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Making More Money As Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

     Do you want to become a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard but you don’t know what the possibilities are? Are you afraid that it won’t make you as much money as you would hope? The truth is that some people are using this as their main source of income. It’s probably one of the best ways to make money, and it can open up so many doors for you if you are ready for it. Here’s just a quick glimpse into how you can use this to make more money, alongside a few tips to get on the right track.

You earn 35 percent from every sale that you make. When you have a team involved, you can make money from all of the sales that they make. This can be very rewarding financially when you realize you don’t have to work a whole lot to see a couple hundred bucks pop up in your account online.

A good tip to remember to make more money as a wine guide is to initially have at least 2-3 wine tasting events a week. If you can afford and put in the time to do more than that, then by all means go ahead and do so. A good way to make more sales is to focus your time on not just making money from these events but also through your ordinary connections with people. With just a little bit of small talk and creating new friendships, you never know who is interesting in a new bottle of wine.

A good tip is to remember to utilize all the training that they have. They have videos that can help you build your team and make more sales, and these videos can help you moving and going so you can achieve more with the Traveling Vineyard.

The Traveling Vineyard is the company who can help you make it big, and the truth is that the Traveling Vineyard is here to help you become financially free.

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Who Is Logan Stout And What Is His Company IDLife All About

Logan Stout is the founder of IDLife. He has an interested story that has led him to become a successful entrepreneur, but before that he was a star athlete. He actually played professional baseball and has been on the field for 17 World Series events, but he is also highly educated. While in college, he played college baseball and earned a psychology degree.

Stout has a passion for helping other people who love baseball. He developed one of the largest baseball organizations in the world. The organization is the Dallas Patriots, which helps youngsters build their skills and the organization aims to make training as accessible as possible for people.

Besides from providing coaching and training, Logan Stout is also passionate about helping people improve their health. This is why he created the company IDLife. He started the company back in 2014, and in the next section we will discuss it in more detail.

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About IDLife
IDLife provides nutritional supplements, but they take a unique approach. The company recommends nutritional supplements after their customers have answered a personal habits and health history questionnaire. This allows IDLife to recommend products based on the individual needs of their customers.

IDLife offers unique opportunity to anybody who wants to earn income and reach their dreams. People can join the company to become associates and then they can make money selling health and nutritional products. People can also make money by building their team, so there is a network marketing aspect to IDLife. Furthermore, no sales experience is required to become an associate, nor does one need to be an expert in supplements, nutrition or fitness.

For those who want to learn more about becoming an associate or learn more about Logan Stout, can visit the company’s official website. More information about the company’s compensation plan can be found there.

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Sheldon Lavin, a Jewel at OSI Group, LLC

     On 20th February 2016, India’s Vision World Academy recognized Sheldon Lavin, the successful CEO and Chairman of the OSI Group, LLC with a Global Visionary Award. The ceremony was held at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Sheldon Lavin, who is a successful finance expert has transformed OSI Group from being a simple local food organization to an international multi-billion dollar food processor with over sixty branches in sixteen nations.

Career Background of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin, currently 81 years of age, began his career in the meat industry in 1970 when he was a consultant of Otto & Sons. By then, he was a successful investor and executive in the banking sector and owned a financial consulting company. Sheldon became more involved with Otto & Sons as they sought to expand overseas and became a partner with the company’s owners. He agreed to fully join Otto and Sons, which was renamed OSI, in the late 1970’s and ever since has contributed to the immense growth that the company has witnessed and is still actively pursuing further expansion of the company particularly in Europe and Asia.

About the Global Visionary Award

The Global Visionary Award recognizes futurists in different professions, who have achieved their dreams through determination and persistence to attain their goals. The award ceremony held in February 2016 was the fifth one, and it is done to motivate next generation to emulate the recognized individuals.

About the OSI Group, LLC

OSI Group, LLC is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois with close to twenty thousand workers worldwide. It is a global supplier of food products to several food services as well as retail brands and includes the OSI International Foods, LLC, OSI Industries, LLC, and the OSI International, Inc. The organization has a strong, unique corporate culture that is family-oriented and encourages employee retention. Since Lavin became part of the company, OSI has received various awards including those for environmental management and management of health and safety risks.

Sheldon Lavin is also a board member of the Rush University Medical Center, the Goodman Theatre, as well as the President of OSI International Foods Ltd and the Sheba Foundation. He is a family man and has been awarded for his several non-profit as well as business activities.

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Tony Petrello’s Estimable Proficiency

Anthony Petrello is the president of Nabors Company. He is also the Chief executive officer of the company as well as the chairman of the board. He has an important academic education that plays a significant role in his capabilities in modern days. He attended the University of Yale where he graduated with an M.S as well as a B.S in mathematics. He also attended Harvard law school and graduated with a J.D. degree. After acquiring his academic qualifications, Petrello was now ripe for his career. He began working for major companies, and this served as a major boost to his experience.

He has served in very senior positions in large corporations, and this makes him a known individual in the entire world. Having served Nabors Company for more than two decades, he has helped the company grow to a very great height. This has seen him help the company at very prime positions. In the year 1991, he became the chief operating officer, and this significantly elevated his career. After serving diligently as the operating officer, the company’s management recognized his efforts and promoted him to the official position in the year 1992. He continued serving the company with unmatched zeal and this in return made the company grow as time went passed. The year 2013 saw Anthony named as the deputy chairman of the enterprise. Visit his Social Media website.

Anthony Petrello has accumulated his experience in serving other companies before joining Nabors Company. He worked for a law firm called Baker & McKenzie where he acted as the managing partner, and this made him very senior. His past has seen him serve the Texas Children’s Hospital where he held the Director’s position. He has also acquired experience serving Media On Demand Company as the Director. Having gained vast experience in all the companies he helped, as well as his unmatched academic qualification, Anthony is one of the senior-most individuals in the world. In the records of the geothermal company, Anthony is among the highest paid employees. In connection to this, the year 2015 saw him accumulate a total of 27,663,602 Dollars as his salary.

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All about Arthur Becker

Who is Arthur Becker? Arthur Becker is a renowned real estate and tech mogul. He is a private investor in technology and real estate and also has interests in finance and art. He has an education background in Fine Art and Business and has had his artwork exhibited at Morgan Walker Fine Art, the Hal Katzen, Art Basel and Arcature Fine Art. He has two children with his ex-wife iconic fashion designer Vera Wang.


Arthur Becker is a gifted entrepreneur. He is the managing director of Madison Technology Group LLC, a managing member of Atlantic Investors LLC and the CEO and Chairman of Zinio LLC. He was previously the CEO and a board member of Navisite. He was also a senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company. He has great skills in startups and real estate investing and always looks forward to partnership opportunities in real estate. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

Other Interests

Arthur Becker is an art enthusiast and a graduate of Bennington College where he majored in ceramics and photography, and therefore art projects are very natural to him. He is all things money as he collects old currencies from African countries like Cameroon and Nigeria. He also has sculptures of money, has sold quite a number and plans to have an exhibit in June at one of his Sullivan townhouses. Interestingly, Becker has used 8 balls in his paintings. As a child, he frequently consulted his magic 8 balls as he always wanted to know what the future held.


Arthur Becker and his wife of 23 years Vera Wang divorced but they have remained devoted to their two daughters, and as a family, they greatly support each other. Arthur Becker was instrumental in turning Vera Wang into the household name she is today, and he was an advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company for 7 years.

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The Impressive Work Of George Soros

Public Exposure And Where George Soros Fits In It

Publicity and fame are two different entities. Fame is garnered as a form of popularity where exposure results from a more strategic application. Men across the globe have access to both. More importantly they have a choice. When we think of exposure and as those working within the professional world, we think of PR agents and agencies. They all work together to aid the careers and brands of their employers. But there’s more.

We discover so much more as we consider going beyond what meets the eye. What we uncover within George Soros gives the world a glimpse of what effective publicity can do. But don’t misunderstand us. It means nothing to have a good heart alone. You need more than a pile of money to spend on philanthropy alone. Getting a big breakthrough for whatever you accomplish in public means little without traction.

We don’t suggest that you develop a big load of hype around your name either. To model men like George Soros, we encourage you to look deeper. We encourage you to gain traction, demand it of yourself and anyone you work with. You may not work in the world of finance, but you surely do work in the public domain and regardless of the exact industry. Know more on about George Soros.

Therefore, like the thousands who came before you, your brand and its reputation needs some traction. In the professional world of men like George Soros, traction means getting information out to the world and information that people can use. If modeling Mr. Soros, then disregard the rubbish. There’s a great responsibility in the hands of our most successful in society. And men like George Soros has been a great example of those who take on the responsibility.

Not everyone can do so. Most aren’t built for the task. When you garner publicity at the level that competitors like Soros does, and then you’ll know what’s most important. It all starts with a great agenda. For George, that agenda is giving back. This man’s net worth is no secret to the critics. To say it simply, he’s a billionaire.

Those having this standing are then faced with a clear choice about which they’ll be, what impact they’ll make and the reasons for being committed to both. For George Soros, it’s clear where his ideals and morals stand. We take the Ferguson protests as a clear picture of what men like Soros believes in.

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When the famed billionaire showed public support for the men and women committed to an equal standing, George put his money where his mouth was. The reaction of the world: Their mouths were shut or hanging down low to the floor. These are the examples from George that we examine fully.

Without a clear involvement in these types of activities, Mr. Soros could not have the publicity he so clearly has today. It started with a huge net worth, great charity work and the commitment to see it all succeed. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

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Christopher Burch Is a True Serial Entrepreneur

Christopher Burch has spent the last 40 years of his life making an impact as an entrepreneur and investor. He has an impressive track record. He has directly participated in the growth of more than 50 companies. His success is largely due to his ability to marry innovation with impact. As the founder and CEO of Burch Capital Group, he employs a unique investment strategy that utilizes imagination, creative ability, support, scale, and incubation. He is a market disruptor, and the brands and businesses that he takes to the next level all have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of consumers.  Click on for an in-depth look at Burch business.

Burch Capital Group’s portfolio includes the Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, Voss Water, Nihiwatu, and Poppin.  Based on, Burch has also made his mark in other real estate ventures that include luxury home developments in Nantucket, Palm Beach, Florida, and Southhampton, New York. He is currently helping to develop a number of lifestyle and consumer product brands that range from hospitality and organic foods to apparel and home furnishings. He is the perfect example of a serial entrepreneur.

In a recent interview by Lynn Fosse, senior editor of CEOCFO Magazine, Burch sets out to explain his entrepreneurial driving force. He makes it clear that consumers are always in mind. Thus, he hatches ideas that will have a lasting and positive impact on people’s lives. His ideas all have the potential to go global. He also shares the value of asking questions and listening.  Check the full interview on

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Young entrepreneurs that benefit from his experience are those who are willing to ask and follow up on instruction. By asking relevant questions, they can command his attention. These are usually the people who are the most determined to succeed. He also shares his revelation that success is far more than instinct. Age matters! Entrepreneurs should go with their gut, but should always weigh things against their experience. Christopher Burch is a man on the move. Related article on

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Prof Sujit Choudhry and His Contribution to Comparative Law

Different countries have different laws in their constitutions. They are the major pillars of all nations in the modern world, making it necessary for lawyers to research far and wide to get a good understanding of how to develop them. Some lawyers specialize in the study of the differences and similarities between laws and legal systems from different countries. These lawyers are known as comparative lawyers. One such lawyer is Prof. Sujit Choudhry.

The Constitution Making Collection

In collaboration with his fellow professor, Tom Ginsburg of the Law School of the University of Chicago, Sujit Choudhry compiled several academic contributions & case studies and came up with a topical collection summarizing the process of making constitutions. The collection that was published by Edward Elgar in December last year was released in January this year and is called Constitution Making. It has also featured several articles on constitutional law as well as covering a wide history of constitution making processes and their results. The entire first chapter was written by Choudhry, who also actively took part in drafting the constitutional law series. The collection is very accessible for all since it can be purchased online.

Constitutional Making Processes

Constitutional making processes are mostly witnessed in the developing democracies in South Africa, Asia & Middle East, and Latin America. Surprisingly, some developed European countries like Spain are also in the early stages of developing a stable constitution. In countries that have already attained stable democracies like the U.S., constitutional making processes are unheard of although amendments are occasionally proposed. Some democratically stable nations like Chile repeat the entire constitution making process in an attempt of coming up with a better and improved constitution.  Hit for a must-read interview with Sujit.

About Sujit Choudhry

Choudhry is a comparative law expert based in the U.S. but born in India. He holds an LLB from the University of Toronto and an LLM from Harvard Law School. Choudhry is 47 years old.

Sujit Choudhry made history as the first professor of Indian origin to become a Dean at an American Law School when he became the Dean of Berkeley School of Law, check   He resigned from this position last year, and he is currently teaching law at the same institution. For Sujit’s contact info, click

Choudhry advises younger law scholars not to lose hope because the world we are living in is offering them a good case study for the comparative constitutional law. He challenges them to combine shake off analytical rigor by combining it with political salience so that they can prosper in their career. Choudhry argument is that since world war two, it’s now that the world is experiencing greatest challenge for constitutionalism globally.  To follow Sujit timeline updates, visit

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Jay Z and Live Nation 360 deal to end next year

Jay Z’s 360 deal with Live Nation, which was worth $150 million, will come to an end next year. The deal, which was signed in 2008, gave Live Nation the right to use the singer’s recorded music for ten years. The contract will see either of the parties sell or buy their stakes in the company. Jay Z, however, is already in the process of getting new contracts with other bigwigs.

According to inside sources, Live Nation is willing to continue with the Jay Z Music Tour although, they will opt out of the recorded music contract as they no longer buy recorded music rights. However, there are other sentiments that the 360 deal will not be extended as Live Nation has backed out on buying recorded music. Jay Z has invited interested parties to enter into a new deal of buying his recorded music. Live Nation doesn’t wish to terminate this lucrative deal and is using all means necessary to get into another contract.  Check

Desiree Perez is a renowned producer who is known for organizing the successful On the Run Tour 2014, which Jay Z and Rihanna were a part of as ROC Nation artists. Desire has been in the music industry for decades becoming the best in managing music tours and events. Recently, Desire has negotiated many other deals, which will generate billions in revenue to ROC Nation.  More of this on

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Desire has been the brains behind successful deals in ROC Nation that has made her have many accolades. She is a close associate of Jay Z, and she has worked hard to sign in many artists to the ROC Nation. Desire Perez has participated in other deals which include, the Rihanna Samsung deal and also the Beyonce Formation stadium deal. She has been dedicated to ensuring that ROC Nation crunches every deal as well as securing the signed artists’ future. For updates on Dez timeline activities, click

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The Inspiring Career of Financial Guru Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is a finance guru as AXA Advisors senior vice president. He has two decades of certification in industry securities and accreditation from both financial industry regulatory authority and United States security exchange commission. As AXA Advisors’ senior vice president, Vincent is in charge of management development, retention, sales, management development, productivity recruitment and training new and experienced financial experts. He has over two decades experience in the financial industry. Vincent acquired his B.S. degree from the New York-based Pace University.


Vincent Parascandola started his career as an agent at Prudential in 1987 and earned the title of National Rookie of the Year before moving to MONY Life Insurance Company, where he served in various regional and local positions as field management. He went on to become divisional president at AXA Advisors after joining the company in 2004. Vincent also served as The Advantage Group president, a subsidiary of AXA Equitable, before his appointment as divisional president. The firms targeted seasoned financial experts.


AXA Advisors is the retail distribution outlet for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. The company also conducts broker-dealer business. Its supplier is a leader in financial protection market and the annuity products and life insurance products market. AXA Advisors brings together six thousand financial experts who offer services and strategies for investment and financial security and asset reimbursement. The company further offers retirement, estate, college and business planning to assist customers with various monetary requirements in their lifetime.


Besides its business activities, AXA Advisors is also a leader in artistic and social philanthropic programs with the goal of assisting research on the alleviation of human suffering. The company formed the AXA Research Fund in 2008 to finance all studies targeted at acquiring an explicit knowledge on risks that impact the environment, and human life as coming up with remedies to such hazards.


Vincent Parascandola is the winner of various awards for his exemplary leadership. Among them include Master Agency and GAMA’s Career Development awards. He further participates in motivational speeches at various companies and technical conferences. Vincent is also a member of GAMA and further held the presidency of Florida chapter as well as chairmanship of LIMRA’s field officer committee.