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American Institute of Architects Impacts on Healthcare through Quality Construction

     The American Institute of Architects is an organization of passionate architects throughout the United States of America and beyond. The company is headquartered in Washington D.C., the United States of America. Since its establishment in 1857, the building and construction firm have operated smoothly on higher standards than the other firms in the industry. The overall leader of the company is Robert Ivy who is the current Chief Executive Officer. In his leadership duties, he works alongside Thomas V. Vonier who is the current Chairman.

The company first conducted its business activities and investments in New York City before moving to its current headquarters in Washington D.C. Apart from offering unique building and construction projects, The American Institute of Architects is also a charitable organization. In their philanthropic works, they offer to learn programs for architecture students. Besides, they also award scholarships to schools with an aim of helping the students to achieve their dreams. The firm has also funded many students doing their research in architecture. These students have shown impressing progress on coming up with better designs and ideas for the development of building and construction industries across the United States of America.

Surprisingly, the construction plans of houses can influence the health of the residents. Robert Ivy has proved this phenomenal while explaining the benefits of having proper building structures and quality design. Having quality raw materials can pose health benefits to the occupants of the buildings. Additionally, getting rid of weak buildings before they collapse also helps in saving the lives of many. Swamps within the plains can be drains following the reclaiming of the land that can be used for constructing buildings for both residential and business purposes.

What’s more is the location of the buildings in relation to weather changes. Positioning a building where it accesses little or no sunlight is highly disputable. Robert Ivy also stresses on how having stairs in buildings instead of lifts can possibly reduce the chances of residents suffering from lifestyle conditions. These vary from diabetes to heart-related diseases.

For this reason, living in such a building encourages people to do constant body exercise while going in and out of their houses and offices. The constant supply of fresh air through proper ventilation is another crucial factor to consider when putting up a building. Not forgetting clean water for domestic uses. All these factors impact greatly on the health status of the residents.