Plymouth Rock Assurance Becomes An Innovator

In the area of car insurance, a new wave of selling has been brought on by companies like Geico Insurance, and Progressive Corp. that sell primarily online. They have began to challenge the traditional way of selling insurance, agent to customer. Even a long time traditional company like Liberty Mutual Insurance now sells online and over the phone.
In the state of Massachusetts, 1,600 independent insurance agents sell the majority of car insurance, about 66 percent of the market. The bad news is that the market share has recently eroded by ten percent.
The Boston-based company, Plymouth Rock Assurance is attempting to straddle both sides. The company has launched a tool by the name of Prime. Consumers can buy and manage car insurance online, but they can still deal with agents personally. This is an example of an industry attempting to adapt to an evolving marketplace.
Plymouth Rock Assurance was founded by James M. Stone. In the 1970s Stone was a lecturer in Economics at Harvard University. He was appointed Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission by President Jimmy Carter. In 1982 Stone founded the Plymouth Rock Company and has remained its CEO.
While some agents are leery of working with Plymouth Rock, the company states that it is not interested in eliminating insurance agents altogether.
A study by comscore Inc. found that 60 percent of consumers bought their car insurance from agents. In 2014, 20 percent bought their policies online, but 37 percent said they would consider buying their insurance online.


Alexei Beltyukov’s Leadership Towards Future Trends

We may not consider it often but an entrepreneur plays a significant role for a country’s economy by forming and operating all kinds of businesses of various sizes. These small and large businesses build wealth, create jobs and are extremely vital to ensure solidity in an economy. Besides generating ambition, independence and a motivating attitude, an entrepreneur is imaginative and resourceful. Not long ago, business magnate Alexei Beltyukov developed software that helps high school students with homework duties and one that makes them put their critical thinking skills to work.

This newest creation of Beltyukov’s tackles the ongoing problem of homework, not only for students but teachers and parents. It is an endeavor that is called SOLVY that is actually a homework space on its website and was introduced at a conference for Educator Day in Los Angeles that offers innovative courses and provides way to exchange various methods for teaching to improve learning. At this event quickly gained attention from technology experts as well as educators because this technology makes it possible for teachers to easily produce and distribute learning exercises useful to the student in a way that is fast yet applicable to the lesson. This interactive tool lacks any questions that are multiple-choice but rather it allows the student to actually enter in their answer that they determined to be correct, while explaining the steps that brought them to the answer. Techniques such as these allow educators to determine if a student can locate needed information, ask meaningful questions and be able to have discussions with the source, all which develop our minds and makes us learn from mistakes. Students also work at their own pace on Anyone, including students should have the freedom to explain their knowledge and why something is true or not.

After changing his major in college as Yahoo Finance pointed out, from medicine Alexei Beltyukov determined that a degree in business would suit him better. Enrolling in the graduate business school INSEAD, he studied hard and earned an MBA in 1997, then went on to introduce many businesses. Just a few of the companies created by Beltyukov are Endemic Capital that has an emphasis on angel investments and geared at people who are obligated to acquire a faster way to fund ventures to quickly grow new companies and offer jobs. He created Mechanicus and New Gas Technologies which contributes to exploration and various development projects in the drilling of petroleum gas. Beltyukov is also an observer member for the Board of Directors for FORO Energy, proving again to be a valuable asset to this company that specializes in the introduction of using lasers to drill for gas, mining exploration and earth surface drilling or geothermal energy studies.

While the business world is forever changing, many of them however do develop ways to produce valuable services and products to benefit the world. Alexei Beltyukov has achieved this in his efforts and has become a major instrument to shape the future of education for the better.

Ads In Brazil – The Creative World Of Brazilian Advertising

Brazil is credited with producing many of the world’s most creative advertisements. This reputation dates back to the 80s and 90s when a creative revolution occurred in Brazil, which saw Brazilian commercials and print ads scooping top awards at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival as well as other international competitions.

Here, we explore the context of Brazilian ads concepts and the various strategies employed in the Brazil ads industry.

The Context of Advertising in the Brazilian Culture

Brazilians love advertising, more so when it is entertaining. It is more accepted here than in other regions of the world. Very few entities have tried to counter it.

However, just like in most parts of the world, ads are ubiquitous in Brazil. Various advertising platforms include:

Signs in City streets
Electronic media

Models and ads producers are often regarded among celebrities in Brazil. Gossip magazines cover the private lives of leading advertising executives, driving up their celebrity status.

The esteem with which advertising is regarded, the celebrity status of advertising superstars, and the public’s approval of it, set a framework against which Brazilian ads manages its creative spirit.

Advertising Agents in Brazil lists that there are three primary types of ads agencies in Brazil:

Well-known multinational agencies

These have a solid presence in Brazil. They serve multinational corporations as well as a few local ones.

Small home-grown agencies

They are many in number and primarily serve local clients.

Extremely successful Brazilian agencies

These are few in number, grew up in the last 20 years and boast as the world’s leading creative agencies.

Companies and Investors like Claudio Loureiro make use these agencies to advertise their businesses in a bid to create public awareness and drive up sales.

Claudio Loureiro, CEO of Heads Propaganda, is among the brilliant investors and accomplished capital managers in the world. The Bachelor of Law has heavily invested in several of Brazil’s leading companies. He also has had the opportunity to sit in the boards of various national companies.


Brazil has managed to stay ahead of the rest of the world in creative advertising through hard work, borrowing and remodelling concepts from overseas, centring on graphic communications over the written word, coupled with substantial artistic talent.

Just like the rest of the world, the economy drives ads in Brazil. Today, Brazil’s is the 9th largest economy in the world.

Christian Broda Should Be Respected By All

Economists have to be willing to devote themselves and their time to their field in order to make a good career for themselves, and in order to do good things for the people that they are working for. They need to have a lot of focus, and they need to have a passion for the work that they are doing from day to day. Not every person who wants to can just enter this field and succeed at what they do, but instead, only a select few people on will be able to do truly well when they take on the world of economics.

Christian Broda is one of those few people. He has been able to prove himself time after time with the ambitious work that he has done in this field. He has the smarts to be an extremely successful economist, and he has used the passion that he feels toward this field to drive him to do great in all of the work that he does. When people look to him and see the things that he has been able to accomplish in his career they should feel proud of him. He is an economist who should be looked up to by everyone who is hoping to one day have a career in economics, and he should be respected for the work that he has been able to do by all.

When one takes a good look at the life and career of any great economist they will be able to see that they have make a lot of sacrifices in order to get to a good place in their career. They will be able to tell that no economist gets to a good place if it is not for a lot of dedication to their job on their part. This is not an easy field to enter, but when has the passion to do things well in their career, and when they have the dedication and determination to see things through, then there is no reason why they shouldn’t go ahead and try to become an economist.

Analyst Says Oil Will Bounce Back Nicely

Worries of China and recent production numbers from the OPEC have knocked oil down to under $40 a barrel. One energy analyst believes investors may have beaten up crude oil a little too much.

Over the course of the past five days, crude has tumbled by 7%, and has fallen by nearly a third over the past two months. China’s pessimistic economic data along with concerns of their possible devaluation have added to concerns that their may be more supply of crude oil than demand in the markets.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. oil production is at 9.5 million barrels a day, still remaining close to its all time highs earlier this year in June. OPEC oil production is at a three year high. An energy analyst at Raymond James: Pavel Molchanov, claims that nothing significant has really happened to warrant such a big selloff.

“Nothing has happened in the oil market in the past 24 hours or 72 hours to cause this kind of meltdown, other than just sentiment on all commodities and all equities being so negative right now,” he said.

Molchanov dismisses the downpour of China’s markets as a catalyst of bigger things to come for China. The Shanghai Composite rallied to over 60% within a span of five months earlier in the year, where it then suffered a massive dive south into bearish territory for the rest of the year.

Molchanov says Chinese oil demand is really what plays a part in oil fundamentals in the U.S., and that demand is doing fine. Chinese oil demand continues to grow despite the selloff, and it’s actually growing quite fast, at 3%, which is considered quick for a country of that size. Chinese oil demand is even growing faster than in the U.S. or Europe.

The constant decline of crude oil prices in 2015 has meant bad new for most stocks within the industry. Although the S&P 500’s energy sector index has lost 35% of its value in the past 12 months, Molchanov predicts a few stocks will benefit nicely from a bounce in oil.

Molchanov gives his own take on a few companies he’ll be keeping an eye on. The first one is Occidental Petroleum, who are about 80% oil in terms of asset base, have the top balance sheet in the industry, and a nearly 5% dividend yield. Chevron, Hess, and marathon Oil are a few other stocks that can be considered safe plays once crude begins to bounce back from lost ground.

Another finance specialist optimistic about a healthy bounce back for oil is Christian Broda. Broda is currently the Managing Director for Duquesne Capital Management in New York City. Before managing the firm, Broda was a professor of Economics at his alma mater, the heralded University of Chicago. Christian’s research has been published in several economic journals, such as the American Economic Reviews and the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Brian Bonar Encourages Wholeness Among Many Companies

The future of Dalrada Financial depends on highly skilled executives
like Brian Bonar to manage the company’s internal and external
operations. Known for establishing significant relationships with his
clients and in the community, this renowned entrepreneur hopes to
inspire his extremely knowledgeable employees with his efficient
business practices. Essentially, under his strategic leadership, his
company has assisted thousands of corporations from a variety of
industries achieve a more productive bottom line. In fact, his
effective operational solutions have guided clients in reducing the
cost of manufacturing to ultimately improve services while
simultaneously maximizing resources. Remarkably, his extensive
portfolio of management experiences has greatly contributed to his
recognition as one of America’s most powerful businessmen.

In the mid to late 1980s, Bonar embarked on his professional endeavors
by accepting a leadership position at QMS, Inc. During his employment
at this renowned company, he was promoted to Executive Director of
Engineering from 1984 to 1988. Following his career at QMS, Inc, Bonar
has maintained many prominent titles at Adaptec, Inc., Bezier Systems,
Inc, Rastek Corporation, and IBM, U.K. Ltd until finally accepting a
management position at Dalrada Financial in 1994. Throughout his
career at Dalrada Financial, he has served as Executive Vice
President, Director of Technology Sales, Vice President of Sales and
Marketing, Chief Operating Officer, Chairman of the Board, and
President. Most prominently, in 1998, he was elected as the company’s
Chief Executive Officer.

Bonar’s professional experiences at multiple companies provided
him the necessary business skills to propel Dalrada Financial. During
the course of his management, this strategic executive sought to offer
effective programs to assist start-ups and emerging companies as well
as mergers and acquisitions. Essentially, his main goal was to
implement simple, safe, and cost-effective plans to improve a
company’s productivity and profitability. Some of the company’s
noteworthy programs involve tax strategy solutions, payroll advance
assistance, worker’s compensation, retirement plans, health insurance,
business liability, staffing, and human resource administration.
Moreover, Bonar understood the importance of their highly customizable
services as the solutions would ultimately positively impact a
corporation’s bottom line. Commendably, his proprietary operational
efficiency offerings enabled him to establish meaningful relations
with all of his clients.

In 2015, Dalrada Financial announced their decision
to revamp their website to entice more clients. The company’s
team of website designers will incorporate state of the art financial
tools such as recent business news in the form of blogs and
newsletters. The experts will implement these business assistance
guides on the homepage. Check out Brian Bonar’s About.Me profile.

Dalrada Financial proudly presents solid products that promote capital
and protection to their client’s companies. The mission of the company
is to encourage wholeness among the owner, executives, and staff.

Brian Torchin On Staffing Agencies

When it comes to work, many people often forget about staffing agencies. Brian Torchin recommends staffing agencies. They are a wonderful resource for people that are looking for work. He talks about the importance of thinking outside the box. As a matter of fact, being creative and coming up with unusual solutions for tough problems is a very important part of life. This includes looking for work, or a source of income. Staffing Agencies can be good for employment in any field. Brian Torchin’s HCRC Staffing is good for employment in the medical field.

Brian Torchin talks about what a staffing agency is. Brian Torchin’s HCRC provides many differnt services for job seekers which includes counselling. They also help with the preparation for the job search. They help with the resume so that it can be a very attractive resume for employers.

Brian Torchin recommends staffing agencies like HCRC for many reasons. One big reason is that hospitals are very appreciative of them due to the fact that they do a lot of the work in finding capable candidates for hospital staff. That said, it is not always the best option for potential employees. For employees that want to stick with a hospital, they may want to apply directly to the hospital and get the employment that they want directly from the hospital that they want to work at.

For anyone that is in need of a job and is willing to accept anything that they get, then a staffing company might just be the solution for them. After all, one thing that is needed is options to fall back on. With options, one has confidence which makes it a little easier for them to get work because that is one of the traits that employers look for. After all, attitude is a large part of qualification.


Vijay Eswaran was born on 7th October 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. In 1984, Vijay Eswaran graduated with a socio-economy degree from London school of economics. After he had completed his studies, he stayed in Europe and worked on the available jobs like driving a cab, construction of sites and plucking of grapes. He obtained a binary system marketing while in the United Kingdom, which was later followed by MBA from Southern Illinois University in 1986. He wanted to start his own business, and he, therefore, returned to Malaysia where he was approached by the Conway Group to start its Philippines business.

In 1998, he returned to Asia where he began his multilevel marketing company that grew to what is known as QI Group today. The regional offices of QI Group are located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Singapore with more than ten countries with subsidiary companies. He is a motivational speaker who has been invited to speak to people in different business and management forums. He is also an author and in 2005 his first book In the sphere of silence was published. This book gives a clear picture of how his past life was and how he starts his day with an hour of silence.

His second book was published in 2008. It is called In the thinking zone that is a collection of the thought and reflections that he faces within his day to day activities. His third book is a collection of his photographs called On the wings of thought, and it was launched in 2010 as an inspiration to all people that wish to have a great future. All this books are so motivational because he clearly states how he begun from scratch to be the great person he is today. He had a very humble beginning. He has established an interactive program where he gets to interact with people and answer all their questions.

Vijay Eswaran has been featured in many entrepreneur camps where most people wanted to know how he goes about his business. Everyone wanted to know what distinguishes QNET from other marketing agencies. They were eager to find out his source of his personal inspiration, the challenges that he may be experiencing as an entrepreneur, how he deals with difficulties in business and also his plans for Quest International University Perak. Check out Vijay Eswaran’s FB profile.

Vijay Eswaran says that when he thought of being an entrepreneur, he did not know he to start. He had no connections to people that could have helped him go about it. He had no funds, and he was going through the economic crisis that made most of the people think that his idea would not have succeeded. He believed in himself, and his wife supported him. They experienced many challenges on the way, but they can afford a smile today.

How New York’s Most Successful Economists Got Where They Are

Economics, or the study of the allocation of resources, has produced many a scholar now climbing the ladders of the financial world, to the point they might accumulate as much wealth as the clients whose fortunes they manage or whose investments they suggest.

There has been increasing interest as to what is required to make it as a highly regarded economist and how those that have gotten there started. A recurring pattern in New York’s top economists and financiers remains academics; it can be deemed that a good knowledge of the complex subject requires a dedication to learning and navigating through its theories.

Christian Broda
Christian Broda is an economist and scholar currently employed as the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management. Duquesne is regarded as one of the top wealth management firms nationwide. Broda earned his position at the top of the privately owned hedge fund sponsor through his ample experience both teaching and applying the theories of economics in some of the most prestigious institutions.

With a PhD and Masters in Economics from MIT, his most notable employment in the finance sector prior to the Duquesne position has been as a Capital Chief International Economist for Lehman Brothers/Barclays Capital. As a scholar, several of Broda’s papers have been published in various economic journals such as the American Economic Review or featured in newspapers such as the Economist and the New York Times.

Giorgio Topa
As Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Giorgio Topa occupies a position with a substantial influence on the Financial Sector. Specializing in Microeconomic and Regional Studies Function, Topa is an expert in Econometrics, applied Microeconomics and Labor Economics. With a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago, Topa has worked in several high-ranked positions, ranging from Lecturer at the University of Chicago to Senior Economist at the Federal Bank of New York.

As an acclaimed scholar, Topa’s works have been published in the Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of Applied Econometrics and the Review of Economic studies, among several other celebrated publications.

Making It to The Top
As most other strongly theoretical subjects, economics requires a vast amount of research. Successful economists and financiers alike have their qualifications only outshone by their published papers. With a shared passion for the subject, they have read, argued and taught their way to esteemed jobs.

Should you be interested in being an economist, it is most likely your success will lie in the time and dedication you may apply to the study of the subject.

Adam Sender’s Gift To The Art Community

The world of art collecting is a fantastic and mysterious place. It is a place where collectors amass the best works of all historical eras, including today. Each collector goes on a great journey to find each piece. Every piece has a specific and special story. Hedge fund manager turned art collector Adam Sender has brought together some of the finest pieces of art ever created. The amazing thing is, he allows others the joy of seeing his collection.

The setting is Miami. Adam Sender sends out invitations for his friends and associates toto take pleasure in viewing his collection. Of his over 1000 works, he has put on display hundreds of them for others. The selling prices of his pieces number into the millions of dollars. It is imporant to share the gift of art. The artist crafted it for people to see, otherwise why create it in the first place? Sender understands this concept, and puts it to good use. Adam Sender’s Instagram is linked here.

He also has a knack for spotting up and coming artists. Some of his pieces were purchased way under the value that they are today. The ability to spot the trends in the ever changing art world is a fine skill indeed. He has continuously loaned pieces out to various museums, including the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art. Young artists such as Frank Benson and Diana Al-Hadid are the staple of his collection, but you can find great pieces by Sarah Lucas and Cindy Sherman. Often, the works he chooses to put on display have never before been see publicly in the United States. He truly wants to share these works with the world.

I respect and appreciate what Mr. Sender has done for the art community. He could hoard his collection in his basement somewhere, letting their beauty accumulate dust. This is not what he does. These works were purchased with his own money. It is by his own volition that the previous works can be shared with the public. What would happen if he had not purchased them? I can bet that they would not on display for all to see. Adam Sender is an art collector, but he is also a sharer of history. Most importantly, he is a humanist, and worthy of recognition.