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TalkSpace: A Product Like No Other

Physical health is so prized in our society. We talk about getting in shape all the time. There are entire books, magazines, and websites devoted to the concept of losing weight or taking other positive steps in one’s life towards better health. What is missing from so much of our national conversation is a discussion about the idea of our mental health being equally important.

The reality is that our mental health matters enormously. A person who is in poor mental health simply cannot function in society as they would like or hope to. This is why Talkspace has created something that they hope helps reach out to a broad audience of people to help them with the mental health issues that might arise in their life.

What Talkspace has done is make it possible for people to reach out to a therapist via their smartphone. Essentially, the person is using that very powerful device to text a licensed professional about the mental health struggles that they are having. Already, the program has proven to be highly successful with a lot of people.

The most recent estimates from Talkspace put the number of users touched by their service at around five-hundred thousand. That many people have been connected with approximately one-thousand professionals who help guide them through the sometimes choppy waters of mental health.

For a starting price of just $32 per week, clients may access their therapist for one session per day of texting therapy. For $39 a week they can pop that up to two sessions per day. It is based on what the client feels that they need in their life personally. It is a great boast to their ability to lead the kind of life that they have always wanted to have. Talkspace has made sure that it is a real possibility for everyone to have this opportunity in their lives.

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End Citizens United: Why They Want to Protect the Johnson Amendment

End Citizens United recently released a statement, urging all of their supporters to stop the United States government from totally removing the Johnson Amendment from the constitution. The American political group was created in 2015, and since then, they have participated in a number of demonstrations against the United States government and its policies that damages the American society. The group’s main objectives are to restore the transparency and the legitimacy of the United States presidential elections, and to counter their rival group – Citizens United. End Citizens United is claiming that their rival group is the root cause of all the problems and corruption issues that is plaguing the United States today. They are referring to the controversial ruling by the United States Supreme Court in 2010 which allowed private corporations and businesses to support their favorite candidates with unlimited amounts of money, donating anonymously. According to End Citizens United, this gave wealthy families the power to influence the result of the elections. They wanted the United States Supreme Court to reverse its previous ruling to decrease the power of the few wealthy families who they believe are now controlling the nation. Read more on to know more about End Citizens United.

This time, End Citizens United is also battling the Trump Administration’s policy of removing the Johnson Amendment from the constitution. According to them, the Johnson Amendment was authored by former president Lyndon Johnson which prevents organizations that are exempted to pay taxes, like the church, to support or oppose specific electoral candidates. Removing the Johnson Amendment will turn churches into store houses with billions of dollars in cash. They also warned that the politicians will use the tax exempt status of the church to transfer money without paying any taxes, and they will force their supporters to donate to the church and be given tax exemptions. These donations will never be used for the benefit of the church, but for the benefit of the politicians.

End Citizens United is warning the United States government to leave the amendment alone. They are currently conducting protests to oppose the decision of the Republican Party to erase the amendment completely. End Citizens United stated that they have the money and the power to conduct massive protests if the government continued with their plans. Recently, End Citizens United managed to collect more than $4 million from their members and supporters. Experts agree that the group could raise up to $32 million from their supporters alone, and this amount of money is enough to conduct nationwide protests for their causes to be heard. End Citizens United stated that the money they collected will be used to support politicians who will run for the 2018 National Elections who shares the same sentiments with them. They are hoping that these politicians would win so that the change they wanted can be implemented. Know more:



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Drew Madden Talks About The Need To Improve Cancer Health Medical Apps

Recently, the Cancer Prevention Institute of California conducted a study that revealed the shortcomings of existing mobile apps for cancer survivors. While referring to the study in his blog, Drew Madden, a healthcare IT expert, said that the apps lacks basic development and proper testing. Drew went on to explain that most apps that are available in app stores were built without actual human testing to prove their feasibility. According to the data that was released in 2016, close to two-thirds of cancer health medical apps do not attach their affiliation. The failure of medical apps to meet the required standards extends beyond oncology. Most of the 250,000 existing medical apps do not comply with the required medical regulations.

Despite of the numbers of incompetent medical apps, Drew Madden posited that there were some quality apps for cancer patients and survivors. Some of the apps include those developed by the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Such apps feature key design elements that are helpful to the users, including tailored data, self-monitoring, self-managed training and communication with healthcare specialists. Competent apps should have the ability to schedule and manage appointments, track symptoms, log medications and record questions and answers, Drew added. Due to the increasing number of unqualified medical apps in the market, the health industry opted for the establishment of a neutral body that would be in charge of reviewing medical apps.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden has unmatched skills in healthcare IT entrepreneurship. He is talented in building high caliber teams and disruptive brand cultures and partnerships. Since 2010, Drew Madden has served as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners. Nordic is a superior consulting firm whose profile features numerous KLAS awards and top ranking for Epic implementation services. Under his transformative leadership, the company has grown from $1 million to $130 million in annual revenue. Drew serves as the managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Previously, he worked for United Healthcare’s Ingenix as an Epic consultant. He began his career as an implementation consultant at Cerner Corporation. He is a proud alumnus of the University of Iowa College of Engineering where he graduated with a BSE in industrial engineering with a special focus on medical systems.

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Jeff Yastine and Financial Knowledge

     Jeff Yastine is an esteemed professional who is commonly known by the nickname of “JL.” He’s a Banyan Hill Publishing employee who edits Total Wealth Insider. He’s been a part of the Banyan Hill Publishing crew since 2015. That’s precisely when he landed his editorial director position. He had extensive experience when he got to Banyan Hill Publishing. He had already enjoyed 20 years plus of rewarding work in the stock market investment realm. He had enjoyed a strong background in the financial journalism community as well. His knowledge regarding global financial events is practically unrivaled. People who have interest in financial matters frequently read Yastine’s helpful and informative pieces. He writes articles that delve into all sorts of concepts that matter and that make a difference. Topics that are of interest to Yastine and to his dedicated readers include cybersecurity, quantum computing, bitcoin, hack attacks, preventing issues with hackers, foreign investments, up-and-coming markets and European banks. Yastine can provide people with substantial insight that involves data protection, gold, foreign economies, stocks and a whole lot more.

People who want to stay in the loop regarding all kinds of Jeff Yastine updates can count on the website for Banyan Hill Publishing. They can also count on social media platforms. Yastine makes a point to stay active on Facebook. He posts routine updates on the social networking site. Individuals who want to learn about all of his latest thoughts and pieces of advice can get a lot out of following him on Facebook. Although he’s located in Delray Beach, Florida, he has the ability to communicate with people all around the United States and beyond.

Yastine’s social media expertise isn’t limited to Facebook, either. He also has a penchant for regular Twitter use. Yastine has been a proud member of Twitter since the spring of 2017. He uses his Twitter account to direct people to the fascinating and comprehensive articles he writes on a frequent basis. People who don’t want to risk forgetting to check Banyan Hill Publishing can always opt to follow Yastine on Twitter.

Yastine is fond of penning financial newsletters that can come in handy for people who always want to be prepared and “in the know.” He enjoys reading financial newsletters of all types as well. Yastine’s devotion to financial subjects is always becoming stronger. He loves learning about financial topics of all varieties. He does so on a daily basis.

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Fabletics, Enhancing Brand through Customer Reviews

Consumer purchases are in one way or another swayed by the power of the crowd. As much as a personal recommendation is important, customers would easily prefer a product with crowd-sourced reviews to determine whether or not to make the final purchase. With this scheme in place, many brands are focusing on review-centric marketing techniques to consumer behavior. Fabletics, a renowned women sportswear brand has consistently directed its operations to fit the crowd’s needs, consequently showcasing a 200% growth and making up to 235 million in revenue while still hosting over a million paying members. Fabletics’ parent company, the TechStyle Fashion Group, supports the company’s initiative of embracing the importance of user reviews to steer their success.


Consumer reviews not only have the ability to primarily increase customer acquisition but also increases the chances of customers retaining brands, therefore, improving loyalty. In the current markets, most consumers directly rely on digital platforms. Thus, online reviews play a significant role in determining the direction of their final decisions. It is more likely that an individual would first consider researching businesses before making a purchase. If the product has massive reviews, this equates to a positive crowd-sourcing and therefore stands a better chance of attracting customers. Statistically, BrightLocal study managed to conduct a survey and found out that 84% of people rely on online reviews the same way they would trust a personal recommendation from a trusted source.


It is clear that traditional advertising and marketing is not a reliable method of luring customers to products. The fact that trust is an all-time factor directly equates to the safety and power of feedback from the crowd. Fabletics among other smart brands that have embraced and leveraged this system has not lived to regret that move. Over 50% of customers go over a business online at least once a month. 60% of them openly confess that negative reviews are a direct turn-off and they would not have second thoughts about not trusting the business. This means that a business’ reputation has a great impact on a customer’s consideration. Therefore, we can state that great reviews are great power.


Kate Hudson

On a recent event, various celebrities and Hollywood stars are seen gracing the Beverly Hills Hotel, to celebrate Fabletics’ collaboration with Demi Lovato, a famous pop star. When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to elevate their TechStyle Fashion Group, they had to spice up their initiative with creative hands. Kate Hudson was their ultimate choice, thanks to her outgoing personality and approachable nature. After joining Fabletics, Kate has been heavily involved in pushing for the success of the brand. She enthusiastically took charge of creating a perfect image for the brand, one of which involved finding a social media strategy.


Kate Hudson was aware of the importance of being hands-on while keeping track of both budget reviews and sales numbers. She has also put much effort into the design process while working hand in hand with the team, making sure that all the styles are fresh and suitable for the market.

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New Name For Better Results: Penn West Petroleum Reinvents Through Obsidian Energy

It’s clear that Pen West Petroleum Ltd is now Obsidian Energy. After going through a crisis in 2013, a change of name is among the major decisions that the management of Penn West Petroleum has taken to see them bounce back and claim the reputation of being a Canadian oil giant. The management is promising new changes in the company’s structure to meet the demand of energy in Canada. After deciding on the new name, the management embarked on the process of reducing the net debt.


In 2013, the debt stood at $3 Billion, and recently, the company announced that the balance had dropped to $384 Million. Obsidian Energy is also focused on improving service delivery. This has seen them make adjustments in the barrel production and workforce. They have opted to go small in the beginning as the new measures are enforced before widening their market countrywide. In a few years to come, Obsidian Energy is planning to become a major oil giant in North America.


Obsidian’s Journey


Since its founding in 1979, Penn West Petroleum has gone through different developmental phases. Before crude oil prices fell maximally in 2014, Penn West Petroleum was making its mark in the gas and oil sector. In fact, the company is recorded to have accrued $9.5 billion as at January 2008. The crisis saw the company go through a restructuring process. Among the adjustments included the downsizing of the workforce and a reduction in oil production volume. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff.


This move has seen Obsidian Energy’s revival in the Canadian energy sector. With the oil field of the company in Alberta, they are aiming at stepping up oil production in the next few years. This year’s overall oil production is estimated to be 31,000 bbl. Under the leadership of David French, the company’s CEO, Obsidian Energy is on course to reassert its dominance in the Canadian oil and gas industry.




The management of Obsidian Energy is very optimistic about the latest developments. The new face is determined to deliver quality energy provisions and service to the Canadian market. With the structures already in place, it’s just a matter of time before Obsidian energy reclaims its throne.


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Obsidian Energy is an oil and gas production firm. The company was formerly known as Penn West Exploration Limited, Penn West Petroleum Limited, and Penn West Energy Trust but on 26th June the company merged, and it got renamed formerly to Obsidian Energy Limited.


The oil firm didn’t only change its name; it also went through considerable changes to be able to refine its products and services. Although these significant changes influence every sector of the company, they were also able to lead to the noteworthy growth of the oil and natural gas firm. Obsidian Energy is a brilliant energy producing company and it manages to produce approximately a whopping 30,000 boe daily. The mid-size oil and natural gas company employ a well-balanced and disciplined team throughout its ranks. The passionate entrepreneurial spirit that revolves around the company can be clearly seen through the results it has been able to come up with.


Obsidian Energy is based in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Obsidian Energy was started in 1979 and its headquarters is in Calgary. However, the company has oil and natural gas wells all over Western Canada. These wells are located specifically in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin where some of the biggest petroleum reserves are located. Obsidian’s oil and gas production is done in Peace River Oil Sands, Alberta Viking and Pembina Cardium.


The company’s CEO and President is David L. French and it employs approximately 300 employees. Mr. French joined the company in October 2016. Other experienced staff that Obsidian employs include; David Hendry who is the Chief Financial Officer, Tony Berthelet the Vice President of Development and Operations, and Andrew Sweerts the vice president of production and technical services among many other professionals.


The oil and natural gas firm managed to maintain the position of one of the sixty largest companies in the Toronto Stock Exchange for the longest time. However, between 2005 and 2011, the company was under the Canadian Royal Trust. It was during this period that Obsidian was able to reach a peak in market capitalization. In January 2008, the company reached a market value of around 9.5 billion dollars. In 2014, the price of world crude oil decreased but the company was able to stay afloat.


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The National Steel Car Under The Leadership Of Gregory Aziz

The CEO is the backbone of every organization. The leadership skills of the CEO and his knowledge is what determines the ranking of the company. The chief executive officer has to motivate the employees. The effort and energy that the employees put in the business are dependent on the attitude of the CEO.

Gregory J Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car is an example of a competent leader. This is because when he took over, the company was not highly ranked. He knew it was his duty to make it the leading tank, railroad, and freight car manufacturing company in North America.

Aziz attributes the success of the company has been as a result of the excellent cooperation and teamwork. It is also the good communication in the whole chain that has made the company to manage.


The clients have also contributed a substantial part to the success of the company. This is through their loyalty in giving feedback. This gives the company an idea of what the customers expect from them. It also helps them know where they need to rectify. This has led to customer satisfaction, which I one of the components of success in business. See This Page for More Info.


There are core values that guide the National Steel Car. Greg Aziz says that the company is keen on the quality of products that they produce. Throughout their time in the market, they have aimed to be consistent in quality production. The company also wants to remain at the top. Gregory J Aziz says that they aim at maintaining the position they have worked to get. This is why the company keeps challenging itself and getting out of their comfort zone. This way they are always a step ahead of other railcar companies.


Gregory J Aziz says that they do not focus on their past achievements. This is because they may block them from the future achievements. LIKE HIM ON Facebook.


The National Steel Car success has also benefited the residents. They have shared in the joy of the high ranking of the firm in many ways. With the National Steel Car, the infrastructure and social amenities are present inadequacy. This has led to the settlement of numerous investors in the area. In return, the employment opportunities have increased hence improved living standards.

Gregory Aziz is an asset to the people of Ontario. They consider him the most prominent investor in the area of Ontario.

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Greg Aziz Enhances The Growth Of The National Steel Car

Today, the business world is regarded as volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex. With such an environment, it is important to stay productive throughout. Harvard Business Publishing’s post, “Leading Now: Critical Capabilities for a Complex World” highlighted major characteristics of effective leaders today. The article noted that effective leaders manage complexities and global businesses, and act strategically. In addition, these business leaders leverage networks, foster innovation, inspire engagement, cultivate learning agility and develop personal adaptability. Gregory James Aziz is an example of an effective leader who exhibits the above traits and has the flexibility to adapt to new scenarios in the volatile environment. Owing to his transformation leadership, Greg Aziz has expanded National Steel Car’s manufacturing capacity from 3,500 to 12,000 cars per annum. View More Information Here.


James Aziz is the chairman, president and CEO of National Steel Car, North America’s railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company. National Steel Car ranks as one of the largest manufacturers in the railroad sector in the world. The Hamilton-based company has a competitive edge in developing new railroad freight cars while demonstrating a relentless pursuit for quality. According to Gregory J. Aziz, the National Steel Car owes its success to its people, who are committed to excellence. He added that the team is constantly taking new challenges, as they continue to lead the way in the industry.


Under James Aziz’s control, National Steel Car has scooped the TTX SECO annual award severally in a period of ten years. The company is also committed to supporting different community initiatives in Hamilton. Over the years, this community has supported their business. To this end, the company supports various charity initiatives, including the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army and the United Way. Each Christmas, they organize a food donation event to support a local food bank. Greg Aziz and his wife are among the sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


The visionary leader ventured in the world of business at a young age by working at his family business, Affiliated Foods. The enterprise distributed fresh foods to leading wholesale markets in the US and Eastern Canada. Later, he went to work as an investor in New York before acquiring National Steel Car in 1994. Upon acquisition, he capitalized on the company’s engineering strength, human and capital investment and team building abilities to restructure the company and enhance its success in the market. The visionary leader is credited for enhancing the company’s profitability margins.


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Matt Badiali’s Insights on Banyan Hill

     Matt Badiali will be joining Banyan Hill where he will be giving his insights on the newsletter. Matt specializes in natural resources, research and investment opportunities in precious metals. Matt desire to join the organization was due to the quality of research data the newsletter had been offering to its audience. Aside from the research work, Banyan Hill provides its readers financial knowledge while delivering suitable financing opportunities.

Banyan Hill will benefit massively from Matt Badiali expertise in natural resources, and investment. Matt offers insights on operating drill rigs, inspecting mines, working with environmental companies and keeping the company abreast of geological developments. Matt earned his undergraduate in earth science from Penn State University and his second degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He proceeded to spend more than a decade in research for Stanberry Research Resource Report. The study looked into capitalizing on energy, metal, and natural resources.

Matt previous experience in writing will be a perfect fit at Banyan Hill. At the organization, he hopes to establish a connection with the readers. The relationship serves to enable the readers to grow while protecting them wealth. With his expertise on capitalizing on business opportunities, he looks forward to broadening his horizon on multiple chances of investment in the market.At the organization, Matt and Michael Carr will work together in the group, Michael is another investment expert. Michael is widely recognized for his published works such as smarter investing in the communities and how to use economic indicators to catch stock market trends.

In one of Matt publishing, he explains the importance of Zinc and relevance to the market. He explains that with the increase of the appliances of zinc products, the commodity would be wise investment move. Also, Matt provides insights on the oil deposits discovered in the United States. In his publishing, he offers on the profitability of the exploration and the future of the market. Matt desire toward thorough research has led him to various countries such as Iraq, Hong Kong, Turkey, Switzerland, etc. with his visits; he has been able to inspect several mines and oil wells, interviewing the CEOs and analyzing all the data acquired.

Banyan hill is a publishing company that produces research materials and newsletter which aim at advising the readers. At the organization, Matt will be part of a team of economist, investment writers, and research analyst. The organizations’ following on their social media platforms is impressively high. The company has its headquarters in Delray Beach FL.