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Political Activist George Soros Believes The World Needs A Global Society

The list of organizations that hedge fund manager George Soros supports through financial donations is longer than most people realize. Soros, the 86-year-old, Hungarian refugee and freedom fighter, has his hands and his money in organizations fighting to eliminate the death penalty as well as organizations that want to legalize drugs on Fighting a war on drugs is insanity, according to Soros. He wants to establish a controlled distribution network through which even the most dangerous drugs are legally available. Soros told the United Nations the war on drugs is causing more problems than the drugs are causing. George Soros also supports organizations that believe euthanasia for the terminally ill is the only humane way to end the lives of people suffering from a devastating illness.

The Soros Open Society Foundation gives billions of dollars to other organizations as well. The amount of money Soros gave away over the last 20 years is in the billions, and he’s not done giving. George wants a global society where freedom is a right, not an earned right. He wants his concept of an open society to spread to every nation, and he has some high-power supporters that want the same thing. Hillary Clinton’s open society campaign on remarks came from the Soros playbook. Clinton and Soros want the same things although the Clinton Foundation doesn’t go to the lengths that the Soros Foundation does when it comes to promoting that principle.

Some people wonder why a man who is worth more than $13 billion, and a man who manages a family hedge fund that has $25 billion in assets under management should care about drug reform, the death penalty, and other social causes. The answer is simple. George Soros believes humans care about each other. The lack of caring demonstrated by some countries is the work of governments that take advantage of human rights in order to become powerful and wealthy. But, according to Soros, those governments are destined to fail, and he wants to hasten that process. The list of social reforms that Soros believes will change the world include a better understanding of the plight of refugees. And a better understanding of life itself. George may be an atheist, but he does have a sense of unity that is part of the entity that humans call “a higher power.”

According to an article published by, George Soros is a man with deep convictions. He has enough money and power to make those convictions a reality. He knows the world is a fragile place, and he is doing something about it through his charitable organizations on Snopes. Soros is one-of-a-kind, and he knows it. That’s why he likes to solve unsolvable problems.

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It’s All about Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Mall in Brazil

Manaira mall is the biggest Shopping Complex in Joao Pessoa and is owned by prominent entrepreneur Roberto Santiago who usually works diligently to ensure that all the customers get total satisfaction. Among the services one can have in the mall include a lot of leisure and fun facilities such as great cuisines, breathtaking beaches, and an incomparable sunset.

The shopping mall offers great entertainment for anyone who need joy, comfort as well as calmness anytime in the city. Families who visit Joao Pessoa for fun can have Manaira Mall as their best stop for a full blast of fun. Other facilities accommodated in the shopping complex include movie theaters, electronic amusement park, bowling alleys as well as ballrooms. The cinema hall has a high capacity and has a good state of art infrastructure. Its features include a VIP space, 3D amenities as well as a well-arranged hall in the form of a stadium. Other services you can enjoy in the theater include a bar served with soft drinks and delicious snacks. The electronic amusement park has over 200 machines installed in it and also has a big space of about 1800 square meters.

Manaira Shopping Mall has well-equipped gyms and a gourmet space. Everyone who visits the mall gets to enjoy the incomparable environment that offers memorable moments with their loved ones. Apparently, you can never go hungry in the mall because an amazing steak house is also accommodated offering all types of delicacies. A food court is also an alternative to satisfy your cravings.

At the rooftop of the mall, there is the largest concert hall in Joao Pessoa which has been operational for more than seven years. The hall air-conditioned, soundproof, equipped with the best sound equipment and can hold up to a total of 14,000 people, 10,000 standing and 4,000 seated. This hall is not only used for concerts but also for weddings, presentations, stand-ups and graduations among other private events. Read more on about Manaira mall on Odiario.

About Roberto Santiago

Born in July 1968, Roberto Santiago is a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur who has specialized in establishing and developing shopping mall ventures. Manaira Shopping complex is among his best shot he made in his career, and it is located in Joao Pessoa. He began his career at Café Santa Rosa but later ventured into innovative cartonnage firm dealing with the creation of various decorative and utilitarian items. Later he left the firm to become a full-time investor in other businesses and so far he has done greatly in the sector. Roberto Santiago studied business administration at University Center of Joao Pessoa. Visit his Blogspot to know more.

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Eric Pulier And How His Effort Has Advanced Entrepreneurship

Eric Pulier is a successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist and technologist, who has built his career for over 20 years. He is the brain behind the formation of several successful venture capitals and companies that serve the American population and Europe. Some of the ventures he founded include Media Platform, Akana, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution, US Interactive and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Additionally, he has channeled his funds into charitable organizations through his companies like Trident Capital, eCompanies and Monitor Ventures. Most importantly, Eric Pulier has invested in many seed level companies and through his support most of these businesses have grown to claim a sizable share of the market.


Eric Pulier was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he also spent his childhood. He started showing passion for technology and entrepreneurship at a tender age and carried this passion on to high school. While in high school, Eric Pulier founded a database company. This step allowed him to explore more new opportunities and he would further build his career in entrepreneurship after when he graduated from the college in 1984.

Eric Pulier joined the Harvard University after high school and during the same period, he enrolled for a degree in Computer Science at neighboring MIT College. At Harvard, Eric Pulier contributed to a column that he labeled the Pulier Leg in the Harvard Crimson Weekly, a weekly publication that addressed issues ailing students and other opportunities available. He offered insight into technology and entrepreneurship, drawing great readership from the student fraternity.


The career of Eric Pulier began as soon as he graduated from both colleges in 1988. In 1991 he moved to Los Angeles, where his career would find a sanctuary and he managed to establish a company that used technology to address the many problems ailing the government. In 1997, he received more light when he featured in the second inauguration of Al Gore and Bush. During this event, he was able to arrange for the technology exhibition and his presentation was perfect that it exposed him as a prolific technologist, something that added on to building his career in entrepreneurship.

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Eric Lefkofsky, a Rounded Personality

America is blessed with many great personalities in all human endeavors, but many of these peculiar individuals are not rounded. What do I mean? There are great entrepreneurs who are marriage failures. There are billionaires who are school drop-outs; young men and women will point at them to justify their poor performance in schools. There are great achievers who ran away from home to avoid parental discipline. Eric Lefkofsky has no such deficiencies.


Eric was born on the 2nd day of September, 1969. His father, Bill, was a structural engineer and his mother, a professional teacher. Both were enlightened and knew the worth of sound home-training and qualitative education. They gave both to their son with no resistance from him. Eric learned to be hard-working very early in life. He was not sluggish with his studies either.  According to, by 1993 Eric had obtained his Juris Doctor on completion of his program at The University of Michigan Law School.


Lefkofsky is among the finest entrepreneurs America ever produced He takes great delight in set up companies that within few years becomes pillars of industries. The list seems inexhaustible, famous companies like Tempus, Groupon, Mediaocean,Uptake, InnerWorkings (INWK), Echo Global Logistics (ECHO) and Lightbank.


Eric Lefkofsky is a philanthropist to the core. He was lucky to get a wife with the same giving spirit; you can imagine what that will result into. They took off by putting together a charitable trust called Lefkofsky Foundation. The priority of the foundation is to give helping hand in terms of funds to charitable, scientific and educational bodies and endeavors. Very close to hundreds organizations have benefited from the foundation.  See also


Lefkofsky has profound love for his community. He seems to be everywhere alleviating the plight of the needy. At the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, he is a member of the Board of Directors. At the Art Institute of Chicago, he also serves as one of the Board of Directors. The list looks unending. At the Theater Company, a performing art center in Chicago, Eric Lefkofsky is a Board of Directors member. At Steppenwolf, he is one of the Trustees.


Indeed, Eric Lefkofsky is not only a success, but a rounded one in every way.



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Everything to Know About Forefront Capital CEO, Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. The company specializes in providing expert knowledge in the in the forex and commodity market. Having spent more than three decades in the field, nobody is more qualified than Reifler. He is highly involved in community activities and strives to help people attain financial success. He is an outspoken person always trying to provide unique ways people can invest in, and secure a better future. Brad Reifler’s target is the lower middle-income group of citizens. He has publicly appeared to educate the masses on proper investment strategies and has been on several media outlets sharing the investment knowledge he has acquired over time.


Due to the high volatile nature of foreign exchanges and commodity markets, Brad’s services are highly sought after in the industry due to the long time he has spent in the industry as a trader and an advisor. Before forefront advisory, Brad Reifler was the CEO and Chairman of Pali Capital for more than a decade. He founded the company in 1995 after he sold his first company, Reifler Trading. He made over 200 million dollars with Pali Capital. Before then, he had founded Reifler Trading Corporation right after he graduated from college in 1982. Refco later acquired Reifler Trading.


Brad Reifler attended Bowdoin College where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Economics. He has helped come up with programs such as the forefront income trust to help lower income Americans get a chance to invest in the stock market.

Forefront Capital

Forefront Management Group is an international financial services company founded in June 2009 by Reifler. He is the current CEO of the company and its affiliates including Forefront Capital Markets, Capital Management, and Forefront Advisory. Forefront is a highly successful and respected company due to its ability to attract high-income individuals and businesses. To guarantee the alignment of its activities, the company will invests in proprietary capital time and again. The company’s goal is to provide clients with services beyond financial advice and create a long-term relationship with them.

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Man of Business

Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey and Jeffrey Schneider offer a wealth of resources on a very unique man of business. If you have not guessed who that man is by now, then let me tell you that he is none other than Jeffrey Schneider, Chief Executive Officer of Ascendant Capital LLC, a company based directly out of Austin, Texas. Mr. Schneider also has business pages online through LinkedIn, Vimeo and Twitter. On his main websites, he writes useful blogs for anyone in the business. A few examples of his top articles include: Creating a Happy Office, Great Business Books, Top Winter Getaways, Balancing Parenthood & Fitness and Being a Great CEO.

He also writes often about the concept of “working hard” as opposed to “hardly working”. It entails the importance of giving one’s mind and body a break every now and then, especially for those in top leadership positions in the corporate world. It is important to take a Sabbath and rest from one’s labors at least once a week. Mr. Schneider’s profile and achievements may also be found on crunch With 89 contributions, the page was last updated on December 28 of 2016.

Mr. Schneider has plenty of marketing sales and finance expertise. He has also raised funds for Ascendant Capital LLC in over $1 billion as well as given plenty of donations to philanthropic efforts around the world. He has worked with family offices, private banks, investment professionals and even broker-dealers. Public and private offerings worldwide are part of his specialty as well. In the previous five years, Mr. Schneider has built his team tremendously, one which started with only 30 employees.

He now hopes to continue such a rapid expansion of growth by raising a minimum of $50 million per month for the needs of Ascendant Capital LLC. Team players are valued in ascendant capital, and all hiring decisions for internal candidates for the company are based on a case-by-case basis. Top candidates selected usually possess a variety of motivational, ethical and spiritual values that make them vital team players and top performers.

Visit for more.

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Sam Boraie Is One Of New Brunswick New Jersey’s Shining Stars

New Brunswick, New Jersey was the location of the first intercollegiate football game in the United States. Rutgers University played Princeton in 1869. New Brunswick fascinating history is filled with stories of ancient Indian settlements, and social functions that date back before the Revolutionary War. The historic downtown area was a masterpiece during the 18th and 19th centuries. But like all American cities, there was a mass exodus to the suburbs in the 1960s. Downtown New Brunswick started to deteriorate, says the New York Times. Retail businesses closed, and gang activity became the only activity in the city.

Omar Boraie, the Egyptian chemist, and real estate developer decided to do something about downtown New Brunswick in the 1970s. He bought 21 properties in New Brunswick’s inner city, and he began a redevelopment project that was sanctioned by city officials. The first Boraie project was Albany Street Plaza One. The Plaza One building was the first modern high-rise on Albany Street in the 1980s. Sam Boraie, Omar’s second son, came on board more than 20 years ago, and he is following in his father’s footsteps. Albany Street Plaza Three is the next mixed-use Boraie project.

Sam Boraie has built a solid reputation in the real estate business. But Sam is also known for his philanthropic endeavors. Sam is one of the people that is responsible for the redevelopment of the New Brunswick State Theater. The 1921 theater has attracted entertainment personalities since the first day it opened. The list of entertainment legends that have performed at the theater is impressive. When the theater needed a facelift, Sam and other board members developed a plan to bring the theater back to its original glory. The successful project brought new life to the theater. The State theater New Jersey is educating and entertaining the younger generation again.

But Boraie is not the kind of guy to sit around and wait to help his neighbors. Sam is also very active in the nonprofit, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise feeds the hungry in New Jersey. With a soup kitchen, a pay-as-you-can café, and a culinary school, Elijah’s Promise is making a difference in New Jersey. Sam is a board member and a major donor to that organization.

There are other New Jersey cities that need help, and Sam Boraie and his family are helping them. In a report by PR News, the One Riverview apartment building in Newark is a Boraie project. And so is the Beach at South Inlet apartment complex in Atlantic City. The 250-unit apartment complex is under construction, and it is attracting more young people to Atlantic City to live and play.

The legacy of Sam Boraie is still being written, but one thing that is already written is his dedicated service to New Brunswick and his quest to modernize New Jersey’s cities. Read More:

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Rick Shinto Proves His Capabilities By Promoting InnovaCare Health To Achieve Goals

In the competitive world of business rarely to companies achieve their goals in the absence of proper leadership. Many of the leaders who work in companies are individuals who have served for many years in their positions and with the achievements they have earned over the years they managed to build up skills that they use to push the companies to achieve their goals. Being a difficult industry, the healthcare sector requires leadership that is backed by proper service delivery methods, which is what Rick Shinto proved to offer to InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health is a managed healthcare provider that has developed over many years and ranked as one of the best providers of managed healthcare services across Puerto Rico. Since the company started implementing ideas to push for change in 2012, it has grown big and is now one of the most established providers of Medicare Advantage. Some of the changes that came with these reforms included getting new leaders, who could bring about the installation of an efficient service delivery system. In the process, Rick Shinto was appointed as their CEO and President, a position he holds to date.

Rick Shinto

As a revolutionary leader and an executive who has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, Rick Shinto is one of the individuals who helped to build InnovaCare Health to become the great provider of managed healthcare services it is today. He worked with professionals who also share his ideas and before he was called to lead InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto was the CEO/President of Aveta Inc. He received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, one of the most prestigious awards for entrepreneurs.He also worked with NAMM California and several other government institutions while building his career.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokknides, highlighted as one of the best leaders at InnovaCare Health, is an individual who has helped the company to grow by offering ideas for the development of a seamless system of service delivery. She drafted ideas that helped to enhance the quality of services and products, one of the reasons InnovaCare Health has been serving many users across North America.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a company that grew from a struggling level to a leader and since 2012, it saw its biggest growth and development. InnovaCare Health deals with many forms of healthcare services, some of the most preferred being Medicare Advantage plans. Through the great plans the company offers, they have managed to record more than 250,000 members in this category alone.

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Internet Of Things Is Here – Jason Hope On The Future Of Technology

Jason Hope is banking on technology not only for his business but also for a better future for everyone. The entrepreneur and futurist is optimistic of what the Internet of Things holds for the future. And, as an authoritative figure on the subject, his insights are an eye opener for investors, companies, entrepreneurs, and virtually everyone.

An Inevitable Development
Internet of Things refers to the synchronization of technology devices whereby they communicate with each other. Jason Hope refers to it as the biggest development in technology for a long time to come. Hope also explains that IoT is inevitable as technology permeates more and more facets of everyday life.

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Internet of Things is fast becoming a reality as more and more devices become technologically advanced. In fact, Jason Hope is of the opinion that devices that will not be embedded with technological connectivity in five years will be obsolete. According to Hope, the technology will be so revolutionary that it will radically change the way businesses operate. So far major companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon are already adopting the technology with profitable results.

The biggest benefit of IoT will be the reduction of waste and improvement of efficiencies and safety. For instance, the transport industry is already benefiting from the technology through real-time mapping of public bus routes to avoid congestions and dangerous conditions. However, Jason Hope identifies the healthcare industry as one of the top beneficiaries of the development of IoT.

As a philanthropist, Jason Hope is passionate about the improvement of biotechnologies. The IoT will be instrumental toward this end and its market in the healthcare industry is estimated to be worth $117 billion by 2020. The ability to enhance communication between different medical devices such as health trackers will help improve healthcare through better analysis and much more.

At the end of the day the development of the Internet of Things will depend on people’s attitude and companies’ investment. However, no matter how long it may take, there is no doubt that the future will be characterized by IoT.

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Tidal Gets a Lift From Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has been the champion that Tidal has needed to take the music streaming service to another level. It has been during her time with the company that title has seen the best profits. Shawn Carter, also known as Jay Z, has made it his business to hire someone that really knows how to negotiate contracts. He has the ability to compete successfully with other music streaming services because now he has an executive in place that is able to strategically improve inside operations.


Perez has been able to do this because she has had a lot of practice. She has spent a long time carving out a place for herself in the business world. She has established herself as someone that can negotiate contracts fearlessly, and she has also ventured into nightclub businesses. This type of experience gives her the ability to assess what can be profitable for a music streaming service like title. She may not have any prior experience in the field of music streaming services, but she really doesn’t have to. Shawn Carter is someone that has been in the music business for more than two decades. He has the ability to work with Perez and bring his streaming service to a massive audience. This is a good working relationship between Desiree Perez and Shawn Carter that has proven that there is more than enough room for multiple music streaming services.


Tidal has been noticed by big companies like Sprint. This is because people like Desiree Perez have been pouring her energy into this company. She is someone that has managed to build up other businesses, and now she is dedicated to getting Tidal to where it needs to be. Customers are paying attention to the changes that are now occurring with this music service.