Marc Sparks Finds Better Office for Helping Neophyte Businesses

Marc Sparks has started dozens of companies, including an equity firm that he currently owns, and he believes that the design of the office is important for company success. In particular, he feels that the flow of an office can maximize collaboration and output, and that a good location is at least 25% of what is needed for a successful business. He told PR Newswire that he has recently moved his company, Timber Creek Capital, LP, to an office that meets those needs. Timberland Creek Capital mentors and offers resources to a handful of beginning businesses. He incubates these clients, helping them become revenue generators. Some of what he will share comes from a book he wrote about his business journey called ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ Other things he will share come from his convictions. He feels that a good venture starts with a good business model and getting all the resources you need. Some of the resources will be banking, office space, marketing, capital and others. He brings his 35 years of experience to the process of helping beginners, too.

Marc Sparks does other philanthropic things, including contributing to Habitat for Humanity and a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn. His private equity company complements this impulse.

Mitt Romney Swings on Climate Change, Poverty

Mitt Romney declares today that he believes in climate change and poverty. This is a total contradiction in his philosophy from the last campaign that he failed in running. This is the republican nominee that says 47 percent of Americans want a handout. This quip we guess does not include the poverty stricken, which in the last election he said that it does. He and Ann were the epitome of high class elite types. During the last election, they were determining whether or not to install a car elevator in their latest mansion and also in entering blue blood horses in equestrian events in the Olympics. In the midst of the campaign, they also indulged in a lavish vacation.

The republican mantra has been that climate change is a hoax.  Republicans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez stated that this couldn’t be true. This assertion is not based on science, but on the fact that some places get snow in the winter. Their resounding questions was, “How could there be global warming when it is snowing out?” laughable, but this is there official position, and it stands in stark contrast to almost every known scientist in the world and now apparently to Mitt.

The Forward Thinking Life of Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch is the quintessential man. He is a native of Southern California and received his formal education from the public school system. He holds a bachelors degree from Stanford University as well a Masters of Arts and PhD in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University. His life story is filled with acts of giving to his work and community. He is known for pushing the envelope when examining American history through a prism which combines the ideology of realism and abstract. He is a forward thinking leader in the areas of academia and environmental issues. Currently, Dr. Veitch serves as the president of Occidential College which he achieved at age 50.


Dr. Veitch has a distinquished legacy as an academian which started at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in the English department. This was followed by an associate professor position in the literature and history department at The New School in New York City where he held several other post such as chair, associate provost and dean. During his tenure as Dean at The New School, he was credited with expanding the faculty ranks and student enrollment.

Environmentalist and Community Leader

Dr. Veitch believes in the solemn responsibility that all individuals have as stewards of the environment. He demonstrated his environmentalist passion with his initiative at Occidential College to use solar power for production of the campus’ energy needs. He understood the importance of the urban transportation discussion and used it to make a positive, tangible impact for both the campus of Occidential and the surrounding community. This initiative has added more pedistrian and bike miles as well as a pleasing aesthetic appeal for all to enjoy. Additionally, he works tirelessly to mitigate the community concerns regarding the expansion of the Occidential College campus. This dialogue has led to community engagement partnerships through the college’s Center for Community Based Learning.


Jonathan Veitch is the author of the award winning and critically acclaimed book, American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s. It is a demonstration of his keen ability to see the story from a prespective which delves into more than the obvious aspect of the story being told with an enlightening and engaging voice. His interest has deep roots in the history of 19th and 20th century American cutural and literature. He is also a sought after expert in the history of American film.

Next Steps According To Sam Tabar

Recently, PR Newswire released Sam Tabar’s investment tips for the New Year. As a Columbia Law School graduate and expert on investment counseling, Tabar’s words of wisdom are meant to help the new investor or people who are planning for their retirement get started. The season ahead holds promise for the smaller investor, but words of caution are to be well received.

Tabar’s first tip is to avoid the commodities market as a staunch way to broaden your investment portfolio. He said: “I would not recommend commodity trading for the novice or casual investor.” He pointed out the need for due diligence and copious research to make things work with commodities. He also made clear that one needed to have a fairly large body of funds in reserve to absorb the inevitable short term losses in commodities trading.

He recommended investment in “social entrepreneurship” as he has done himself, with his investments in THINX. This private company manufactures women’s underclothing and makes donations of sanitary pads to impoverished young women in Africa by way of another company, AFRIpads.

Another word of advice is to make sure you do not have “all your eggs in one basket.” He indicated that the novice investor was inclined to get caught up with the enthusiasm he feels when a given stock outperforms the rest. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. He indicated that one needed to be prepared for when “that hot stock comes back down to Earth.”

Finally, he advised that the time to start investing was the present. “You don’t want to look back in your retirement years and wish you had started investing earlier.” Investments are a good way to increase one’s net worth and plan for retirement, but have to begin early to yield the best results.

Tabar has a career that stresses investment as the “status quo” for him in his work. Serving as Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development for SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advising stood him in good stead. He has also worked as the Director of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and recently returned to practicing law as a vocation. Investment Counseling is still his forte.

For more on this report visit PR Newswire.

Romney Delivers His Address at the RNC Winter Conference – Leaves Audience Believing He will Run

Coronado Island, California – On Friday night, Mitt Romney delivered his anticipated address to the audience at the RNC’s annual winter conference. In total, his address lasted 15 minutes. Among the key points he cited was the party’s huge success in the midterm election and the role the RNC played in helping candidates succeed. It may well have been code word because the RNC specifically sought to prevent Tea Party candidates from crowding the primary. In large measure, many of the candidates the GOP supported were establishment Republicans. In this regard, Romney believes he is well-positioned to secure the party’s donor base and similarly mount an effective campaign.

It’s been seven days since he broke the news that he is considering another presidential run, according to Gianfrancesco Genoso. Since that time, he’s dominated the news cycles largely crowding out his would-be GOP competitors. When it came time to talk policy, he focused on the foreign policy failures of the Obama administration which include former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He used recent examples of terrorism in Yemen, Nigeria, and France to point out how Obama and Clinton cannot keep the nation safe.

At the same time, his speech did not highlight the economy and jobs. In contrast, Scott Walker was able to run through a list of his successes in Domestic policies from tax cuts, balanced budgets, labor union reform, and job creation. Stagnant wages and the scarcity of good-paying full-time jobs in the Obama economy is what drove voters to the GOP in this past election cycle.

Solving the Homeless Problem With Houses

America’s homeless problem may to taking a different direction after as a few experimental programs around the country aim to solve the problem by simply giving people a home. These projects, which range across the United States from Oregon to Wisconsin to Texas, aim to solve the problem by using tiny or micro houses to provide the homeless a place to stay. These buildings are small, usually only averaging a few hundred square feet, but give people a place to stay away from the elements. The structures vary in design but the ones in Dignity Village use a small propane tank for heating. Dignity Village is currently run by the residents living there. BRL Trust believes this is a great idea.

The idea of getting something for free often rankles the independent spirit of some Americans but in truth letting the homeless problem continue actually costs cities money. Estimates vary but some studies have placed the cost one homeless person in the city of up to a million dollars, accounting for lost property values, vandalism, and emergency room visits due to either sickness or injury. Providing homeless people a residence and treatment may save the city money in the long run. One in four homeless individuals have some sort of mental illness and one in three have a substance abuse issue. Additionally there are over 60,000 homeless veterans in the United States.

Do Lower Income Families Pay Higher Taxes?


Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last 40-50 years; you have likely heard there is a battle between income levels. The right calls it ‘class warfare’ and would describe it as the majority using numbers to bully the highest income earners. The left calls it ‘income inequality’ and claim that the ‘1%’ are ruining the economy and its growth with greed.

This recent study by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) is yet another attack on the highest income earners, and will likely be used as another weapon in the left-wing arsenal.  According to LinkedIn, the study claims that the lowest income earners pay 10.9 percent of their income on taxes, while the top 1 percent pay 5.4 percent.

The problem with this study is they factor sales taxes against total wealth, and on individuals like Christopher Cowdray, instead of the actual purchase. The goal of the progressives should be that the wealthy spend their money in the US, and by doing that lowering taxes across the board. Instead, this study makes a bold claim that all wealthy people should pay a higher sales tax regardless of what they are purchasing, simply because they are wealthy.

Shell Canada Will Lay Off Nearly 300 Workers In Alberta

Shell Canada announced on Friday about its intention to reduce workforce from Oil sand Albian Sands project near Fort McMurray, Alberta. According to a spokesman of the company, the job cuts will affect less than 10% of more than 3,000 employees working in the Muskeg River mine and the Jackpine. The precise number of job losses has not been determined, said Cameron Yost, adding that most of the people who will be affected are salaried employees.

This job cut is intended to ensure that the oil sands activities of Shell remain competitive and continue to thrive. In some cases, Shell will help people to get jobs elsewhere in the global operations of Shell, said Mr. Yost. Shell’s crude oil is transported to the Scotford Upgrader near Edmonton, where it is converted into synthetic crude oil, easier to refine according to Ben Shaoul.

It is worth mentioning that Shell Albian Sands project is responsible for about 17% of the total oil production in Canada, the company said.

“We took the decision to adjust our organization at Albian Sands and to ensure that we have the right number of workforce in the right positions,” Yost explained on Friday in an interview. “As with any business, we continually review all areas of our business to ensure that we remain competitive.” he added.

Shell’s crude oil is transported to the Scotford Upgrader near Edmonton, where it is converted into synthetic crude oil, easier to refine.

Marco Rubio: Uber Teaches Students Free Market Advantages

Florida US Senator Marco Rubio wears two hats. He is also an adjunct professor of Florida politics at Florida International University in Miami. He has recently written a book, American Dreams: Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone, which stated by Igor Cornelsen is a very good read.

In the chapter Making America Safe for Uber, Professor Rubio describes how Uber uses a ride sharing app that allows anyone who meets their standards to offer a ride to anyone else who posts their need for a ride. Rubio used this company as an example of how government regulations can restrict competitors from entering a market. Uber was blocked from the Miami taxicab business by city government regulations requiring an expensive medallion for every taxicab. The city set a cap on how many medallions would be issued at the request of the existing taxicab companies, effectively closing Miami to any new taxicab business.

Most of Rubio’s progressive liberal students found Uber an exciting idea. When Rubio told them why Uber was not available in Miami, he realized he found a way to convert liberal college students into Republican students. He wrote “As my progressive young students listened to me explain why government was preventing them from using their cell phones to get home from the bars on Saturday night, I could see their minds change.”

The Rise of Vijay Eswaran As a Business Leader

Vijay Eswaran has become a leader in the business world. He has proven himself to be a success in the business world because he has become the CEO of QNET, a multi-million dollar company. He has transformed himself into a leader that also has a become successful in the area of publishing and public speaking.

Eswaran has established 2 foundations that allow him to give back through charitable donations. The foundations that have been established by Vijay are focused on areas like education and the empowerment of women. He has influenced a lot of youth with his entrepreneurial spirit, and he has become recognized with numerous awards for his giving spirit.

Vijay has not limited his giving with the foundations that he started. He has expanded this giving spirit through a plethora of published books. Vijay has shared his knowledge on rising in the world of business – and life in general – through his books. Vijay has produced 4 books on life management. Before founding his own company Vijay worked with large companies like IBM. During his rise in the business world Edwaran recognized a lot of the elements helped him get to where he is today.

His keen ability to recognize and remember his road to success spun books like “18 Stepping Stones” and “On the Wings of Thought.” His books have been translated in several different languages around the world. He has also managed to make regular contributions to newspapers in Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran has worked in the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia. He has a diverse business knowledge that transcends geographical boundaries. This is the main reason that he has received Lifetime Achievement awards for his extensive work. His diverse history in the business world has also given him a credible track record that has made him a success in the publishing world. He has become a leader that continues to reach out through philanthropy.

As a CEO he has managed to give back. The 2 foundations that he established are set to help others that are reaching out for obtain success in the corporate world. He has encouraged so many people with his public speaking as well. He is a success story that is lighting the path for others. He has excelled and he is giving his blueprint for success in the form of public speaking, books and the life that he leads.

Check out his Twitter if you want to keep up with what Vijay Eswaren is going to be doing next.