White Shark Media’s Advice

Complaints are not an uncommon aspect of owning a business. The trick to easily dealing with complaints is to deal with the source of the complaint instead of covering up the complaint. Having a company with a low amount of complaints is often a rare thing. That is why White Shark Media addresses how to avoid complaints as well as how to address the complaints.

White Shark Media is a successful company that specializes in AdWords. Reviews are not new to the people of White Shark Media. That is why the company have given several example complaints in addition to sharing how they solved the issue.

Here is a list of the common complaints and solutions that sometimes occur…

1.) Losing touch with the AdWords campaign.

To avoid this complaint, White Shark Media began to encourage the client to look at the ins and the outs of their campaign. When looking more closely at the AdWord campaign, a client will known more where to go and what keywords to search for.

2.) Communication is not good enough

Communication is the most important aspect of a company, especially for a consulting company. When a client complains that the communication is bad, take the following precautions…

Schedule monthly status calls
give clients direct extensions for contact

3.) Complaints about SEO services

Many consulting companies are asked this question in whether or not they can get SEO serives provided. Many consulting companies, despite and SEO experience, can help. However, a consulting company is not a SEO service, instead they are there to advice on another SEO service provided.

4.) My contact person did not help

Companies have this issue pop up all the time. The problem is that advertisement may be smooth and say all the right things. However, a contact person may not be in tune with your actual needs as an individual. To avoid this, it is recommended to create a signup process. This will be done by issuing a contact person that matches well with the client. In addition to this, it is recommended to make the contact person constantly available to the client.

Customer complaints are very common, especially among growing businesses. White Shark Media is a consulting firm that is familiar with customer’s complaints. That is why White Shark Media has offered online advice as to how to avoid complaints.

Popular Online Company: Status Labs

Status Labs is a very well known online reputation management firm located in Austin, Texas. The whole purpose of their firm is to help clients to get an online audience, and a large following. They also help with the content that will help clients with their unique needs and sales.Whether it is a client that needs some increase in their brands general media footprint, or a client that needs image management, or someone that needs help with rolling out a new product, Status Labs gives solutions that will fit any client’s needs.
Status Labs has many tips for anyone that’s trying to make a successful PR pitch. If you want to craft a successful PR pitch, first remember to always stay on topic. Before you pick something, you have to really research it, and then take note on the subject matter. If you don’t do this you can easily become blocked, and that is not a good thing at all if you are trying to have a business relationship with the journalist. The second tip is to keep your emails as short as possible. If you want to include a press release put it at the bottom of the email. Keep your emails at only six sentences. In your email, include a call to action. The third tip is to really know your contact. Try to have a relationship outside of just emails by talking to them through social media networks. The fourth tip is to go above and beyond. Try to fulfill the request of journalists on time. Give them information that is accurate .Give good photography. The more professional you look, the better chance they will want to work with you again in the future. The fifth tip is to have a great story. When you are writing your pitch remember these five factors that make any story something that somebody would want to read :timing, proximity, significance, prominence, and human interest. Ask yourself before you email: Does the pitch sound like a story idea or an ad? Although public relations and image management has change in the internet world, PR Firms have not. That is why Status Labs stands out from the rest. Status Labs has good connections, and close relationships with journalists and bloggers from many different industries.They are known worldwide for fulfilling the needs of clients, and working with international markets.

The Art Of The Collector

Art collectors should wear a big sign that says “Artist Beware: Do Not Approach Unless Asked To Do So!” Artists dream of having their work purchased by one the great art collectors in the world, but the reality of this is negligible. Most art collectors have specific types of art that they are interested in and for a unknown artist to approach them, whether it is through email, in person, or even a phone call, will not win the artist brownie points with the collector. But artist, (unknown or not), rest assured, if the art collector loves the work, they will find the artist!

Art collector, Adam Sender, loves contemporary art. He started collecting contemporary art back in the mid to late 90’s when the artists were on the verge of being famous. He was able to purchase artwork for great prices that have soared in value and made him a rich man. Sender was able to collect an extensive art collection by making very smart choices and having a vision of great works. He pursued artists who he felt would have long careers and his focus has always been on works that are intellectually stimulating and visually appealing. Sender has this great ability to walk into a show and hone in on the greatest pieces of art there.

Sender loves to share his collection with the world. He is known for his exhibitions and his creation of a website where you can ask for a loan of his collection. He does not believe in hiding his collection away like other art collectors and had no idea when he first started collecting that years later he would have artwork worth millions of dollars. He has been quoted as saying, “this was always a long-term in nature for me. Every single thing I bought, I was passionate about. It grew organically.”
Even after selling hundreds of pieces, Sender still maintains a robust collection.

He has a great rapport with several women dealers in the art world, as well as many great women artist. Sender does not believe that artists should be gender dedicated. Some of the best artwork that he collects is from women and he has a keen appreciation of them and their talents.

Sender continues to purchase new works from emerging artists, though he is hesitant to buy from artists that are still in school or just starting their careers. He has a good eye for great artwork and normally waits until the artists have been creating for a couple of years.
Being a wise collector of artwork, Adam Sender has put together a wonderful display that captivates many customers.

Sender is an anomaly in the art world because he publicly shares his treasures. His knack for picking out great artists with extraordinary talent is remarkable. Who will be his next discovery? He could pick YOU!!

Vijay Eswaran’s Life Story

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman, a philanthropist, and an author residing in Hong Kong. He is well known for co-founding QI group and a number of other companies. He serves as the Executive Chairman of the company and also as a motivational speaker to Q-Net’s independent representatives.
Eswaran was born on October 7, 2015 in Malaysia where he was raised. His mother was a teacher, while Eswaran’s father was an employee of the Malaysian government. He did his early and high school education in the Asian country before flying to the UK for a degree in socio-economics. In 1984, he graduated from the London School of Economics. Forbes Asia named Eswaran in 2011 as one of their ‘Heroes of Philanthropy’.

After his graduation, Eswaran did several odd jobs in Belgium, France, and London. During the period, he was introduced to binary system marketing. His interest in the field saw him enroll at CIMA to acquire more skills. In 1986, he moved to the United States where he joined Southern Illinois University for an MBA. His interest in multilevel marketing continued to grow stronger. While in the United States, he worked for both Synaptics and IBM.
In 1998 Eswaran co-founded Q-Net, a direct selling company. It was the first company to be founded by Eswaran. Q-Net expanded rapidly leading to the creating of the QI Group. The QI Group deals in telecommunication, retail sales, direct sales, collectibles, education, property development, and logistics. The conglomerate has several subsidiary companies charged with providing specific products. The QI Group has presence in about 30 countries.

Eswaran has penned four books. In The Sphere of Silence is his best selling book. The book, which is available in several languages, focuses on life management. In the Thinking Zone, On the Wings of Thought, and 18 Stepping Stones are the names of his other three books. He is also known for his columns in Sri Lankan and Malaysian newspapers. Dr. Eswaran consistently looks for ways to advance and improve his company and thus, his

Vijay Eswaran is also a well known philanthropist who has contributed lots of money towards child mentoring, women empowerment, youth development, and special education. His philanthropic endeavors have been mainly though RHYTHM Foundation and Vijayratnam Foundation. Forbes Asia recognized his philanthropic efforts by including him in their 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy list. He has also scooped awards from the Global Organization for People of Indian Origin.
Many people from around the world draw inspiration from Vijay Eswaran’s life story. Eswaran is married to Umayal Eswaran, who also lives in Hong Kong. Umayal Eswaran is the Chairperson of Vijayratnam Foundation, a charity organization named after Vijay Eswaran’s father.

Why QNet Will Remain At The Top Of The Ladder When Matters Related To Multi-Level Marketing Are Concerned

QNet is a global brand that is well known when matters related to multi-level marketing are concerned. As of May 2014, the company had plans to shift all its manufacturing bases to India. At that time, the company was planning to produce all its items ranging from consumer goods to electronic gadgets in India. During the time it made the announcement, it was already manufacturing a variety of its watches in the country and had already started the same with its energy drink, Nutriplus. QNet was hopeful that shifting the production to India would give it a cost added benefit of not less than twelve percent.

The manufacturing shift was also set to benefit the citizenry. The company also made an announcement that any creative and innovative Indian, who could come up with a revolutionary product, was welcomed to present it to the company for a chance to become a partner. The conditions were that the product or idea meets the company’s stringent requirements so as to be included in its portfolio. The company was, however, quick to hint out that the multi-level marketing system in the country lacked proper guidelines, and it appealed to the government to intervene.

QNet’s products are classified into different nine different categories that have thirty different brands. All the products focus on encouraging and promoting a healthy lifestyle, and they range from nutrition and wellness and Swiss-made jewelry and watches. The company has successfully grown its business from Malaysia to not less than a hundred different countries in East and West Africa, Russia, Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East as well as the North African region.

Prior to making the manufacturing shift, the company was using more than a dozen manufacturing bases spread around its branches and used franchises to distribute products all over the world. The company also has services related to online learning as well as vacation packages. Since being started more than a decade ago, the company has grown and learnt to change its product development by having focus on a particular niche and choosing products and services that have more value addition to life. All in all QNet offers its customers more than 30 kinds of brands and at least nine categories of products focusing on promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle for patrons such as wellness products, skin care products and nutrition, as well as watches and jewelry.

When QNet shifted from making just lifestyle to life enhancement products, the company has been able to incorporate weight management, education, water filtration and air purification. The company makes products that are unique and that have numerous wellness benefits. It also has an exclusive licence to distribute products like the chi pendant and the bio-disc. Take a look at QNet.com’s Facebook page.

QNet is committed to continuing with its phenomenal good quality delivery. Customers from different parts of the world have loved its products because of their exemplary quality and cheap price. Being a global brand, the company hopes to better the quality of its products and services as time goes.

Jamie Garcia Dias – Contemporary Brazilian Writer And Educator

It is widely known that Brazil gave birth to some of the brightest dreamers and wide ranging intellects throughout the history. The one that appears to be the most famous to the rest of the world’s population at this very moment is perhaps Jamie Garcia Dias.

His Early Life
Jamie Garcia Dias was born to very educated parents in Rio de Janeiro. His father Arnaldo Dias was also a writer, and his mother Garcia Dulce Dias was a notable architect. Jamie Garcia Dias believes that he inherited a good part of his writing style from his father, and thus he thanks him for mentoring and inspiring his writing beginnings.

His Writing Career
Mr. Dias started writing seriously when he was only 15 years old, and even at that young age he had great success. The year of 2001 brought him his first literary award, White Crane, an award that accolades new and promising authors. He quickly rose to fame, releasing over 10 books by the time he was thirty. Among these, Fall from Heaven is considered to be one of his most popular works. Throughout his career, Mr. Dias has released more than twenty books, mainly from the fiction realm, and has received awards for five of his 20 books, including his latest one, which was the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize. The writer is now 45, which means that he still has many productive years ahead of him. Judging by all this, Jaime Garcia Dias is definitely on his way to becoming one of Brazil’s most well-known and best-loved authors of the 21st century.

His Contributions To Brazil’s Literature
Brazilian authors of prose haven’t been much noticed outside of their homeland, but this is changing along with the dynamic changes that are taking place in this astonishing South American country. Authors like Jaime Garcia Dias have been instrumental in placing Brazil on the literature map and bringing attention to Brazilian authors. Mr. Dias does it through his association with the Academy but also through his award-winning works of fiction.
Besides being a writer, Mr. Dias has also had a career in education. He joined the Carioca Literature Academy and worked there for five years as a teacher. The Carioca Literature Academy is also known as Brazil’s literary Academy partly due to the work of Jaime Garcia Dias. The academy was designed as a type of prep school for students intending to study literature after completing high school. Jaime Garcia Dias became President of the Academy in 2007. Dias’ vision for the school was for it to be a cradle for the sharp-minded Brazilian writers, and he made it into a reality.

Status Labs Saves Reputations And Livelihoods Under Darius Fisher’s Guidance

Active since 2011, the image management firm was founded on the idea that a single event shouldn’t ruin a reputation that has taken years to build. Through Fisher’s deft management, Status Labs has expanded beyond their Austin, Texas headquarters and now boasts offices in São Paulo and New York. The company serves 1,500 clients in 35 countries, all with a staff of only 30. As company president, his ability to put intelligent, skilled people in positions that allow for efficient work clearly speaks to his talent for maximizing not only the potential in his clients, but also in his employees.

Despite parting ways with Status Labs co-partner, and accusations of Darius Fisher’s former company violating the Wikipedia article editing procedures, his company and career have not faltered. This upward trajectory hints at the true power of the combination of talents Fisher possesses and offers to a global clientele in an evolving world where internet presence matters.

The company continues its upward trend because of its multi-faceted services. Status Labs offers crisis response, in order to control damage immediately after a reputation shattering incident, but their assistance does not stop there. The firm then offers a comprehensive PR strategy to handle further fallout, and for client company’s they even can expand sales through Fisher’s expertise in digital marketing.

Status works directly with internet browsers in order to increase positive search results and mitigate the long term affects of PR nightmares. With the 24 hour news cycle and constant inundation of information about global subjects, Status Labs is able to turn what could, if left unattended, be the worst enemy of someone involved in a scandal into an ally. He understands the tendency for people to forgive and forget as long as their short term memory isn’t being barraged with replays of the incident.

Cleaning up search results goes a long way towards keeping the media’s teeth off of negative stories affecting Status’ clientele and their ability to move forward with their life. The fixation is then replaced by a positive marketing campaign that seeps into the public’s understanding of the individual or company who hired Fisher’s firms, and the ravenous media machine moves onto the next scandal.

How to Target SEO Keywords

Search engine optimization is a key tool for any business in driving traffic to their website. Of importance to SEO and the search engine marketing in its entirety, are key words. Key words are what search engine optimizers use to rank higher in the search results page. Earlier, there was general tendency among SEOs to staff their content with key words. This was meant to give them a higher rating.

Today, search engines have gone through an evolution. Apart from concentrating on the key words, they are now looking at search queries, too. The search engines are using the search queries to identify the intent behind the search. Search queries are different from key words, in that they are not dependent on the spelling or how the words are arranged.

To help websites keep up with modern trends, White Shark Media released an article on their website to advise them on how to remain at the top of search results without necessarily having to rely on key word stuffing. The secret is key word targeting.

Key word targeting has the user in mind, while key word staffing has the search engine in mind. Using the latter can prove to be detrimental. For one, content laced with too many key words appears non-appealing to the users. Some SEOs even use key words in places where they don’t make any sense.

Due to this heinous habit, search engines have devised ways of flushing out such websites. Some of them have even been removed from the search pages result. Key word targeting, thus, remains the only viable and reliable strategy to use in search engine marketing. According to White Shark Media, keywords should be in the content, title, headline and Meta description.

Research should be employed in key word targeting. Websites should look for the most popular key words that will attract more users, but also pay attention to relevance. They should concentrate more on key words that are related to the kind of services that they provide. Übersuggest and WordStream are great places to get this kind of information.

White Shark Media has become popular due to their excellent service delivery. Their knowledgeable and experienced staff has been very helpful to the clients. Each business that has involved the agency in their online marketing has reaped benefits in terms of increased sales and a wider customer base.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

Using Prudent Financial Strategies For Success

Investing can be a lucrative option to building capital for a lifetime and beyond. This arena can offer better than good returns on monetary investments if the investor is sure about their options and choices and are able to commit for a long term. The key is to identify where the investor’s strengths and weaknesses are.

The best way to asses the ability of an individual to invest is to first assess their present financial condition. This will include looking at how much they presently have invested, their age, income, and ability to sustain loss. Many choose to make these determinations for self, but it is suggested, before making any large investments, to have a professional perform this valuation for them.

Madison Street Capital has many years experience of doing just that for their clients. Their valuation services can assess the strength of a portfolio to determining the financial strength of corporations. They are able to analyze the needs of their clients to determine the best possible options for them. Their goal is to match the client with opportunities that will boost their capital potentials.

When deciding which opportunities to choose from, research and experience are the best means to use. Many can do this without the aid of a professional, but most can use the expertise of a financial specialist. They have the many hours to dedicate to researching the best opportunities on the market and lead their clients to potential returns, not losses.

A firm with international reach can also be a positive thing when choosing the best investments for portfolio enhancement. Madison Street Capital has an international reach with offices in North America, Asia and Africa. They can help corporations with mergers and acquisitions, raising needed capital for expansions, and even with advisory services.

A trusted professional has the ability to handle finances in such a way that they hep to increase investments and secure the financial future of their clients. Although, if choosing to use a financial specialist for investment purposes, one should consider doing their homework in this area as well.

Be sure that the individuals chosen to handle your financial affairs have the right education, experience and are proficient in the financial areas you are interested in. Getting references or being able to verify their level of expertise and experience will ensure that prudent decisions are made. Never rush when finances are concerned. Always be sure of who and what is invested in.

Important Advice For New and Expert Investors

There are some crucial pieces of advice that’s required to adhere to before investing in the market in order to avoid making any mistakes in the investment. You have to be very cautious when deciding the market time. Deciding to invest in a company that has a reputable market at present is, ironically, more dangerous, so you have to think about the company’s overall track record as opposed to how they’re doing at the present moment. It’s always well advised to have a thought out investment plan as it will assist you in building up a brighter future in the financial sense.

If you’re only goal is to become rich right away, you will be disappointed. It takes an extreme amount of patience and without it will lead to unnecessary risk in the investment. The solid piece of investment advice for this would be to not consider taking any shortcuts while investing in anything, assuming that it will lead to overnight success. Select the company or companies you plan on investing in then proceed to do some research on both those and your investment strategy. Avoid investing in anything that are expected to be more risky than others to avoid any losses. Someone who has plans to invest should make a plan to save some of the money earned from a successful investment on a monthly or regular basis.

If you’re in need of a little more than Internet advice, take a look at Madison Street Capital. They’re a well known, highly successful banking firm that offers expert financial advisory services. Their firm hands mergers, capital restricting, buy outs, bankruptcy, and much more. They have proven to provide business and valuable assets to their clients, helping them succeed in the investment industry. They are one hundred percent committed to the most pristine standards of both integrity and service. The firm has partnered with middle-market firms in a variety of industries in order to gain the best outcome possible. If true success and advice is what you’re looking for as either a new investor or veteran, Madison Street Capital is a company you’ll want in your corner.

Of course, you should always be well versed and prepared before dealing with any investment. No matter the reason for your decision to begin a journey in the investment world, it’s important to obtain as much knowledge about it and the companies you want to invest in. Familiarise yourself with the many options that are available to you such as bonds, deposits, mutual funds, etc. Most importantly, choose the right financial advisor that can help you achieve the greatest amount of success.