US Money Reserve Is A Highly Trusted Gold Vendor

US Money Reserve distributes precious metals to consumers all over the United States. Based in Texas, this reputable vendor of precious metals employs in excess of one hundred fully trained and qualified experienced, knowledgeable representatives, businesspeople, and precious metal evaluation experts.

Those involved in both precious metal investing and collecting of coins trust US Money Reserve to purchase the highest quality bullion and numismatic coins. All the coins have been struck in the United States by the Federal Reserve Bank, the official, sole producer of all US currency.

What types of precious metal does US Money Reserve distribute? Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Bullion is available in gold and silver, along with platinum, silver, and gold coins available for sale. All of the coins are made in the United States and are official coins. All of the currency sold by US Money Reserve is guaranteed to be the real coins that US Money Reserve says they are, and comparable in value and quality to all other coins of the same type.

There are three types of coins sold by US Money Reserve, which are non-certified bullion, proof, and mint state coins. Mint coins are fully approved and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality for consumers. Bullion are coins that are not fully certified, but feature different prints that set them apart from different coins. All of these coins are minted in wide varieties most of the time and able to be identified as coins printed by the US Federal Reserve Bank.

Ordering coins does not take that long, but there are a few steps that potential customers have to go through in order to certify their identity and to make sure that they will have enough money to pay for the precious metals. The first thing one needs to do is either fill out a request on US Money Reserve’s official website which can be found at, or by calling representatives that work on behalf of US Money Reserve at 1-866-646-8465. Once a plan is set up and the financial institution, credit card, or debit card that is going to be used for payment is certified to have sufficient funds, the consumer has three to five days to order their gold or they will get a refund of their money. This is so US Money Reserve can help reduce fraud or any other negative oddities that may occur in the precious metal buying process.

You Key To Work

Today shearing information in digital format is the key to keeping your apps or any other thing else you want on the go.Never having to be stationary for the simple things has more then improved life for many.But that is in the public what about the men an women of business?With modern technology helping the non working class what about the working class do they get any new tools for the modern work age?Well my friends the answer is yes because while you may have not known the team who work to get your web better each day have allowed companies online to get the cloud online for the working man himself as well.

Good News
For the guys who have been looking for those companies that can give the work force the use of the cloud please do not worry they are already here.ServiceMesh has made the move to offer the work force this new need for internet service.So with so many companies saying they can get the job done but few being able to actually prove that they work the need for a honest company offering this service is in high demand.So what gives this company the power to use their resources for the benefit of the owners of business?Well my friends what gives these guys the stuff is the modern technology that allows them to stay in constant contact with their clients around the clock.

When you get ready to use the cloud for your business you need to be ready to keep your information in tight order with protection that will last until you say so.For the people who are wondering about the price of this great service do not worry it is more then affordable.The best part is that this service is run by one of the best online mangers in the world.This man is no other then Eric Pulier.Since his days of being a late teen this man has worked night an day understanding the age of internet allowing himself to work with it so it would grow into a more helpful resource for the community.When the working class needed a tool to help them stay in the modern age men like Eric made the decision to take their experience to work so that all of the classes could enjoy the benefits of the new age of computers.With his education from Harvard you can be sure that this man has been taught by some of the best minds in the world.

So with all this in the open why not be relaxed that your business needs for digital content are being met?Good luck my fellow online workers.

Reasons Behind The Success Of BMG Bank In Brazil

Over the years, different institutions have developed more sophisticated methods of boosting economic growth. This is evident through the institutional mechanisms that companies and countries have employed. As a result, this has led to the emergence of many different types of banking institutions across the world. Many banks have emerged in the recent years to compete in the international arena. This has also contributed to the development of both national and international banking system. The developing nations have invested a great deal in the banking mechanism to boost growth and uplift the living standards of the people. BMG bank is one of the most recognized banking institutions in Brazil. The bank started from a family background and has developed into one of the most coveted and cherished banks in Brazil. BMG bank is owned by Pentagna Guimarães family which has steadily developed the bank into a multinational institution. The bank was established in 1930 and all through these years it has been providing services in wholesale and consumer financing which saw many people benefit from the bank. Here, the bank was involved in financing both the private individual and companies to acquire heavy commercial vehicles for business.

In 1980s, the BMG bank diversified its services and started offering services in other areas geared towards benefiting the general public. This was through the development of the payroll system where the employee and customer databases where managed, this saw the bank increase its profit margin through increased lending rates. The bank has diversified in the recent years and is offering full commercialized services to its big number of clients. It has also formed joint ventures with other banking institutions like Itaú Unibanco S.A which has really improved its capital market demand. The success of the bank has however come through improved customer service delivery mechanisms.

The bank has relied mostly on Marcio Alaor who is the vice president to foster improved development. Through his good leadership initiatives, he has led the company to develop an outstanding corporate department that ensures customer service delivery is guaranteed. The company also focuses on ensuring that complaints from every corner of the market are dealt with on time to improve accountability and efficiency. Marcio Alaor has also spearheaded the development of strategic business ideas that have propelled the company to reach greater heights. This involves the diversification of the funding sources which have ensured that the bank generates surplus income by sourcing for alternative business venture.

Dondero, Highland, and K2M

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and finance. He has been a leader in the investment industry for years. He first became a credit investor in the mid-80s. During these years, he made huge waves early. One of these big waves was helping invent the Collateralized Loan Obligation (known as a CLO). One of his first investment jobs was with American Express. While with the company, Dondero managed over $1 billion for American Express. Following his stint at American Express, Jim became CIO of Protective Life’s new GIC subsidiary.

Within the next five years, he helped the new company blossom into a $2 billion industry. In 1993, Jim co-founded Highland Capital. It grew enormously successful, branching out into a variety of directions. By 2014 Highland, Highland had around $15.04 billion of assets under management. He continues to serve as its president. In addition to his work at Highland, Dondero also sits on several boards. He is currently on the boards of MGM Studios, American Banknote, NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical Corporation.

He currently lives in Dallas, TX. James Dondero is one of the very best investment managers in the world. His immense skill was put on display this year as he and his firm, Highland Capital Management, helped the struggling but promising K2M Group Holdings Inc. The first did this by investing in the company by 653.43%. Highland’s investment peak was in this past third quarter. However, the firm has been steadily increasing its investment in the health care company for several months. At the same time that Highland was increasing its stake in K2M, it was decreasing its stake in the Bank America Corporation and several other major companies.

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The Marcio Alaor food court square was on 21st of August 2014 inaugurated at the Santé Antonio do Monte agricultural exhibition held on 21st to 24th of August. The food court, which was previously a grain store, was named in honor of a son of soil Mr. Marcio Alaor.He also happens to be the vice president of Banco BMG.It was a gratitude sign from the city, its inhabitants and the rural community for his efforts in uplifting the livelihood of the locals. He also by chance pioneered the building of the food court and it is going to serve as a market for farm produce.
The event was a well-received and local authority and leaders attended the show. It was a chance for the community to show its appreciation to a one of their own who had conquered the nation. He also has in his capacity as an entrepreneur shaped the city. He rose from a shoe polisher on the streets of Santo Antonio to become a big boy in the Brazilian banking industry; He is the vice president of the largest Consigned credit provider in Brazil. Sharing his story, he appreciated the community, his friends, and family for the role they have played in shaping him and his career. Their support cannot be monetized, and he was forever grateful. He was okay to give back to the community and to develop the city was part of his dream.
The unusual event saw Mr. Marcio beaming with joy as everyone gave his vote of thanks. From The town mayor, Mr. Wilmar Son, To Vilmar the Rural union leader and a local elder Mr. Luis Antonio.It was enough evidence of the love the people had for him and deep connection he shared with the community. The fact that they recognized during his life time was even the more inspiring.
He was also awarded a plate in the Local town square engraved with his name .Mr. Vilma engraved the plate. He was commended for doing well and seeking no returns or political favors, a trait that was observed as rare and admirable. Santo Antonio community has a history of producing successful business people who return to the city to help solve its problems. This demographic was instrumental in making the area the top milk producer in the region.Mr. Marcio is the latest entrant into this exclusive club. It stories like these of winners that motivate man y people to make a difference in the lives of others. It also tales like these that have shaped BMG and endeared it to the hearts of Brazilians. We wish Marcio Alaor all the best in his future endeavors.

Brian Bonar Is An Amazing Man In The Finance World

A career in finances is not for the weak at heart. There will be a lot of things that those who are studying for the career will have to learn, and there will be many challenges facing them once they start off in this career. The path that they have chosen for themselves may seem so hard, in fact, that some people will decide to go back to school and try for something else, instead. Finances is something special, and it is something that only a special, few people will find that they enjoy.
But, when someone enjoys finances, then they have the opportunity to take their career to many great places. They have the chance to do something amazing with their life. There are so many, different things that they could choose to do, and they will just have to figure out what it is that they want from their career and make it their goal to make it happen.

Brian Bonar has been able to do a lot of amazing things with his career. He has been able to hold an important role at several different companies, and he is respected for the work that he has been able to do for them. People who are new to the finance world, and who are just setting goals for themselves, should consider the work that this man has done. He is 68-years-old, and he has been able to make the most of each of the years of his career. He was determined to take on a lot, and to make a big name for himself, and when one looks at the things that he has done, they can see that he has done that well.

There are so many things that one can do with a career in finance. They could become the president of a company, like Brian Bonar is, or they could go on to be financial officer of a company, or so much more. Brian Bonar has been able to accomplish both of these things, and more, and if anyone wants to have a good example to follow, they will want to look up to him. He is an amazing man in the finance world.

Top Cities in the Nation for Doing Business,

The Chicago real estate market has come back with a bang, encompassing rising prices, increasing sales, and a decline of distressed property sales. While the areas on the south and west sides are still in limbo from the housing decline, downtown Chicago and the north side appeared to have successfully recovered with dramatic improvements beginning in 2013. The Chicago housing market has yet to improve uniformly across the city, but the turn of events has proved fruitful to many businesses.

The Windy City is well-known as a financial, technological, and commercial hub ranked among the top cities in the nation for ease of doing business, with some of the top names in business entrepreneurs. Majeed Ekbal is a name that is prominently featured in the Chicago business fraternity. Frequently cited as a principal trend setter in marketing and public relations, Ekbal is well-known for his development of social media campaigns for numerous clients in the health care and consumer brands industry. As an international business and marketing graduate from the American University in Washington, Ekbal has exceptional skills in Microsoft and Apple applications development.

With over 15 years of experience in developing global marketing campaigns and leading new business initiatives, Ekbal has a long list of areas of expertise that make him a highly marketable individual. Specializing in direct and digital marketing, branding, partnership development, and budget management, Ekbal has proven his ability to generate revenue and shape comprehensive marketing strategies while assembling and managing teams. With a specialized skill set in SEO analytics, e-commerce development, and brand awareness, he is revolutionizing the title of a senior marketing executive.

Ekbal has built an impressive reputation for himself as an individual and humanitarian who works tirelessly to over-deliver to his clients. He is dedicated to working with special projects assigned locally, nationally, and internationally to help create a better means for those encompassed in child slavery and abuse. His entrepreneurial skills depict outstanding leadership qualities that shine through in the competitive business environment that Chicago has to offer. Noted as one of the most talented business leaders in Chicago, Ekbal rose to fame when he launched Expresso Incorporated, a business that bought and delivered groceries, specialties from gourmet shops, and items from food boutiques. Competing with top grocery providers including Jewel, Dominick’s, and Eagle, Ekbal created a system of catering to customer’s convenience.

Handy Is The Best App Of Its Form

Handy is a large mobile company that lists a lot of cleaning services. These cleaning services come mainly from independent cleaners, rather than professional cleaning companies. People who have their cleaning services listed on Handy have largely benefitted from using Handy because of the low fees associated with using Handy and the large base of potential clients that can be easily browsed.

Just this July the three year old company hit the one million bookings mark. 100,000 jobs are booked and completed every single month on Handy. This is a lot of cleaning jobs in the 28 areas that Handy currently is available for use in. With 10,000 employees registered for Handy, this averages out to around ten jobs for cleaning professional. Where this is nowhere near a full-time position for most people, many people who are not already bringing in enough money for them or their families turn to Handy so they can book enough cleaning appointments to make enough money.

Handy recently earned in excess of $50,000,000 in funding so they could increase the quality of services in the 28 cities that it currently operates in. Handy expects to expand the number of cities it has control over by the end of next year, along with expanding its services into other non-cleainging categories.

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the two founders of this company, are the spark behind the flame that Handy has brought to the world. Without these two masterminds at the helm of Handy, this app might not be where it currently is today.

Beneful Offers Specialty Dog Food Choices at Supermarket Prices

For decades, Purina has been a brand associated with the highest quality pet food products. Taking the lead as one of the most popular dog foods on the market is Purina’s Beneful. Beneful is the dog food of choice for pet owners who want the best taste and nutritional value for their pet, at an affordable price.

Beneful dog food offers delicious, nutrient-rich meals, that come in both savory wet selections and dry kibble varieties. There is a Beneful dry food blend for every pet, including Healthy Weight, Healthy Puppy, Playful Life, as well as Incredibites, a smaller, softer tasty kibble blend, ideal for small breeds.

Beneful’s wet meals include flavor varieties containing chicken, turkey, salmon, liver, and beef. Like their dry blends, Beneful medley meals and stews contain vitamin-rich vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, corn, spinach and green beans. These yummy stews and chopped blends come in convenient, re-sealable, easily stackable tubs.

High quality food blends are usually only found in specialty pet supply shops; however, Beneful can be found right on the supermarket shelf with other fine Purina products. As Purina cares about a dog’s complete health, Beneful also makes Healthy Smile chew sticks and Baked Delights treats, ensuring that reward time is as nutritious as meal time.

Healthy dogs are playful dogs, and Beneful’s ad campaigns on focus on the importance of play for dogs and their owners. It’s a well known fact that owners who interact through play and affection with their dogs live happier and healthier lives. Dogs give people a perfect incentive to go for a work, or throw a ball like they did when they were kids.

Dogs have always been an advertising draw; however in Beneful’s vision, canines are portrayed as more than still portraits on a box, they are doing what dogs do best– jumping, running, chasing balls and interacting with their owners. One very entertaining video shows a variety of breeds participating in a Rube Goldberg Machine exercise, thus creating a Dog Goldberg Machine. The dogs in this video are just being themselves, not performing fancy show tricks. Beneful’s ads emphasize the simple pleasure of normal dogs being active and having fun. This whimsical video, that is delighting viewers all over the world,can be viewed at

An affordable, nutritious, tasty food for a canine best friend is right on the grocer’s shelf. Testimonials from thousands of pet owners, who choose Beneful for their four-legged family members, prove that providing the best for a dog doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Assisted Living Facilities a Welcome Option for Seniors

As the average age of the American population increases, assisted living facilities have become an extremely important living option for many seniors. An assisted living facility is described as a long-term care option that combines housing, support services and health care, as needed. Assisted living is intended for individuals who need assistance with essential everyday life activities such as preparing and enjoying meals, medication management, hygiene, dressing, and transportation. Residents are assessed and interviewed upon entry to these facilities to determine the appropriate level of assistance desired and required by the individual.

Examples of some care options available at most assisted living facilities are: the provision of 3 daily meals often in a common dining area, help with bathing and toileting, laundry services, transportation to shopping outlets or medical appointments, health and wellness classes, and social and recreational activities.

One such facility located in San Luis Obispo is The Manse on Marsh. In operation for decades, this facility offers several tiers of care to its residents. They offer independent living when less care is needed, including adjacent homes and cottages. Assisted living is available for those who may need more care services. The Manse also offers respite care for temporary stays that might be desired due to rehabilitation or perhaps a respite for family caretakers. Hospice care is also available. The Manse offers unsurpassed beauty both in its buildings and its natural surroundings. They also have a long history of commitment to caring for the community.

The Manse on Marsh employs an executive chef and provides dining options to its residents including café style dining and room service. Unique offerings such as an in-house cinema with comfortable chairs and hot buttered popcorn, a library, and a salon, provide residents of The Manse a rich and varied living experience, and they even participate with interested parties on Twitter. Residents have all day access to hot beverages, baked goods, and fresh fruit.

Slowly, Americans are embracing the idea that the senior years can be full and vibrant. Assisted living facilities provide more freedom and individual experience to those who desire them. Going forward there will undoubtedly be an increase in the utilization of these types of living facilities. There is room for great growth in the industry of senior care and many companies are rising to the occasion. So, here’s to a long and happy life!