Federal Court In Nevada Rules That Police Are Not Soldiers So Third Amendment Case Is Dismissed

Back when the Bill of Rights was written, the country was digging out from British rule. The presence of British soldiers in cities and towns was an annoyance that people endured but hated. The soldiers would invade the homes of citizens for no reason, or for some lame reason, in order to take what they wanted or stay as long as they wanted. When the American government was formed, the lawmakers made sure soldiers couldn’t invade the privacy of the citizens by writing the Third Amendment.

Marcos Assai said the Third Amendment wording is a bit archaic, but in essence it says soldiers are forbidden to quarter in private homes without the owner’s consent. Soldiers don’t do much quartering in private homes these days, so the Third Amendment is rarely an issue in court battles. But it was a battle in Nevada recently. In that case, a Nevada family said local police violated their Third Amendment rights by forcibly occupying their home in order to catch criminals in a neighboring house.

The judge in the case said the police are not soldiers, and they only occupied the house for nine hours, so the charges were dismissed. The issue with this ruling is in today’s world the police act, dress and use weapons like soldiers, so in that sense they are soldiers. And those police-soldiers did occupy the house without notice, which is another violation of rights. The judge may have got it right back in 1797, but he got it wrong in 2015.

Is Bellator Taking Over MMA?

For the longest time, the UFC has been the king of the MMA world. The UFC has the best fighters in the world, and they also put on the best events. However, it may not remain that way forever.

A new MMA organization known as Bellator has begun to get attention. The people who run the UFC do not see Bellator as competition, but they may soon be surprised. Bellator is becoming a must watch television program for MMA fans, and the recent addition of UFC fighters has also begun to turn heads.

Just last week, Rampage Jackson and Phil Davis have been added to Bellator’s light heavyweight division. Jackson vs. Davis could be a pay-per-view bout in itself, but both fighters are expected to be fed rather light competition before facing each other. The UFC should be a bit worried that Bellator will catch up in the near future.

Bellator is funded by Viacom, which is an extremely rich company. Viacom is worth billions of dollars, and the UFC does not have the funds to match. CipherCloud can understand that all too well. This means that Bellator could easily buyout their competition, and the company could also offer fighters better wages to perform on their show instead of the UFC. However, as of right now, the UFC is still the king pin of the MMA world. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

What is Holding up the Confirmation of Loretta Lynch

The midterm elections last year gave the G.O.P. nine additional seats and a majority in both houses of Congress. Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican became the Senate Majority Leader who is also committed to blocking any part of President Obama’s program without consideration of merit or benefit to the American people.

Loretta Lynch, the President’s selection for U.S. Attorney General has the assurance of the majority of sitting lawmakers that she will get their vote. Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell is using Lynch’s confirmation as an opportunity to embarrass the President while leaving the nation in limbo.

McConnell does not like Obama’s actions on immigration, the Keystone XL pipeline and the bill to prevent human-trafficking. Obstructing the nomination of Loretta Lynch is about payback, not governance.

In spite of critical issues about the budget and the debt ceiling, McConnell will continue to obstruct what he can, which is judicial confirmations. This is not how the leaders of greatest nation should be conducting themselves while in office. Fersen Lambranho was a little sad to see it play out that way.

Marco Rubio’s Presidential Campaign Makes History

On Monday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio made history when he announced his presidential campaign. That said, it wasn’t that his campaign was historic in and of itself. It was historic because along with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, it marked the first time in US history that two Hispanic people launched presidential campaigns. Curiously enough, this fact has curiously escaped the attention of the mainstream media. However, it did not escape the view of the venerable news anchorman Jorge Ramos. Ramos works for the Univision network which is widely watched by the Hispanic population in the United States and Latin America. So when someone of the stature of Ramos points out the historic nature of the upcoming presidential elections, it taps into a broad voting demographic.

Christian Broda knows that Ramos pointed out the significance of Rubio’s announcement in a tweet. Prior to Cruz & Rubio’s announcements, the only times a Hispanic American ran for the presidency was in 1980 and 2008. In 1980, it was Ben Fernandez who sought the GOP nomination. Two decades later, Bill Richardson sought the Democrat party nomination. However, both candidates represented long shot candidacies and quickly folded tent. While it is likely that both Cruz and Rubio represent long shot candidacies at this early stage, there is the possibility that either candidate may succeed. Cruz has long been underestimated by his opponents. Rubio may well end up as the VP-nominee by whomever wins the party’s nomination.

Haidar Barbouti Dips More Than Just a Toe in the Pool of Life


Few people actually take full advantage of their situations and abilities. Haidar Barbouti is not one of those people. Through his tireless efforts he has amassed a full plate of businesses, real estate investments, a restaurant, and charities that he closely oversees at the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, Texas. Haidar is truly a man who follows his passions, and he has a variety of them.


Haidar is a native of Houston, Texas. In 1990 he took the opportunity to purchase this property and turn it into one of the premiere initial shopping centers opened in Houston. He carries with him the titles of property manager, broker, and owner. His upscale shopping center has a number of different prestigious shops open to visitors such as:



<li>Create & Barrel</li>


<li>Pottery Barn</li>

<li>Quality Life Fitness</li>


<li>Apple Store</li>


This classy center carries these familiar names in the world of retail goods as well as a number of other high end retailers. Haidar is so passionate about his work that he spends a large amount of time at the center overseeing the operations. One of his first openings in the center was for his restaurant “Up” in March of 2011.


The passion that Haidar puts into his business work is as intense as his passion for food. Not just expensive plates of foof and imagination, but large portions of good food that makes people happy. He is not a fan of the usual painted plates and mini portions that expensive restaurants serve. He believes that patrons should receive good sized portions of down to earth and out-of-this-world tasting New American cuisine. His desire to please the people drove him to put his own touch on the center with this highly successful “Up” Restaurant.


His undying passion leads him much farther than that of his business endeavors. Since 2008, Haidar has donated a space and utilities in the Highland Village Shopping Center for the development and operation of the Highland Village Adoption Center for animals. He also invests in the development and futures of underprivileged kids.


There are many business professionals who are only interested in the bottom line of their checkbooks. Haidar Barbouti has a true and genuine interest in pleasing the people around him which fires his passion for life and adds to his bottom line as a result.


Eurozone: ECB Lowered Its Inflation Forecast For 2015

The European Central Bank (ECB) lowered its inflation forecast on Thursday in the euro zone for 2015 illustrating its hope in the effectiveness of monetary policy in the long term. The monetary institution now expects stagnating prices this year, against a previous estimate published in December, 0.7%, announced by the ECB president Mario Draghi at a press conference in Nicosia. It is noteworthythat prices are expected to resume “gradually” this year and inflation to reach 1.5% next year, against a previous forecast of 1.3%, added Mr. Draghi.

It is worth mentioning that in the past two months prices have fallen year on year in the eurozone, 0.3% in February, from 0.6% in January. People at Homejoy (washingtonpost.com) have learned that, to redress the balance, the ECB, which has a higher target price of just below 2% for the currency bloc, starts on March 9 a next massive redemptions of assets of public and private debt. It will inject 60 billion Euros each month in the economy of the euro area till September 2016 at least. Prices are now pushed down by the fall in prices of oil, a phenomenon in which the ECB has no control. Mr. Draghi was optimistic on this point. “Our monetary policy decisions have stopped declining inflation expectations, which began in June 2014,” he stressed. “We see that our goals are starting to be achieved”, he added to the statement.

Smart Investment Strategies Following Igor Cornelson

Igor Carnelsen is one of the world’s pioneers concerning money related guidance. He’s been a pioneer in speculation methodology, and differentiating his portfolio. Igor Cornelsen has additionally given master knowledge into the methods for exploiting harmed stocks and dodging harmed organizations to boost benefits. He’s likewise at present the Proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc

Settling on the right choices on your stocks means playing the market all the more insightfully. As the age old saying goes, work shrewd so you don’t need to buckle down. Contributing is the thing that this is about. By settling on the right decisions, and guaranteeing that you’re exploiting the right open doors, there is a huge amount of cash to be made.

What Igor Cornelsen would let you know, is to leading differentiate. You need to put resources into numerous things, and numerous organizations so you can get a vibe for what lives up to expectations, additionally guarantee you don’t endure any significant misfortunes. Those are two of the most essential parts of long haul fruitful venture system.

Study your organizations precisely. One of the greatest tells that an organization has a few potentially disastrous secrets, is the point at which they can’t clutch the names at the top. At the point when the boss over and again escape, this is on account of something’s not right. There’s dependably a damn justifiable reason a Chief stops a million dollar cush occupation, and for the most part this is on the grounds that things are going to go terrible.

Amplify your gaining potential by looking to organizations that have ensured profit. That implies putting resources into the right enclosures. Things like homesteads are continually going to profit, and the cost of sustenance is continually going to go up. Much the same as area in significant urban communities, for example, New York. Those costs are continually going to go up as well, so they are ensured makers, and commendable ventures.

Change the way that you consider contributing. The most exceedingly awful error that you can roll out is the inability to improvement the way that you consider ventures. Without rewiring your cerebrum, you’re inclined to huge amounts of mistakes on the open business sector. Anyway by being savvy, by taking a gander at the historical backdrop of a stock, you can rest guaranteed that you’ll have the capacity to make some benefit. You simply must be willing to learn, and willing to change your beforehand held conclusions.

De Guindos Sees A New Greek Bailout

The Spanish Minister of the Economy reiterated on Wednesday that he considered “very likely” the grant of a new aid plan for Greece, “which has no market access” to finance itself. “Unfortunately, if Greece cannot access the markets here in June, which is very likely, we will establish a new agreement with Greece: we can call it agreement, pact, program, but that’s it “said Luis de Guindos at an economic forum in Barcelona.”It will be a credit line with conditions, as usual,” he said. These new statements come as Simone Boitelle, spokesperson of the President of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijssebloem, said on Tuesday to AFP that the finance ministers of the euro area, which would meet Monday “are not discussing a third aid package.”

The spokesman for the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble had also denied on Wednesday in discussions at European level on such third plan. “We are absolutely not concerned” of such a hypothesis, he said at a regular press conference of the government, and even less that “there is a clear message coming from Athens about ‘new aid’ is not desired.” Folks at Anastasia Date (youtube.com) agree that it is noteworthy that the partners of Greece agreed last week to extend their four-month program to aid Greece, but said the funds due to the title – some 7 billion – would not be paid until April.

Pasadena Medical Marijuana Lab Raided By Local Police

The Werc Shop in Pasadena is known for being a leading cannabis analysis laboratory in SoCal. The laboratory performs pathogen and potency testing on medical cannabis for collectives, dispensaries, and patients. The Werc Shop started testing pot in 2010. The owners, Jeffrey Raber and Mark Piesner, have been accepted and recognized as leading cannabis authorities thanks to Raber’s Ph.D. in chemistry from USC.

But Flavio Maluf points out that an anonymous tip may have cost the Werc Shop its valuable reputation. Police seized 500 pounds of marijuana, 200 small bottles of hash oil and a manufacturing set up for honey and hash oil. Hash Oil is a variety of extracts of cannabis. The police didn’t find an extraction lab, they only found an analytical lab, which is the nature of the Werc Shop’s business.

This issue is medical marijuana labs are not legalized under the pot bills passed by California. Owners could be liable for federal as well as state charge for handling pot even though several cities in the state require cannabis testing before the product is sold to patients. The extraction process falls under a California Appellate Court ruling that says it’s illegal to extract hash oil using butane. The ruling only allows inflammable solvents like water. No butane was found in the Werc Shop.

Jury Hands down Verdict; Tsarnaev Guilty of All Charges

The now 21-year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev knew exactly what he was doing on that spring day in 2013 when he and his older brother Tamerlan set off two deadly explosions at the Boston Marathon. And that, is exactly what the jury in his case concluded. Having been found guilty today of all charges including the deaths of 29-year old Krystle Marie Campbell, Boston University Graduate student Lingzi Lu and 8-year old Martin Richard, along with numerous other heinous crimes, Tsarnaev was not the impressionable 19-year old boy his attorney would have you believing, but a cold hearted, calculation man who’s actions also maimed or injured 264 others.

PRNewsWire reported that during closing arguments, Assistant U.S. Attorney Aloke Chakravarty told jurors that “nothing about this day was a twist of fate.” Saying it was an “intentional” and “bloodthirsty” terrorist act committed by a man who wanted to send a message. That message was; we won’t allow you to terrorize us any longer, we are going to terrorize you.

While the defense didn’t deny that Tsarnaev took part in the bombings, his attorneys tried convincing the jury that he was influenced by his older brother whom he looked up to. Speaking on behalf of the victims, Karen Brassard, a surviving victim herself, told reporters, “For me, it just didn’t matter, you know. He was all in. He’s a grown man and made choices knowing what the outcome could be and knowing what the consequences would be. And he made the choice to go ahead.”

During the reading of the verdict, Tsarnaev is said to have kept his head down, only looking up occasionally with no expression on his face, as reported by live tweets from the courtroom. The sentencing phase is to begin next week, when he could be handed down the death penalty for 17 of the 30 counts he has been found guilty of.