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ClassDojo And Its Classroom Changing Impacts

A lot of political experts and business people have become concerned about America’s education and what can be done to fix it. Some people say it’s a matter of hiring more teachers, some say it’s going to require fixing the curriculum and others that more investments need to be made in education. Some tech entrepreneurs are starting to work on education by offering apps and other software that can move the classroom into the technology revolution era while also offering better management tools for teachers. One such app that’s moved from a student behavior reward system to a complete communication and curriculum use app is ClassDojo, one of the fastest-growing classroom ads.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who had taken a look at the American and UK classrooms and felt more could be done to help teachers and students enjoy learning again. They decided to ask the teachers themselves how they would change their classrooms, and most of them proposed ideas that were quite simple as far as behavior rewarding went. So Chaudhary and Don released the app with a points system and with some communication features involved. They soon focused their attention on the communication part of the app with the development of student stories for parents to see explaining classroom activities, and even a direct line to the teacher which has allowed schools to eliminate parent-teacher meetings altogether. ClassDojo has also addressed all privacy concerns with increased investments in security layers.

ClassDojo is completely free to download at the Google Play store and Apple iTunes, and it’s stayed free because Chaudhary and Don have not spent one cent on advertising. The two entrepreneurs believe word-of-mouth and social media can market just as effectively as television ads, and thus far word has spread quite well about ClassDojo. While its basic content and features will always be free, there are some plans to make additional content available through a premium subscription. Chaudhary and Don say such content will probably include instructional materials and more of their student growth videos which the current series is free. So far ClassDojo has gained over $30 million in investment funding.