An Innovative Interview with Dr. Kamil Idris

Dr. Kamil Idris is the former director of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization.) WIPO is based out Geneva, Switzerland. WIPO is the official global organization for intellectual property services. WIPO is independently funded and affiliated with the United Nations.

Dr. Kamil Idris spoke in an interview with regarding the transfer of IP (intellectual property), as well as IP theft.

Dr. Idris says the purpose of IP is to generate creativity within an economic context. The spread of new ideas remains the foundation for economic advancement and growth. IP is something all countries need to be utilizing and keeping at their forefront. IP is put to use by domestic and international government. IP maintains a consensus of respect within branches of government. IP greatly evokes creative and innovative ideas, something the United Nations as well as individual governments are well aware of.

Dr. Idris speaks on the pitfalls of IP. They mainly include piracy and counterfeiting. The protection against this is patents. As a result of globalization, IP’s resources are used on training and capacity in order to prevent pitfalls. Dr. Idris also mentions how the age of technology poses a threat. Copyright on creative works are not consistently being maintained and often go unnoticed. With social media, the ability to source content instantly disrespects the original rights of the creator. Counterfeit products are also on the rise with easy access to detailed information. Dr. Idris says WIPO’s focus it to tackle these various issues in order to restore IP.


Dr. Kamil Idris’s Accomplishments

Dr. Idris is extensively experienced in IP and civil rights. He attended the University of Khartoum and graduated with high honors. He earned his PhD in International Law from Geneva University. He has doctorate degrees from several universities around the globe, nineteen to be specific. Dr. Kamil Idris has published many books on regarding IP, as well as global laws and international development.

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