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Jeff Yastine and Financial Knowledge

     Jeff Yastine is an esteemed professional who is commonly known by the nickname of “JL.” He’s a Banyan Hill Publishing employee who edits Total Wealth Insider. He’s been a part of the Banyan Hill Publishing crew since 2015. That’s precisely when he landed his editorial director position. He had extensive experience when he got to Banyan Hill Publishing. He had already enjoyed 20 years plus of rewarding work in the stock market investment realm. He had enjoyed a strong background in the financial journalism community as well. His knowledge regarding global financial events is practically unrivaled. People who have interest in financial matters frequently read Yastine’s helpful and informative pieces. He writes articles that delve into all sorts of concepts that matter and that make a difference. Topics that are of interest to Yastine and to his dedicated readers include cybersecurity, quantum computing, bitcoin, hack attacks, preventing issues with hackers, foreign investments, up-and-coming markets and European banks. Yastine can provide people with substantial insight that involves data protection, gold, foreign economies, stocks and a whole lot more.

People who want to stay in the loop regarding all kinds of Jeff Yastine updates can count on the website for Banyan Hill Publishing. They can also count on social media platforms. Yastine makes a point to stay active on Facebook. He posts routine updates on the social networking site. Individuals who want to learn about all of his latest thoughts and pieces of advice can get a lot out of following him on Facebook. Although he’s located in Delray Beach, Florida, he has the ability to communicate with people all around the United States and beyond.

Yastine’s social media expertise isn’t limited to Facebook, either. He also has a penchant for regular Twitter use. Yastine has been a proud member of Twitter since the spring of 2017. He uses his Twitter account to direct people to the fascinating and comprehensive articles he writes on a frequent basis. People who don’t want to risk forgetting to check Banyan Hill Publishing can always opt to follow Yastine on Twitter.

Yastine is fond of penning financial newsletters that can come in handy for people who always want to be prepared and “in the know.” He enjoys reading financial newsletters of all types as well. Yastine’s devotion to financial subjects is always becoming stronger. He loves learning about financial topics of all varieties. He does so on a daily basis.

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Fabletics, Enhancing Brand through Customer Reviews

Consumer purchases are in one way or another swayed by the power of the crowd. As much as a personal recommendation is important, customers would easily prefer a product with crowd-sourced reviews to determine whether or not to make the final purchase. With this scheme in place, many brands are focusing on review-centric marketing techniques to consumer behavior. Fabletics, a renowned women sportswear brand has consistently directed its operations to fit the crowd’s needs, consequently showcasing a 200% growth and making up to 235 million in revenue while still hosting over a million paying members. Fabletics’ parent company, the TechStyle Fashion Group, supports the company’s initiative of embracing the importance of user reviews to steer their success.


Consumer reviews not only have the ability to primarily increase customer acquisition but also increases the chances of customers retaining brands, therefore, improving loyalty. In the current markets, most consumers directly rely on digital platforms. Thus, online reviews play a significant role in determining the direction of their final decisions. It is more likely that an individual would first consider researching businesses before making a purchase. If the product has massive reviews, this equates to a positive crowd-sourcing and therefore stands a better chance of attracting customers. Statistically, BrightLocal study managed to conduct a survey and found out that 84% of people rely on online reviews the same way they would trust a personal recommendation from a trusted source.


It is clear that traditional advertising and marketing is not a reliable method of luring customers to products. The fact that trust is an all-time factor directly equates to the safety and power of feedback from the crowd. Fabletics among other smart brands that have embraced and leveraged this system has not lived to regret that move. Over 50% of customers go over a business online at least once a month. 60% of them openly confess that negative reviews are a direct turn-off and they would not have second thoughts about not trusting the business. This means that a business’ reputation has a great impact on a customer’s consideration. Therefore, we can state that great reviews are great power.


Kate Hudson

On a recent event, various celebrities and Hollywood stars are seen gracing the Beverly Hills Hotel, to celebrate Fabletics’ collaboration with Demi Lovato, a famous pop star. When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to elevate their TechStyle Fashion Group, they had to spice up their initiative with creative hands. Kate Hudson was their ultimate choice, thanks to her outgoing personality and approachable nature. After joining Fabletics, Kate has been heavily involved in pushing for the success of the brand. She enthusiastically took charge of creating a perfect image for the brand, one of which involved finding a social media strategy.


Kate Hudson was aware of the importance of being hands-on while keeping track of both budget reviews and sales numbers. She has also put much effort into the design process while working hand in hand with the team, making sure that all the styles are fresh and suitable for the market.

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Matt Badiali’s Insights on Banyan Hill

     Matt Badiali will be joining Banyan Hill where he will be giving his insights on the newsletter. Matt specializes in natural resources, research and investment opportunities in precious metals. Matt desire to join the organization was due to the quality of research data the newsletter had been offering to its audience. Aside from the research work, Banyan Hill provides its readers financial knowledge while delivering suitable financing opportunities.

Banyan Hill will benefit massively from Matt Badiali expertise in natural resources, and investment. Matt offers insights on operating drill rigs, inspecting mines, working with environmental companies and keeping the company abreast of geological developments. Matt earned his undergraduate in earth science from Penn State University and his second degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He proceeded to spend more than a decade in research for Stanberry Research Resource Report. The study looked into capitalizing on energy, metal, and natural resources.

Matt previous experience in writing will be a perfect fit at Banyan Hill. At the organization, he hopes to establish a connection with the readers. The relationship serves to enable the readers to grow while protecting them wealth. With his expertise on capitalizing on business opportunities, he looks forward to broadening his horizon on multiple chances of investment in the market.At the organization, Matt and Michael Carr will work together in the group, Michael is another investment expert. Michael is widely recognized for his published works such as smarter investing in the communities and how to use economic indicators to catch stock market trends.

In one of Matt publishing, he explains the importance of Zinc and relevance to the market. He explains that with the increase of the appliances of zinc products, the commodity would be wise investment move. Also, Matt provides insights on the oil deposits discovered in the United States. In his publishing, he offers on the profitability of the exploration and the future of the market. Matt desire toward thorough research has led him to various countries such as Iraq, Hong Kong, Turkey, Switzerland, etc. with his visits; he has been able to inspect several mines and oil wells, interviewing the CEOs and analyzing all the data acquired.

Banyan hill is a publishing company that produces research materials and newsletter which aim at advising the readers. At the organization, Matt will be part of a team of economist, investment writers, and research analyst. The organizations’ following on their social media platforms is impressively high. The company has its headquarters in Delray Beach FL.

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Have You Thought Of Banking Technology?

The Impact In Banking That Technology Made

We don’t have to talk to you about the importance of digital Technology.

The advancement of digital is also gaining more momentum.

It’s redefining the world and fast. It no longer makes sense to say that one day digital will happen. Finding yourself behind this digital curve is a problem that can be solved. You need expediency to do it with. Looking for the right speed to improve your finances with will lead you directly to NextBank.

Here’s a bank concerned about the next move, the next investment and the next generation of your life. Every stage we experience in maturity reveals our financial patterns. There’s one pattern that remains consistent from client to client at NexBank. “You can never be too sure about your money, and you can never have too much protection on it.”

Going Digital And Going All-The-Way!

Our first step into a new generation is to take digital into account.

Modern banking requires a great deal of transparency. You need access in a way that’s safe, easy to use and that can be done when you need it most. From sending, to receiving and having cash on-demand, there’s no limit to what technology lets us achieve.

The most important aspect is the access you have.

Don’t worry about visiting a local branch.

You don’t have to stop by to see us.

What NextBank mastered in tech created the best digital options but at a local level. It all begins when we look at the changes in the world and then adjust to them. It’s true that no one can predict the future. What this bank could predict, however, is how digital enables service like never before.

We now grant you that access.

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Talos Energy Will Continue Growth with Mexican Well

In Tabasco, Mexico, there are waters that hold a lot of potential profit for numerous companies. The oil held in one well in particular is around 100 to 500 million barrels worth according to industry reports. This is what led to a bidding frenzy in 2015.

While many companies wanted a piece of the pie, only three survived the bidding. They are Sierra Oil and Gas, Premier Oil, and Talos Energy. Being from the UK, Mexico, and the U.S. respectively, they are teaming up to pull up as much oil as possible. They will split the proceeds fairly evenly across the board.

This kind of cooperation with foreign investors is not something you would have seen until recently. 1938 ushered in a ban on foreign oil well operators. However, with Mexico’s economy, they have seen that outside investment can be great for business.

Talos, Energy LLC was founded in Houston, Texas. It was founded by investors from the financial industry who put around $600 million into it from the start. This was to ensure they had the capital necessary to compete in a rough industry.

They quickly saw success, growing from about a dozen employees to over one hundred in a few short years. This led to them buying their competitor called Helix Energy for around $620 million. The employees at Talos don’t just get a salary either. That’s not the way that Talos competes. The ownership decided that workers would be more motivated if they had a piece of the pie. For that reason, they each receive profit sharing.

The result is a company that has been awarded the number one small business in their industry. The reason is that unlike other companies where people clock out right at the end of the day, Talos workers often pull overtime in the hopes of boosting the value of the company. They know they’ll see that in their paychecks in the end, which is more valuable than the occasional casual Friday or daycare that other companies provide. Talos focuses mainly on drilling in Texan and Mexican areas, pulling around 16,000 barrels of oil out of the ground every day.

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Into the Life of Banyan Hill Publishing Editorial Director Ted Bauman

     Ted Bauman is the current editorial director of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club. Mr. Ted is one of the most-traveled people with a rich history and understanding of people and life in general. Luckily, with his different editorial positions, Mr. Ted Bauman is sharing this knowledge with his readers widely. Ted specialty is in the area of low-risk investments, asset protection, international migration, and privacy. Read on to understand more about Ted Bauman.

Early childhood

Mr. Ted Bauman is an American native born in Washington, D.C, and brought up on the eastern shores of Maryland. After living for some time in the USA, Ted Bauman relocated to South Africa where he joined the University of Cape Town for a postgraduate degree in Economics and History. Ted fell in love with South Africa, living and working for a long time before returning to his native country where he currently resides with his family.

Career life

Ted Bauman spent 25 years in South Africa developing his career, and to say the least, his CV is impressive. Mr. Ted has worked with a number of nonprofit organizations in executive positions. With his academic qualification, Ted’s role was primarily as a fund manager. One of the organizations that Ted Bauman worked with and one that he helped establish is Slum Dwellers International. This nonprofit organization helps fund the construction of low-cost houses to the locals and has so far helped 14 million individuals in over 25 countries.

In the early 2000’s, Mr. Ted worked as a researcher, consultant, and writer where his specialty was urban planning, housing, and finance issues. Ted Bauman research and writing skills are amazingly excellent as he was able to work with agencies such as the World Bank, European grant agencies, the United Nation, and the South African government to name but a few. Mr. Ted returned home in 2008 where he was employed by the Habitat for Humanity International to serve as their international housing programs director. Bauman worked in this position for five years before retiring in 2013 to work as a full-time researcher and writer.

During his career life, Bauman traveled to over 75 countries in continents such as Asia, Africa, and Europe. The exposure and experiences from these countries have helped increase Ted’s wisdom and knowledge. When it comes to his financial articles in The Sovereign Investor Daily, Ted’s advice is simple and clear; investors need to diversify their investments. You can get to enjoy more insights from Ted by reading his publications that also include Small Enterprise Development, Environment and Urbanization, and the Journal of Microfinance among others and get to appreciate Ted more.

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How Rodrigo Terpins Family Influenced his Passion for Racing

Rodrigo Terpins inherited passion for sport from his father. Apart from being entrepreneurs, they both have the desire for some hobby. Rodrigo has acquired several titles in rallying competition. He is a member and a rider of the Bull Sertões Rally Team. Just like his brother Michel, the sports lover has accumulated various contributions and victories in main Brazil championships.

The two brothers participated in the 2014 edition rally with more than 200 competitors. The race covered more than 2600 kilometers stretching, through Goiás and Minas Gerais states. Participating categories constituted of cars, motorcycles, trucks, UTV’s and Quadricycles. They both achieved the best results in the car category, rallying the T-Rex, invented by the MEM team.

The Rodrigo paired with Fabricio and participated in the 22nd edition on the category prototype T1 type category of the Sertões Rally. In this double podium, they scored the third place and won the overall eighth; this was the longest Brazil off-road race. The passionate racer drove a very competitive car #326 and together with his partner, noted an excellent result. Rodrigo enjoyed the Sertões Rally for its was a shorter, a smooth and pleasant race with enjoyable script. Check out Terra to see more.

Rodrigo has been racing together with his brother Michel. They both have participated in the Bull Sertões Rally Team. The duo has been competing and recording victories for four seasons. They competed and won the Sertões Rally and Brazilian Cross Country Rally championship. The passionate bothers drive the T-Rex, the modern hi-tech car invented by MEM Motorsport.

Strengthening Racing Passion

Rodrigo just like his brother has developed skills through practice and commitment to successfully nature his sport. With his car #326, the passionate racer can navigate through rough terrains. His current racing practices have recorded noticeable achievements in Brazil Rallies. The two brother will continue to showcase their talents in various competitions.

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Greg Secker is the Man to Take You through A Journey of Financial Security

The nature of forex trading has changed significantly in the last few years. Thanks to the growth of digital technology, people can now trade from the comfort of their homes using a raft of widely available online trading platforms. Additionally, the minimum amount required to open an account to commence trading is a lot smaller than it was a few years ago. However, to successfully make it as a forex trader, one still needs the advice and insight of all those who have done it all before. That is where Greg Secker comes in. The globally renowned forex trader has for the last few years been training ordinary people using a number of platforms on how they can get the most out of forex trading.

The Action Group

Greg Secker is the founder and leader of the Action Group. The group comprises of three companies engaged in different areas within the financial sector: Capital Index, Learn to Trade and SmartChart Software. Learn to Trade is by far the most successful of the three companies. It is one of the leading companies in the world engaged in the training of forex training. Thus far, it is estimated that up to 200 thousand individuals from all over the globe have been trained on financial literacy by the company.

Conferences and Workshop

Another of Greg Secker’s preferred strategies for reaching out to the masses and educating them on how to trade is through workshops and conferences. He regularly holds these talks in various international locations to ensure that they reach a pool of people as wide as possible. His next seminar is scheduled for 23rd of November in London, England.


More detailed information and tips from Greg Secker can be found in a number of books that he has authored. His most successful books to date are “Financial Freedom through Forex” published in 2010 and “Training Your Way to Success” published in 2009. These books do not just broadly cover how to go about forex trading, but also provide greater insight on how one can improve financial discipline and management.

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Rocketship Education Charter schools

San Jose has for a long time been the dream destination for many people to come and launch their careers. But for many years San Jose community has been battered by a myriad of challenges and the main one being the low level of literacy or little access to quality education. The group that has been affected the most are the low-income families who have had to make do with the constrained opportunities. The school has now become the way out for these families.

It is from this desire to offer excellent and quality education that led to the establishment of the Rocketship education in the year 2007. Rocketship charter schools are a group of charter public schools that are designed to give students from the low-income families the opportunity to get a good education. Since its inception, the charter schools have gone on to produce well-taught individuals who have made a mark in the society.

Due to the positive impact being created by these charter schools, public schools in and around San Jose have opted to partner with them to improve the education quality.

According to one research study, English learners from the low-income families of San Jose gain new learning when they attend high performing charter schools. It serves to show the results that are being churned out by the charter schools are credible.

Since inception, Rocketship charter schools have managed to stay true to its five core values; respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence. Respective charter schools choose the fifth core value as a way of defining what the school stands for.

These charter schools have received financial support from many people and organization. Donations worth millions have been given out to continue to expand and sustain the activities of these institutions. Facebook and Netflix are some of the prominent companies that have played a significant role in supporting these schools.

Rocketship charter schools are able to impact positively on the school gores. They acquire the required skill set that will help them not only within the class environment but beyond. Students who have gone through the charter schools have made a positive impact on their lives and that of their families and community.

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Gregory James Aziz Chairs National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a car manufacturing organization with a very high-performance profile. It is one of the world’s leading car engineering and manufacturing company. Most company’s performance is mostly determined by its leadership and this means that this company’s leadership is of very high experience. This is why companies always invest in experienced leaders. Gregory J Aziz is one of the leaders of this company




Gregory James Aziz is the chairman of the company. He is also the company’s CEO and president. He has achieved great things as a leader making sure that the North American rail systems be as safe as it can be. Gregory Aziz is a hardworking man who has earned many people’s trust and has made many partners with different companies. He has propelled the Company in realizing its growth and operations to its over 2000 members, making it a leader in technological advancement and quality products in its industry. He has earned the company the TTX SECCO award and has made the company be the first to receive a certificate for 18 consecutive years. He also works with the local community of Hamilton as a philanthropist. He sponsors most of their projects like renovations and construction of the Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera and the Salvation Army that improve their living standards.




James Aziz was born in the year 1949. He comes from a family with an entrepreneurial history and this is where his successful journey began. He dropped out of school at an early age and to the family business. He worked in the Affiliated Foods-a leading fresh food importer for 16 years and is where he started to gain experience of running operations. His family business expanded its business operations to foreign countries from Europe to South America under his leadership. This was due to its increased business operation. In the year 1980s and 90s, James Aziz ventured into investment banking, a career path that laid a foundation for his current CEO position.




Aziz has a lot of experience in the field management and leadership. Having lead operations in his family at an early age for sixteen years has made him be one of the best. He expanded his family Affiliated Food business and was given more managerial fields to manage in the family business as it expanded to other countries. His entire work has been about operation leadership and he has a lot of experience in that field. Related Information On This Page.