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End Citizens United Reveals The Links Between Colorado Congressman And Special Interezst Groups

The special interest groups of the U.S. have become an increasing concern for the End Citizens United PAC who believes the influence of these organizations has become too great over recent years. End Citizens United leader, Tiffany Muller believes the recent vote in Congress over the Tax Reform Bill of 2017 highlights the issue the electorate is facing when the 2018 midterm elections finally arrive; Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman has shown little concern for the good of the working families of his own state in voting for the controversial Tax Reform Bill, in the eyes of Tiffany Muller.

End Citizens United are aiming to highlight the use of donations from billionaire donors and major corporations in creating a gulf between the public and the politicians supposedly representing interests. The links between Mike Coffman and special interest groups are well-known and were spoken of by End Citizens United when Representative Coffman was named to the “Big Money 20” list of politicians who have placed the needs of donors above those of their own constituents. Mike Coffman has now been targeted by End Citizens United as one of the leading politicians who could be removed from office during the 2018 midterm elections.

The links between Rep. Mike Coffman and special interest groups have been well-documented by End Citizens United and include the $2.7 million he has received from various groups hoping to encourage Coffman to vote in favor of tax reform which would provide tax breaks for the wealthiest in the nation. In a bid to make sure politicians such as Coffman take a stand on behalf of the richest in the world instead of the people of Colorado, Wall Street investment groups have also supported Mike Coffman with more than $400,000 in funding for election campaigning.

End Citizens United believe the problem of major levels of campaign funding have been at the heart of the erosion of democratic values across the U.S. since the Supreme Court voted in favor of the Citizens United change to the campaign funding rules in the U.S. The aim of End Citizens United is to bring candidates from the Democratic Party to Washington who is known to support the return of campaign funding rules to their pre-Citizens United form.

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