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Avi Weisfogel’s Passion for Helping Sleep Apnea Patients

Sleep apnea has destructive effects that have become increasingly evident to all medical professionals in the past few years. According to new research, there is a connection between sleep apnea and detrimental conditions such as stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. With these findings comes a sense of urgency to discover treatments for sleep apnea. With his vast experience in sleep disorders, Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded the Dental Sleep Masters to help identify and treat individuals with sleep apnea.



Avi’s Business Ventures


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a substantial background in sleep disorders and sleep treatment. He founded his first dental practice in 1999 and managed it for more than 15 years. While there, he earned recognition as Best Dentist for a couple of years. It was also during this time that Avi started to study the world of sleep keenly. He later founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 to further enable dentists venture into the field of sleep through the use of oral appliances to tackle sleep disorders. Due to his in-depth knowledge of sleep apnea, Dr. Avi helps dentists to identify prospective patients and also helps patients secure treatment. Avi Weisfogel is a graduate of Rutgers University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology and biology. He also earned a DDS from the New York University College of Dentistry.



Avi Weisfogel videos



Avi Weisfogel is incredibly passionate about videos. He shares the best videos that he finds from the internet with the world.



Avi Weisfogel music



Avi Weisfogel is a man of multiple talents. Having a background in dentistry as well as sleep apnea and still sparing some time to drop dope beats is no joke. Avi’s music is an internal motivation, and he takes advantage of all he has to offer the hip-hop music industry the best beats. He has recently built up a group of fans and followers on and plans to share more of his music on this platform. A way from music, Weisfogel enjoys a few more hobbies. As a dentist, Avi fixes teeth on a regular basis and still finds some time on Sundays to watch his Football Giants.



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The New CEO Behind Capital Group

Capital Group is currently one of the leading investment management firms worldwide. Currently, the man behind it all at Capital Group is Timothy “Tim” Armour, the Group’s chairman and chief executive officer. Tim’s transition into the leadership role of chairman has been a recent one, but his enthusiasm and hard work has already lead to success for Capital Group.

Who is Tim Armour?

Tim began his career path by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College in Vermont. He then began his career by participating in The Associates Program at Capital Group itself. In fact, all of Tim’s investment exerpience – over 30 years total – has been through his work with Capital Group. After these years of dedicated service to the Group, Tim became chairman in 2015.

Becoming Chairman

It was July 28, 2015, when Tim was officially named chairman of Capital Group. While the change in leadership had been planned for years, and was an exciting step forward for the Group, it was under sad circumstances that Tim was confirmed as chairman by the Board of Directors – the former chairman, a man by the name of Jim Rothenberg, had passed away. Tim then stepped into the role of chairman while mourning the loss of his friend and colleague.

Words of Wisdom

Tim Armour has been enthusiastic in his leadership of Capital Group, and has demonstrated an eagerness to pass his wisdom and keys to success onto others. In a self-written piece for the Wall Street Journal in 2016, Tim offered advice to investors looking for active management: “The job of the long-term active manager is to look for value in enough places to help investors do better than the market average over meaningful periods of time.” Tim encouraged investors not to “settle” for average returns on investing; instead, he encouraged investors to search for active managers who would thoroughly research companies and bring about above-average market returns.


While relatively new to his position of chairman, Tim Armour’s years of commitment to Capital Group and sound investment advice spell out certain success for the Group’s future. Investors should expect Capital Group to remain one of the world’s leading investment management firms for a long time to come.

Click here to learn more about Capital Group.

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Comparative Law And How The Specialty Has Developed Over The Years

Law professors and experts from across the world have invested a lot of time and resources in learning about the laws applied by different communities. Many people who pursue legal education aspire to also understand how other communities govern their institutions. The growth of law can be traced thousands of years ago and different eras came with different pieces of law that were applicable depending on the times.

The laws available and used today are different from the ones that were used 500 years ago and this is because the ones used many years ago may not be applicable due to the changes in the world that have occurred in that time span. With each community adopting laws that are suitable for different purposes, constitutional development has also called for some research and borrowing to help the professionals incorporate new concepts that work perfectly in some regions.

Comparative law is a specialty of law that has been growing each year and its origin can be traced back to the 18th century. When the practice was developed, European scholars were moving to find solutions to different problems by borrowing ideas used by institutions based in different countries. Comparative law has developed over many years to become a practice that is applied by governments during constitutional development.

Professionals who deal with the development of laws want to include new concepts that are unique and drafted to fit within the modern times and environment. This can be possible through borrowing of information and ideas for the development of laws that are unique and ideal for different institutions. Therefore, comparative law has wide application and its relevance continues to grow.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned comparative law professor who has directed his passion for law towards working on constitutional development and comparative methods of coming up with new laws and ways of governing institutions. Due to his experience and knowledge, Sujit Choudhry has worked with different governments in constitutional development. He also joined the United Nations Media Roster as a consultant and his effort helped the World Bank to solve constitutional problems in countries like Tunisia, Nepal and Egypt.

Most importantly, Sujit Choudhry authored several books and journals addressing different concepts of law. Among areas he authored about is transition from conflict, demographic politics around ethnically divided communities as well as constitutional development and the relevance of comparative law in such vital processes.

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Eric Lefkofsky Joins DRIVIN Board of Directors

Just recently DRIVIN announced that it had decided to appoint Eric Lefkosky, the chairman, and co-founder of a famous organization known as Groupon as a member of its board of directors. According to the top management of the company, Eric will be taking the position immediately.

DRIVIN is a successful startup that was founded to revolutionize the use car industry in the country. The country wants to achieve its objectives and goals by bringing technology and data together. This will help the dealers to acquire and also source the perfect cars for all their lots.

Eric Lefkofsky is known to many as a successful investor in the country. Apart from being part of Groupon, Eric has also invested in DRIVIN as one of the co-founders. Eric has made his investment through Lightbank.

Lightbank is one of the venture capital companies that mostly specializes in the investments in the disruptive technology that were founded by Eric and his close business partner, Brad Keywell. According to Eric, DRIVIN is an institution that is working very hard to leverage extensive analysis and data to disrupt the used cars industry. He also says that he is very excited to be part of the company’s board. The businessman is expected to help in advancing DRIVIN’s mission of delivering better transparency and insights to the stakeholders in the industry.

DRIVIN mostly capitalizes on the growing trends, focusing on the used car purchases. This is because the cost of brand new vehicles has been increasing significantly, especially in the last ten years. DRIVIN merges the advanced expertise and the key statistical insights to deliver high-quality services. The company is one of a kind, and it supplies excellent information and methods to its dealers in different parts of the country when trading the used cars. The successful organization has adopted a unique model that focuses mainly on the data-driven technology. The model also focuses on customized customer care services. The organization first understands the new market trends that advocate for optimal strategies. This way, it is easy to sell or even but the vehicles efficiently.

DRIVIN was founded several years ago by experts who wanted to merge technology and data together in a high touch fashion. The company always helps its clients to acquire the right vehicles in a short duration, without any difficulties. The organization has a team of experts who use edge cutting technology to ensure that the customer is satisfied. The successful company always casts its nationwide net in order to find also vet vehicles. Later on, the cars are connected to the right dealers who are in different locations across the nation. The organization has been powered by an institution known as CarCo Technologies.

Eric Lefkofsky has been working as the Chairman and also the Co-founder of the company known as Groupon for a while. Eric is the co-founder of Lightbank, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Uptake, and Mediaocean. The successful businessman is also a Trustee at the Lurie Children Hospital that is found in Chicago, the Art Institute, the Steppenwolf Theater, World Business and several other organizations. Eric Lefkofsky is also the adjunct professor at the famous University of Chicago. The businessman graduated from one of the best universities in Michigan. Eric also acquired his Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School. His philanthropic involvement has earned him the respect of many.

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Giving All Investors An Opportunity To Invest

One of the best ways for people to earn money over an extended time period is to invest. The financial industry has many firms that focus solely on providing various investments to people interested in investing. There are a variety of investment firms in the financial industry. Some of the firms are more high end than others. The investment firms that tend to be more high end look for investors who have a certain level of money to invest.

These investment firms are the firms that are usually located within financial districts such as Wall Street. The firms have access to a lot of talented people, and the firms have a lot of money. As a result, these high-end investment firms usually provide very good investment opportunities for investors. However, investment firms that are located in popular financial districts such as Wall Street usually are interested in a certain type of investor. In the financial industry, this type of investor is the ideal investor.

This type of investor usually has a high net worth and earns a considerable amount of money annually. Investment firms focus on this type of investor because the potential for sells are higher and more profitable. Even though this is the type of investor that investment firms tend to pursue, this type of investor makes up only around 1% of the potential investors in the public.

A financial industry professional who recognizes the fact that the vast majority of people interested in investing rarely get an opportunity to invest with high-end investment firms is Brad Reifler. As the CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler is a well known professional in the financial industry. He has made a name for himself, and is respected in all financial industry corners.

Brad Reifler has been making an effort in recent years to provide investment opportunities through his investment firm for people who do not have the type of available money that is normally look for by high end investment firms. Brad Reifler is making a difference in the investment industry with his efforts to bring investments to all people interested in investing.

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Spa Day at Home with Wen by Chaz Dean

Do you find yourself longing for a spa day in the middle of the week? Do you wish you had more money to go to the spa weekly? What if you could do this for yourself at home? If this is you, you might be interested in the classic re-moist hydrating mask by Wen hair by Chaz. This at home spa treatment can be used to rejuvenate your hair while it works to replenish oils that is no longer has. The treatment can be used on hair that is dry and damaged. If you have hair that is lifeless, this is what you need to bring your hair back from the dead.

The hydrating mask is going to infuse your hair with a blend of different oils as well as extracts. It will leave you with hair that is healthy and feels alive once more. You will be surprised at how quickly your hair will feel soft, luscious and silky after just one use. You will need to apply the mask to your hair and while it is in your hair, comb it through to allow it to reach all areas of strands. When you are done, you will leave in for a little while longer and then rinse your hair out. When you are done, your hair will feel completely different than it did at the beginning of your shower.

If it is this simple why don’t more people use it you ask? Well maybe because more people do not want to spend the money on the items they need in order to look good and feel good. Maybe they do not know about the products. There could be a number of different reasons as to why more people don’t use it. Why would you want to be one of them if you could avoid it? Is it worth trying at least once to see if it is something that you could see yourself using however? Isn’t everything worth trying at least once? If so, Wen by Chaz Dean is the route for you to go. See,

For more info, check out the product’s Wikipedia page. Also, visit WEN hair care’s social media accounts on Facebook and on Twitter.


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The Three Main Types of Anesthesia

The term anesthesia comes from the Greek words meaning “no” and “sensation”, meaning literally “no sensation” or inability to feel pain. There are three main types of anesthesia – general, regional and local. We’ll take a brief look at all three.

General anesthesia

General anesthesia usually involves the complete and profound loss of consciousness. Many people think of this as being put to sleep. However general anesthesia is a much deeper state of unconsciousness than sleep, there is no dreaming or perception of any kind. This ensures no pain is felt during traumatic procedures like open heart surgery.

Regional anesthesia

Regional anesthesia is used for serious injury or major surgery involving one or more regions of the body. Regional anesthesia does not involve total unconsciousness but usually will involve reduced consciousness through the use of sedatives. Regional anesthesia is often the pain management mode of choice for in-patient hospital stays.

Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia is typically used for minor procedures such as tooth extraction or skin legion excision. It is qualitatively different from the other two forms in that it is usually highly localized. Local anesthesia is preferred for outpatient settings.

Capitol Anesthesia Associates

Capitol Anesthesiology Associates represents Austin’s leading anesthesiologists. Its physicians are among the most recognized specialists in their field and are universally board certified and recognized nationwide for outstanding care by groups such as the Anesthesia Quality Institute. For more information or to make an appointment please visit their website at

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Clinton and Trump Have Very Different Plans to Make America Great Again

The financial crisis of 2007/2008 dealt the nation a huge blow. Some consider the crisis to be the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. Still in 2016 the country is trying to pick up the pieces scattered nearly a decade ago.

The presidential race is getting more intriguing with each debate. No matter which debate you watch a select few questions are always asked by voters. How does each candidate plan to reshape the economy for the better? All other questions just seem like filler in the grand scheme of things. Each candidate is well aware of this and have come up with plans containing several factors that may stand a good chance at have a large impact on the United States economy and financial markets.

Both candidate’s plans largely entail simplifying the tax code so it is more comprehensive to the average American thus, making it more accessible. Where the debate comes in is how each candidate intends to proceed with the process.

If Clinton is voted into office she aims to simplify the tax code by not only taxing capital gains based on an income bracket, but also by how long they’ve been held by an investor. This change would definitely affect those making at least $1 million.

Trump intends to take a different angle to simplify the tax code. Trump thinks the best course of action is to cram the existing tax brackets into just a handful of income levels. Trump also disagrees with how Clinton aims to affect the upper class. He wants to do away with select taxes that affect the elite.

The only thing both candidates seem to agree on is child care taxes. They both are in agreement on child care tax breaks to help families in need of assistance.

Even though both candidates may disagree on a lot of issues, they both have a common goal. To improve the economy for the future.

About Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital and Pali Capital. He is an accomplished businessman who has been a successful entrepreneur for more than three decades.

He launched his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation, in the early 80’s. He built the corporation into a force in the industry for over ten years. The company was acquired by Refco, where he became a star trader, in 2000.

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur that up and coming entrepreneurs can look up to and aspire towards.

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Lovaganza: The Past, Present and Future of Being Human

Immersive and cognitively-oriented, Lovaganza is much more than a brand or an art show. It is a spectacular experience that allows people to discover cultures from across the globe by highlighting not only what makes them unique, but all the things they have in common as well. Its retro flavor is combined with the cutting-edge technological aspects of its display to create deeply narrative pieces of visual art. The result is a groundbreaking form of entertainment that attempts to provide a positive impact in its audience.

Read more:
“Lovaganza Begins Recording Musical Soundtrack for Animated Film Series, “”The Marvelous 12,”” at Historic Abbey Road Studios”

Boasting a golden-era style and a beautifully technicolor aesthetic, Lovaganza promises to be a stunning visual adventure. Having added important names such as Oscar nominated production designer James J. Murakami and Emmy Award winning set designer Patrick M. Sullivan Jr. to its roaster, this visionary brand is definitely gearing up to revolutionize visual entertainment. Furthermore, all Lovaganza feature shows will make use of the amazing Immerscope technology to ensure a truly immersive experience for the audience. Reminiscent of the classic Cinerama projections of the first half of the 20th century, this technology brings together past and future as an avenue to understand what makes us human. With 180° curved screens in caravans and pavilions, and featuring a 360° screen in the main chapiteau, the Lovaganza 2020 international celebrations will offer the public a novel way of experiencing film.

Happening simultaneously in 18 flagship locations around the world, the Lovaganza 2020 international celebrations are planned to be a celebration of all the cultures on Earth. The past, present and future of these cultures will be portrayed through immersive motion pictures, attractions, shows and exhibitions. Meant to inspire people into creating a future of unity, peace and abundance for everyone, the theme of the celebrations will be “embarking on a Bohemian Adventure across the world”. The only thing required of the audience in order to be a part of this adventure is to be open to looking at the world with new eyes. By getting to know different cultures through their music, clothing and literature, people in the audience will not only understand more about the world, but also feel more connected to the entire human race. If this has peaked your interest and you want to know more, be sure to check out Lovaganza’s Vimeo Page. There you will find trailers for their films in production, information about the 2020 celebrations, short films are more.

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Billy McFarland: Thinking about the Millennials

Many successful entrepreneurs and business people start venturing at a young age. This is what happened to Billy McFarland who at the age of 13 started his first venture when growing up in Short Hills, New Jersey. However, this great entrepreneur was born in New York, New York 25 year ago. Billy has taken the road that is usually followed by many successful tech entrepreneurs. Having been frustrated by his University, he dropped out of the program to follow his dreams. Billy was studying a computer engineering degree at the Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. He dropped out during the first year.

Shortly before dropping out of college, he had established a venture that was called Spling. This was a firm that was specializing in making the URLs look more appealing and had received high profile customers such as the Universe and the Discovery. Later on, he had this idea of helping the Millennials adapt into the big cities and decided to launch a venture called the Magnises.

Magnises allows its members to receive discounts at various joint by flashing its card. The club was designed for the young people aged between 21 and 35 years. The club also targets people living in the big East Coast Cities of New York and Washington DC. Also, the club targets Millennials working in the high profile industries such as fashion, finance and technology industries.

According to Bloomberg, this creation by Billy McFarland has a subscription base of around 12,000 people with an annual subscription fee of just $250. Some of the notable people associated with this venture include songwriters residing in New York City, several basketball players and even actresses.

The services are only available in the mentioned cities although there are plans to expand the services to other cities such as Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago.

With this card, you can access the most exclusive night clubs in New York with just $ 65 a month. One can also spend a night a New York’s hotels for just $ 74. With this card, it is also possible to access a co-working space in New York for just $ 99 a month. On normal charges, the spaces go for about $ 500 in one month.