NJ Governor Chris Christie Joins the GOP Presidential Race

As widely expected, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has joined the 2016 GOP presidential race. He formally kicked off his campaign for the presidency from the first place he enjoyed executive office: Livingston High School; he served as study body class president during his time high school years. It is without question that Christie is an experienced leader and politician. He was a US state attorney for eight years before getting elected governor during the Tea Party wave that brought many GOP candidates into office.

Since that time, he handled a recalcitrant Democrat-dominated legislature to push through difficult reforms on pensions and government spending said Kevin Seawright. As per biographer Bob Ingle, who wrote a book on the governor, Christie is the most conservative governor in New Jersey state history. However, that is a relative term. Compared to governors Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, and Scott Walker, he is just another liberal Republican or “moderate”, which term is nearly a pejorative among conservatives.

However, what appears to be hurting Christie isn’t his gruff style; it is the image of him easily embracing the left. Many conservatives believed he betrayed Mitt Romney during the crucial final weeks of the 2012 presidential election by warmly embracing President Obama while touring the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. Ever since that time, he has been viewed with suspicion. That said, he has been working New Hampshire in preparation of his presidential announcement. His most recent event turned out to be standing room only. For now, he remains a tier-2 candidate.

Many Are Upset About The Confederate Flag Flying Full Staff In Charleston, South Carolina

After the tragedy in South Carolina, everyone is now talking about gun control as well as racism. Another thing people are talking about is the Confederate flag flying at full staff when every other flag was at half staff because of the tragedy. John Oliver’s Opinion On Confederate Flag. Many complained about the fact that the Confederate flag was still flying, especially after the tragedy occurred in Charleston South Carolina. John Oliver, who is an outspoken person, he decided to address the entire issue about the Confederate flag on a video that can be seen on MTV News.

Dr. Daniel Amen implied that John had a suggestion of what should be done with the Confederate flag. After the tragedy in Charleston, most places decided to fly their flags at half staff, and it was out of respect for the nine victims who died in Charleston. The problem is, the Confederate flag has always symbolized one of two things. The Confederate flag is known as racist because it was the flag used by Southerners who held the belief that slavery was okay.

The Confederate flag is also known as a Southern tradition, and it honors the deeply held beliefs of southerners. Many felt that it was disrespectful to fly the Confederate flag at all after the recent incident. Many people have voted in the past to have the Confederate flag outlawed everywhere, and John himself believes that the confederate flag should never be flown anywhere again.

Sweet 21

In recent years there have been a lot of campaigning and promotion for people to give up smoking and or using tobacco products. Some states have taken to legally acting on the matter in order to curb use of tobacco products. The Governor of Hawaii has officially signed a bill that will raise the state’s legal smoking age to 21 years of age. The law was signed on Friday and will help prevent anyone under the age of 21 from possessing, buying, or smoking electronic cigarettes as well as traditional cigarettes and tobacco products. Hawaii County and New York City are similar local governments who have resulted to using the same type of bans. Raising the minimum age of using tobacco products increases the chance that individuals will grow up free from tobacco use. 86% of adults who smoke in Hawaii began smoking before the age of 21. Limiting access to tobacco products will have a tremendous impact in curbing the prevalence of tobacco use. Even though this bill has been put in place to encourage the health and well-being of citizens, there are still opponents for the cause. Critics are saying that it is unfair for a military veteran to return home from active duty and not be able to smoke if they choose so. Even with the critics and their opinions, Amen Clinic spokespeople noticed that the law still stands. If individuals under 21 are caught smoking they will be fined $10. After their first offense each fine afterwards would be $50 and they could even face time doing community service. The bill doesn’t go into effect until 2016 but there are numerous supporters who are currently behind the cause.

Greece Is Not Cooperating With The European Union

Greece is playing a dangerous game. Greece could run out of money unless they agree to a deal with other European Union members. The unrest in Greece is increasing. The government is under attack by Greeks that want Greece to stay in the EU. But Greeks are pulling money out of Greek banks, and that is causing concern for the European leaders. The government of Greece must present new reform plans to meet the deadline for their loan payment, but the Greek financial minister left the meeting before a new plan was presented.

Brad Reifler suggests to us that Greece faces some tough social reform decision. In order to get the country moving again, the government has to cut spending and slash government subsidies. Most Greeks are not willing to lose their pensions and take a pay cut, but in order to stay solvent citizens will have to suffer some financial losses.

The Greek situation is teaching other countries that running a democracy the wrong way can be the demise of that country. The world’s oldest democracy is failing, and they won’t help themselves survive, because they have become dependent on a government that is dysfunctional.

NAACP Plans 860 Mile March For Justice

Officials at the NAACP, headed by president and CEO, Cornell William Brooks, have announced its ‘America’s Journey for Justice’ protest march, which will take place on August 1st, 2015. Alexei Beltyukov told us that the march will span the over 860 mile distance between Selma, Alabama and the U.S. nation’s Capitol, Washington, DC. NAACP President Brooks stated that the march will focus on the NAACP’s national policies and agenda regarding the protection of the right of each American to a fair and just criminal justice system review, an uncorrupted as well as unfettered access to the right to vote, well paying and sustainable jobs which have a viable livable wage as well as equal public education. NAACP Plans March On Civil Issues

The NAACP is struggling to make itself relevant in the modern world of social media. Recent events regarding the illegal shooting and killing of African Americans at the hands of the police has provided the NAACP a window to become relevant again, but many wonder who will listen to the message. There is a full generation of people that simply do not have an understanding of the relevancy of the NAACP in the Civil Rights Movements in the past. In the age of social media and smart phones, the discussion of race and discrimination has been distorted. NACCP President Brooks hopes to draw attention to the importance of the organization with the planned march. The number of marchers have not been announced yet.

Couple Trespassing on Own Property

Veterans have given a good part of their lives for the safety of the country. They have spent time away from home, and they deserve some kind of special treatment while they are at home. One man was living off the grid in Alabama. The man lives in a home with his girlfriend on their own land. However, the city told them that if they stay in the home, they will be arrested for trespassing. The reason for this is because the couple doesn’t use a lot of the utilities offered by the city. Solar panels have been put in place for electricity, and the couple has a way to collect rain water. Officers aren’t happy that the couple have been living in a home that isn’t connected to any of the utilities set up by the city, so they have condemned the home. If someone can come up with a way to survive without paying the high prices of utilities, then they should be allowed to do so, especially if it’s a veteran. Just because someone wants to save money, Gianfrancesco Genoso doesn’t think that means that the person should be charged with trespassing.

Trans Pacific Partnership Deal Close to Going Down in Flames

The President’s hope of getting fast track trade approval from Congress is slipping away with Democrats being his biggest road block. President is Still Fighting Hard For TPP Congress has decided not to ring the proposed fast track legislation to a vote. The legislation is tied to the President’s negotiation on the Trans Pacific Partnership legislation, or TPP for short. The TPP is an agreement among Pacific rim and South American countries to open a free trade zone block. According to Coluna Esplanda, the President sought fast track approval from Congress so he could negotiate in good faith with his trade partners. The fast track legislation would have required a vote by Congress to ratify any trade agreement but Congress would only be able to vote the legislation up or down. They would have no influence in drafting the terms of the legislation. Ironically, the republicans in both the House and the Senate have supported the President on this matter. It is the democrats, who are receiving heavy pressure from labor sections of their electorate, who are blocking passage. As the President and Congress continue to wrangle over the legislation for fast track authority, ratification of the TPP hangs in the balance. The President is seeking to equal the playing field with China, who has started its own trade block and development investment bank to expand its influence in the Pacific rim itself. The President has said he will continue to push for he fast rack authority.

Family Asked to Leave Pool Disagrees With Officers

A family in Ohio was involved in a dispute with police officers while they were at a public pool. The reason for the altercation is that a boy who was with the family didn’t have on the right clothing for swimming. This is something that could have easily been handled. The boy could have changed clothes, but instead of the boy changing clothes, the family decided to argue with officers, and the officers ended up arresting the mother of the boy. One of the officers was pushed during the altercation. Workers at the pool had asked the family to leave, but they thought they should be allowed to stay as they didn’t see antyhing wrong with what the boy was wearing. Andy Wirth of Olympic Valley in Colorado knows that if someone asks you to do something in a public place, then it’s best that you listen to what you’re told so that you don’t cause a scene with staff at the location or with officers if they show up to make you leave.

Man Spends Seven Years In Jail Without Even Having A Trial

Carlos Montero is 24 years old and he has been locked in Rikers Island for seven years waiting for his trial. He was alleged to have been with two friends when one of them stabbed a man and the other slashed someone during a robbery in 2008. Montero has tried to get his case separated from his friends but the judge isn’t moving on his plea.

Montero entered the jail at age 17 and has been sitting there for six years and eight months. He states he is depressed and wants to go home; however his lawyer feels it is a lost cause and won’t even attempt to seek bail. There is a state statue guaranteeing a prisoner to a speedy trial; however this does not apply in murder cases. One of the others charged is disputing DNA evidence and this process is holding up the trial for Montero.

The Sixth Amendment guarantees a prisoner’s right to a reasonable proceeding but it does not have timeline set. Montero has appeared before the Supreme Court in Manhattan 77 times but still has not been given a day in court. His has been behind bars now for 2,423 days but is still hopeful he will get justice. Montero is insisting he was not even with his friends the day the killing was done. Gianfrancesco Genoso pointed out to teses.usp.br that Montero had been offered 15 years as a plea bargain but refused the deal as he insists he is innocent.

Ron Kuby, a civil rights lawyer not connected to Montero’s case says this is tailor made to challenge the law because of the delay. He states he never heard of anyone spending more than five years in prison in New York and this appears to be a clear constitutional violation. Montero’s stay in prison is costing taxpayers- to date it has cost over $1 million for his seven year stay at Rikers.

Will Jeb Bush’s Son Take Back His Words?

Not too long ago a son of Jeb Bush said that Ted Cruz is the future of the republican party. Susan McGalla suggests this son of the famous Bush governor said that someone other than his father was the one that republicans should be looking to as they seek a leader. This man chose someone to represent republicans, and the one that he chose was not his father.

With the news out that Jeb Bush has decided to run for president, will his son take back his words? Will Jeb Bush’s son decide that his father is the one who everyone should be looking to when it comes to choosing a republican leader? Does Jeb Bush’s son regret his choice of words? If Jeb Bush’s son doesn’t regret what he said, if he still thinks that Ted Cruz would be the best leader for the republican party, should individuals be voting for Jeb Bush? If the man’s son doesn’t support him, should others?