and women usually learn that there is more than one way to lead their organizations. Since there is a lot of room for differentiation, it might be hard coming up with something that has not been tried before. Lori Senecal, however, found a way to be very innovative in her CEO duties of CP+B.


Senecal’s most impressive endeavors include working with Kraft Mac & Cheese, Letgo selling application, and NBA 2K video game. According to The Drum, the success throughout these ventures yielded amazing landmarks such as 1 billion free media impressions for Kraft Mac & Cheese and 45 million downloads of the Letgo app. Senecal was also featured on Fast Company’s list of 100 most creative business people in 2017.

What Is The Business Model?

To facilitate all of these achievements, this CEO includes her employees in all evaluation processes. Changes such as a box in the break room where employees can write their suggestions have helped her business grow. Also, constant employee empowering and talent-driven hiring process is what helped the business thrive.

Who Exactly Is Senecal?

Even though she helped her company grow enormously, many people around the world have not heard of this businesswoman. Lori Senecal obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Finance from McGill University in Canada. Her current company is Crispin Porter + Bogusky, better known as CP+B, that specializes in the area of advertising. Senecal describes this business as a “hard-charging, clutch-saving, coffee-chuggin” organization, thus reflecting the difficult work and dedication that is invested in all her efforts.

Some of her main skills are leadership and digital-strategy. By taking advantage of these, she was able to become a CEO of a 26-year-old successful business such as CP+B. Due to her being focused on talent, her company was selected by Ad Week as a “Creativity Innovators of the Year” (2017). Before working for CP+B, Senecal was a part of KBS advertising agency. Here, she increased the employee count from 250 to over 900 workers worldwide. Also, she helped KBS get featured as one of the best places to work at in 2013.